Friday, November 29, 2013

Just Because...

You may or may not have read any of my previous blogs when I talked about my good friend Christina. If you haven't read them, go back and find them. She's a pretty great person. Anyway, I wanted to do something nice for her for the coming Christmas season, but, the original plan kinda fell through. So, I am thinking of just celebrating her for her thoughtfulness, insight, and just sheer awesomeness through blog and something a little more me and her (like dinner or something). 2013 has been pretty great communicating with her over the year, and I am so grateful and blessed to call her my friend.

We met around this time last year at a going away party for a mutual friend of ours. We didn't have the deepest conversation, but the little talk that we did have had me intrigued to befriend such wisdom. It wasn't until later in that year or earlier this year when we finally decided to actually hang out. Another mutual friend of ours was moving to San Francisco, and we talked in that loud bar, and laughed and discussed, and I left there happy to know that there is someone who was willing to just listen to my side of things... Someone there who would listen to my ramblings about life, music, sports, politics, whatever. Sometimes, we all just need someone to listen to our bullshit, ya know? :) So, maybe a month or so after the party, I got a hold of her, and asked if she wanted to meet for dinner or coffee or something. We ended up meeting for coffee, and we just sat there and ran the gambit of topics, going from current events, all the way to future plans. We just sat there for hours just talking and going on, and it was enlightening. The thing that I learned in that whole first conversation is that I am not wrong for what I think, as long as I am willing to hear the other side of the story. The little things we learn, right?

So, throughout the rest of the year, we have gotten together and talked and shared life's little joys and horrors, and laughed and talked, and even squeezed in a dinner, a movie AND a listening "party" for the new Janelle Monae album that was soon to release at the time. And in all of that, I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know such a beautiful, intelligent, amazing, and quiet soul. Christina has been so awesome to me over the year or so we have known each other, and the 9 or so months that we have been friends, that, I am just content in just letting the world know that people like her exists... We all need friends out there that has nothing to do with our personal lives. We all just need someone who is there and ready for a conversation or two, just whenever, and because. Now, with that said, I do hope and pray that our friendship will develop more and more, but, in due time, that will happen. But for right now, I will say this in closing:

Christina, thank you, from the bottom of my soul, for simply being there. Thanks for taking me and all my small annoyances, and passions. I have learned how to be more patient, and be a better listener by simply sitting across the table from you. I am blessed to have people like you in my world, and I am beyond thankful for the color you bring to the canvas that makes up me. Not sure if you know this or not, but, I look forward to our gatherings, and I hope that we can continue this long after we find our special someones and marry them, and have kids, and move on from here, to one day we find time just to catch up. :) You are a treasure to me, and this blog doesn't even scratch the surface of what would be appropriate as a proper thank you to you. But this will have to do for now.

Thank you, just because,

Your friend.

Jarrett Hayes a.k.a. Jolly Green

Friday, November 15, 2013

energy wasted poorly

Outside of everything that is happening in Miami with the whole "hazing/bullying" thing in sports, the next big story comes with the term and the name of a proud and historic franchise in Washington D.C. Apparently, their NAME is so racist, that the media, from your high school copier to your AJC and every newspaper in between, Saying "Redskin" is so so wrong... Even if it is wrong, why bring up this argument now? Why, all of a sudden should I be up in arms about a word that I associate with a football team? When I hear the word "Redskins, " I think about Doug Williams, George Rogers, The Hogettes, just simple football stuff, like the black man in full Indian headgear! Nothing screams racism when I hear the word "Redskins." But APPARENTLY its SO offensive that even Bob Costas himself will no longer refer to Washing as the mascot. To each his own. But, all of a sudden, this word is SO BAD! I mean, it is just wretched!!!And yet, ALL around suburbia, in every 12-32 year old white persons car, has your ::put name of your favorite bullshit rapper of today, including Kanye West::  CD, and NO ONE has any qualms about the word "nigger." Makes since...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can't win for losing...

Ok. Hypothetically speaking... Say one random Saturday night, you are at home chilling... Maybe you are 3 more minutes away from sleeping peacefully and then you are awaken by a phone call... On the other end is your best/good buddy/friend/confidant/bro/bitch/person that you will always be there for, no matter what, and they are drunk as SHIT! I mean, they are on the wrong side of hammered and doing laps! That person on the other end asks you to come and get them from this party.

So, out of concern and love for this person, you get out of bed, put on your sweats, jump into your car, and you head to where ever this party is just to pick up your friend who is apparently in dire straits, because she decided to kick back a few beers and vodka shots at a party that there was under aged drinking... You pull up to the party, get out, and search for said friend, saying hi to everyone is there, and ignore the obvious questions of "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A DRINK!?" You finally find your friend, and they are on the couch/in the corner, passed out/blabbing on/rambling about whatever/making out or whatever. You grab them put them on your shoulder and lead them out back to the car... But before you step out of the door, the cops happened to show up and bust up the party and make life worse for all of those who are there, and are drunk... It's your turn to be asked by the cops  of your involvement in the party, you tell your peace, and you are checked out to be honest... you are sober! No alcohol has passed your lips that night... So the cops allow you to go, after they write up a ticket for your friend...

You take her home, and you make sure she is safe... You go home and you finally get some sleep... 2 weeks later,  you go to school, and you are in math class trying your damnedest to solve for x, and then over the PA system you hear your name being called to the Principals office. You walk there not sure what could be the reason of why you would need to be called to the office, just to find out that not only is the principal is there, your volleyball coach is there as well... They sit you down, and asked you about your involvement in whatever the party over the weekend... You tell your side of the story, and you are truthful about it... After that, the school decided to not only suspend you 5 games, they take away your captaincy on the volleyball squad... All for making sure that your friend would get home safe...

Well, this hypothetical actually happened to a young lady by the name of Erin Cox. A 17 year old girl who played savior to her drunk friend on a weekend night... She was punished for being a great example of a friend, and a great example of a human being. More times than not, anyone who drinks has the balls to admit that they can get home safely. Hell. I did many a time... but I know my limits, and if I went passed them, I made sure I was sober enough just to get to point B... I am not going to sit here and say that I am the smartest person in the world, but this is just wrong. The school claims to have a "Zero Tolerance" policy regarding drugs and alcohol, which is cool, but when the punishment is dished to the wrong individuals, that's when problems arises... Instead of punishing this young lady the way that the high school did, they should make her an example of how a teenager should be like.

I do not know who this young lady is, and I probably will never know who she is, but from just this, I can tell that she is an upstanding citizen who will go out on a limb for her friends and loved ones. She is... i mean, WAS the captain of her volleyball team... She is probably on the honor roll, and never gave her teachers any reason to doubt her standings in the world after high school. However, because of her big heart, she is seen as an every day trouble maker at her school. NOT fair and NOT cool. Out of all the teenagers to ostracize, you go ahead and pick on the one young lady who did all that she could to do the right thing and make her a villain? not only that, you take away her number 1 love for 5 games?! Are you fucking kidding me!?

North Andover High School should be embarrassed of itself... Instead of punishing the good kids for their actions, REWARD THEM! This is one of the many problems with the whole school system as it stands... The good gets treated like shit, while the bad is treated as a precious gem... Its a fucked up system, and things need to change REALLY soon. The family tried to sue the school, but it didn't work out... Its not right. But I love what Erin said: " I felt like going to get her was the right thing to do. Saving her from getting in the car when she was intoxicated and hurt herself or getting in the car with someone else who was drinking. I'd give her a ride home." A concerned friend gets punished... Fucked up...


Monday, October 14, 2013

Now introducing "GEMS"

This is the best time find new music. Seriously! Think about it. You have to be dead to not know who Lorde is right now. You have to be trapped into the world of what the radio airwaves are feeding you if you have no idea who RDGLDGRN is... And with all of that said, I have another band to put on that list. Lately, I have found most of my musical sources from the website Whoever is over there and have a good idea of what music is, is a genius, and I love him or her so much.

I discovered, yet, another sound. Like RDGLDGRN, they come from the D.C. area. But unlike RDGLDGRN (previously known as The Five One before Blue decided to go a different direction, creatively), the band known as "GEMS" do more of the dream cast sound. A lot of similarities to Massive Attack in their sound, but for toady's music crowd, they fit right in. They have a lot of songs on their Soundcloud page, and you REALLY REALLY have to listen to the first track "Medusa." If you want to be slapped into their black and white world of amazing, this is the track to make you go there. "GEMS" is coming out at the right time. The world needs this. It's a slower pace like Lorde, and just about as deep, but they have a GREAT since of enveloping you into the sound, along with the music. So PLEASE enjoy these guys. They are amazing.

For more info on this band, here is their official website:

Friday, October 11, 2013


How do you define yourself?

I know that this 5 word question is loaded, but when you think about it... How do you choose what you like and what you hate, what you believe and what you vilify? What does your dress say about your statement to whatever is established for you to be the person that you are? What about your choices? What do they say about you? Can you answer that without coming up with a label? Is that even possible? I dont know!

I'm writing this blog because Janelle Monae stated in her song titled, Q.U.E.E.N., "Categorize me, I defy EVERY label." She said that because she's been battling the media to see if she is gay or not... Personally, it doesn't matter if she is or isn't. She's an amazing artist, and her talents should be what they are digging into, not her sexual preferences. Back to the point... if you aren't a fan of labels, that's cool! But who are you? How do I know what you are if you aren't, for lack of a better term--something?

Me, I'm a black, 30 something, who loves rock music, football, hockey, pineapples, good-bad food, and good good food, and everything that I discover. I am an introvert who poses as an extrovert! I am afro-punk, and I am myself. I am a rock at the bottom of the river, and that guy you don't want to get mad. I am a Christian, but I don't necessarily follow the same path of most under the same faith. I like to show my faith by letting it shine, and not by preaching... That's just me. I just labeled myself like 15 different things... These labels make me who I am today! What are your labels? I ask again... How do you define yourself?

When you try to be different, you just being the same as someone else. And guess what, more than one of the same thing gets categorized. Nature of the beast. Now, don't go off thinking that I'm saying that Janelle Monae is wrong in what she said, and what shes defending. That is not the case. I am simply saying that me personally, I think you should embrace your labels and who you are... Anyone and everyone who is living is going to be categorized. When you made, you are going to come out into this world a girl or a boy... When you come out, and depending on your parents, you may be black, white, or mixed. From there, you may be tall or short. You may have an illness, or you may lead a "perfect" life... So, again I ask... How do you define yourself?

What about your dreams? What about the way you keep your sanity? When you imagine your world, what's in it? When you look at the world around you, how you you see it? How can you change it? What colors would you paint your world? What would stand out in it? Can it be real? What strides are you taking to make it real? I cant wait to see it, dreamer!

Don't be afraid of labels! Embrace them if you have to, but be sure to embrace them for the right reasons. Don't be something that you are not, but do not allow something that someone says define you! If you have a label, make sure that it has all the positivity it can. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to define you, or your labels. So, I ask for the final time... How do you define yourself? Goodnight.

Monday, September 2, 2013

If I Could Go Back In Time...

Last night, I got together with my good friend Christina for coffee. We do this about once every half a month to a month... All we do is sit across from each other and talk about just about everything from music to movies, politics to racism, and dreams and aspirations. We really run the gambit! What I love about our talks is that no matter if we have conflicting or the same views, we give each other the time and the space to explain. she has been a great friend, and I hope that our friendship grows more and more.

In our convo, I mentioned that I would be the most popular person in the world, in high school if I knew then what I know now... I would have had all types of scholarship offers, I would have been king of everything, because I would have stood up to these teachers and leaders and not allow their bullshit to think it has weight.

Think about it! If you could go back in time and take your knowledge with you to when you were 12-19, wouldn't you feel as close to invincible as humanly possible? Would you seriously think that that emotionally confused bitch really have some sort of power over your heart? What about when that coach or teacher said to you that you don't have a chance of making it in the world? Or, how about when you were bullied for being different, or bullied someone for the same reason? Would you be as big of an asshole then if you knew the damage you caused to someones psyche because you thought you were untouchable? Well, knowing what you do now, and if you had the chance to repeat those events, would you do it differently?

I know I would. I would have been more vocal about certain issues. I for damn sure wouldn't have tried to find a girlfriend, cause girls at that age just don't know what the fuck they want. I would have paid more attention in school so I would know that I wanted to be a film student and not wait 8 years after high school to finally realize that that is what I wanted to do. So, there are so many benefits of the what if I ideology, but there is nothing more but none of which will come to life.

These thoughts and ideas are perfect to teach our kids how to be valuable and important members to society. My generation was bombarded with the idea of "YOU GOTTA GO TO SCHOOL!" To a generation that I honestly can say that I don't know how our kids will be raised... It's hard to imagine me telling/forcing my offspring to go to school... My mom didn't do that to me. I seriously didn't know what to be after school, and she didn't force me to do anything. All the choices I made for education, one of which was bad, I made on my own. And when and if I do have kids, I will suggest that they take their time in their decisions in life. A lot less of a headache.

Well, that's it! 4 MONTHS STRONG!!! NO SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Hope all is well! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

... What did the white boy say!?

Each and every black person in this country, living in this age, has NO RIGHT to be offended by anyone saying the "n-word." We have all (we being the black people in us all) have been called that in one time of our lives, by our friends, family, and have heard it in all the music we buy. So if anyone who is black thinks that the drunken remarks of Riley Cooper is worth the anger, should kill themselves right now. I do everything in my power to not use that word in my every day. And I have been pretty successful. Like I have mentioned before in a previous post, I choose not to use certain words. And again, have I said it before? YES! Was I ashamed? NO! But now, as I sit here in all of my 30 years, I chose not to allow that word to be apart of my vocabulary... Just this past week, I wrote a script that had 2 black characters. Neither one of them used the word, nor will ANY of my characters in any of my movies. Why? My choice! But again, any black person in this country, has no right to be offended. That right was GIVEN away. Why? Well, let's look at your every day hip-hop artist. I don't keep count of it or anything, but the word is said 100+ times an album. At concerts, these artists are throwing the mic up in the air, while everyone in the audience, giving a ratio of... lets say... 51-49 white. They, along with the 49 of the audience that is black will scream that next lyric, regardless of the words... So, while white suburbia, goes out and buy whats cool and in, that word is tossed around without anyone getting punished for it. All the while, the black community, is calling each other "nigger," as a term of endearment, or what have you, we have NO RIGHT to get upset about it, at all. If you want to be upset, then don't use the word, knowing where it comes from. If you don't know where it comes from, read a fucking book. Ask your elders of how that word may have hurt their friends, family, or whatever... Ask Paula Deen and see how it has destroyed her rep, even though it was 30 years ago. So, if its going to be offensive, make sure that the word isn't used no matter the race... How many of you have named your kid "Benedict?" Exactly. Seriously... if you get offended by one race saying the word, and not your own, your priorities are backwards... White, or black, you call me a "nigger," don't touch me.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Media is BULLSHIT!!!

EVERYONE!!! STOP ALLOWING THE MEDIA TO TELL YOU HOW TO THINK, JUDGE, AND LIVE!!! Has anyone else realize that every story portrayed on the news is one-sided? You watch FOX news and get their story, that's one side.... You go to CNN, that's another side... And you get on the internet, and there is nothing but bias and anger, and smart-assness. No one is going to be completely right, or giving you the whole story... And yet we fall victim to all the mediocre and small bullshit news, when there are more important things to be mad at... But what do I know right?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My opinion IS NOT and WILL NOT be popular, and I am ok with that. More to life than one trial.

Im going to keep this short and sweet. The Trayvon Martin trial ended with George Zimmerman being found not guilty. I don't know all the details of what happened, but the part that people are really stuck on is the fact that Trayvon was 17 years old when he was killed... Now, I do not know, nor will I try to understand all that happened between George and Trayvon, but whatever happened happened, and Zimmerman is walking free... This is all I will say about it: I haven't nor will I give a shit about the trial, the life lost, the life misrepresented, or anything in that way... All I know is that the people who presented the case in representation did a great job with representing their client. This is why George Zimmerman is walking free right now. But with this whole thing. I don't care. I didn't care, and I still will not care... Why? Because there are more problems in this world than Florida and their fucked up judicial system. What about the real trouble that's going on in Brazil? What about things in Mexico? How about the community/town in South Africa that wants to remain segregated. How about how much taxes are being taken away from me and other blue-collard workers that work to our bones for what?! What about the fact that no one wants to blame society. What happened to the argument that music or video games make kids to be "bad." No one wants to see it as a "wrong place at the wrong time/product of society meeting of wills." We just want to see it as a white man getting away with murdering a black kid. GROW THE FUCK UP, AMERICA! There are more problems in the world... So yeah. I don't care... and if you care so  much, then it might be time to get the fuck out of Florida, or just not go down there... But if you do, then just go and be you, and don't do anything to give you a bad wrap, or get you killed.

P.S. This is also a show of how and why the media is becoming useless... We have ESPN trying to whore out to America Yasiel Puig to be the fans choice for the All Star game... We have people on [name your favorite news media outlet] force feeding us one side of every story that passes their desks. We want to get mad and say that "justice was not served" when justice did exactly what it was suppose to... This is what happens when you vote these people in. So, think about that... Another thing that pisses me off is how, all of a sudden, all these celebs have something to day, and they are all trying to out twitter each other. No one cares about your celeb fed opinion... just shut the fuck up and play ball. Also, as a black man, I don't care... I made it through the early 90's. I REFUSE to go back there, and start trying to cry "racism." What needs to happen is that everything needs to change... but until then, I am going to lay my fat ass down, because I have worked long and hard all day. goodnight.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Been A While!!

So yeah, I am alive. I just have not found anything worth writing.I tried to find something, but I was coming up with something that wasn't holding water... So, I decided that tonight, I will force myself to talk about something, and that something is the fact that the Mayor of The City of Atlanta has gained a lot of respect from me, and a LOT of Atlanta Falcons fans... In this interview with one of THE local sports radio station, Mayor Kasim Reed did something that no politic would dare to do... He spoke candidly about his love for the city of Atlanta, and the sports franchises that are here. He also talked about his involvement in the local tradition of the "Peachtree Road Race" ran every 4th of July from Lenox Mall all the way to Piedmont Park, via Peachtree St. here in Atlanta. He also said something near the end of the interview that will allow him to get re-elected as many times as he possibly can... If you listen to the interview, he was asked about the property that is wanted for the new Falcons stadium (to be opened in 2017).

He talked candidly about what would happen to a church in town. Click on the second link on the link above to hear what he said, but to paraphrase, he said that he respect Friendship Baptist Church, which sits directly south of the Georgia Dome, and that he has a nice offer to give to the church for the property to build the stadium on that site. He continues and says that if they refuse the deal, instead of using the political muscle to move the in anyway, he will just move to the north site about a block and some change from the Georgia Dome on the other side of the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). That is a HUGE move by any politician to respect ANY place of worship. If it was a masque, I am pretty sure he would have the same respect for the place of worship just like he has shown to one of the landmarks of Atlanta. So, the project is still on no matter where the stadium lands.

This is surprising because a lot of people want it where its projected to be. I personally want it there because of the fact that the stadium will be accessible by MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) still. The Georgia Dome currently sits on the MARTA line and makes it easy to get to and from the games without being bogged down by the famously skull splittingly annoying Atlanta traffic. So, as one who loves taking MARTA to Falcons games would love to see the sight be a close to the new stadium as possible... But if its not there, then I am fine with either a small walk, or a quick ride to the stadium.

Wherever the stadium is built, it will be mind-blowing, and a GREAT addition to the city.

This is a small look of what the inside will eventually look like. It has the city in the background, the video board will be a top of the stadium ring where the roof will open and close, and it will be naturally ventilated as the wind move through the outer structure or skeleton of the stadium. Its going to be sweet, and I have already claimed this seat with the view. Seriously. I called my ticket guy and asked for first dibs to THIS SEAT! 

This is what it will look like on the outside:

It took a little while for me to get use to, but the more I look at itm, the more I like it. It will DEFINITELY stand out in the city, AND also in the nation as Atlanta will be fighting for those Superbowls, and Final Fours, and CONCACAF matches, and football National Championship games, and this stadium will definitely prove that Atlanta is committed to making every run possible for these events every year. So, regardless of where the stadium will lie, this stadium will be amazing. Whatever happens with Friendship Baptist Church, I will respect them for their fight. If you want to learn more about the new stadium, GO HERE, and read the proposals, watch the videos, and look at the pictures! Have a great night guys!

OH YEAH!!! 2 months social media free... BOO and YAH!!! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let me tell you what the dumb ass did...

As I was walking back from the mailbox the other day, I saw a collection of notes on the ground. Nothing out of the ordinary, it was more or less a collection of notes written by a single person noting how dumb he can be. It was really interesting reads, and I will gladly share these notes to you! Here we go:

The first note was written this way:

Dear Mouth,
           First and foremost, it was SO good to see you again. It has truly been too long! I am glad to see that you and the family is getting bigger, and it was great to meet your wife Uvula as well! I do want to apologizing for intruding so abruptly the way that I did, but I had a crash landing that had to be made due to do faulty thoughts. But none the less, thanks for your hospitality, and I hope that you will continue to be well!


That was a nice jester I thought! At least he was upfront and honest about his "unscheduled visit." But, the second note was a response to the first. And this is how it read:

Dear Foot,
           Thank you for stopping by! And no need to apologize for your abrupt stop-in, I understand that it happens at times. Who knows, Maybe it was time for me to realize that I cant think on my own! HA (God damned Brain still owes me $30!)! But anyways, It was great to see you too! You look like you are getting better with that barking thing you had going on... That was REALLY weird! Anyways, I was glad to see pictures of your family, and to learn that you are going to rehab for that smell. We must do this again, but not anytime soon... Me and the family are going to try to take a nice long vacation to this new museum that opened up called "Thinking Before Speaking." I hear it will take a long time to master, but I like a challenge! Thanks again, and my best to you as you continue to recover, and the best to your family. 


They were really helpful in my recovery from the same problem this guy had... Basically, not every girl "has drank the water." and its not really ok to assume or ask. But if you do ask, be sure to do it in respectful way, and not just blurt out some bullshit same question like "DID YOU DRINK THE WATER TOO!?" I am a full on retard, and no excuse will make it ok. The one thing that I did was apologize and meant it. The young lady is obviously upset with me, and I don't blame her if she even hates me! I had a moment of dumb-assery that can make me look bad in someones eyes. As I sit here thinking about that, I don't worry about it much, because, I am not allowing it to bother me so much that I hate myself, like I usually would. I have mentioned this before, and will continue to mention it. I cut off all emotions from women, in the since of liking, loving, and lusting after them, and that has helped me move on in a way. Not saying that I don't care, but those "precious and delicate hearts" that they harbor don't necessarily mean anything to me in the since to where my words hurting such a heart don't really hurt me! Was I embarrassed? Yes. Was I wrong? Of course! But there is nothing more that I can or will do. I apologized, and I set everything right the way that I could. However, I will watch my words, and make sure that my thoughts are better judged. So learn from me. Do not allow your assumptions to be vocal. If you are curious ask in a respectful manner the question you are hoping to have answered.And, if anything, at the least, BE A FUCKING GENTLEMEN!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

436 Cowards

Raise your hands if you are still mad at Chick-fil-a... Yeah? Still upset that one guy was asked a question and gave an honest answer on his feelings on gay marriage? Well, how many are you planning on visiting Russia any time soon? If you are raise your hands... Ok... Are you gay? If so, you don't exist according to Russian law that was just passed today (yesterday according to their time) That it is not legal to teach children that homosexuality exists. Seriously! If you are gay and live in Russia, you do not exist in the eyes of the Russian government. The State Duma (basically the congress of their government) passed the bill unanimously 436-0 This goes back to what I was talking about yesterday. People who have a voice or a right are being stripped of those because the government wants what it wants. Sad. The penalty for being gay is explained by Joe Bereta and its just all stupid. Sad day for the world... What's even more sad is that the Sons and Daughters of Russia, that are gay, doesn't exist in their eyes anymore... Be sure to keep an eye on this story and this stupid administration. I'm pretty sure there will be a huge uprising. Just gotta wait and see. And to the 2 gay protesters who were brutally murdered by anti-gay proponents, may they rest in peace. May they no longer know pain. We got it a hell of a lot better over here. Let's make sure to count our blessings. Goodnight.


Yesterday was the premiere of "Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer" on HBO. As a film student and a film fan, I am in love with documentaries. HBO, lately, has put out AMAZING eye-opening documentary series that brings to light things that our entitled asses need to know. We have so much here in America that we bitch about, we neglect to realize how good we have it. I have gone down this road before when it comes to the issues of the world and our neglect to it, or our elitist status about being one to know whats going on, or just ignore it all, because we wanna go party, get drunk, get high, bitch about the fact that this girl or that guy is confusing the fuck out of us with their demure and try to figure out if its love or not. We forget that the world is just as fuck up as our, or its even worse.

I knew a very little bit about "Pussy Riot" before I saw the documentary. What I knew was that these girls are playing pop concerts all around the Moscow area of Russia to voice their opinions and raise awareness of the powers at be (Vladimir Putin).  I'm not going to get into great detail of my awareness of them before the documentary, I just know that these women were brave and strong. What I have learned about these girls is that they are a new medium of art and anger. These girls do what they do because it has affected their family in one way or the other when it comes to what Putin has done in regards of cutting jobs and wages. That's one of the reasons why they decided to be outspoken. The last time I have heard of a woman or women so outspoken was the simple and amazing act of Ms. Rosa Parks. Now, I know that there are thousands of ladies that are living and have lived in this world that has stood up against the norm, and the expected; like Phoolan Devi, or Mother Teresa, or Princess Diana, or Joan or Arc to name a few of many. But Rosa Parks did what she did as graceful as she could have. Pussy Riot, ultimately, is doing the same thing, but in a manner to let the world know that this is how we will be heard. Some, like Ms. Parks, uses one word with silence. Pussy Riot uses the music medium of Punk to bring to light their disagreement with the establishment, Same method of standing for what you believe, just different interpretations of the picture.

These women were arrested and jailed for one of their concerts that happened at The Cathedral of Christ The Savior in Moscow. This is the performance that they got in SO much trouble for. And what does not add up is the fact that they did nothing to degrade the Cathedral, or make light of anyones beliefs. They were just performing a song that said "Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away..." What they were doing was performing. Nothing about this was sacrilegious or offensive. They just wanted to voice their opinion of what was going on in their world! And what are we bitching about--gay marriage. Really? Yeah. These women see a real issue that is harming their land. All the while, we worry about Tim Tebow signing with The Patriots, or about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Cause THOSE are important issues... NEVER MIND the fact that just yesterday, in Russia, there was  a "kiss in" protest where the children of Russia were harassed for their beliefs. They passed an "Anti-gay" bill into law, and these people were harassed for their personal choice... But lets find out whats going on with Chad Johnson as he fights his incarceration for slapping his lawyer on the ass for being a "good lawyer." Did you hear about The Spurs winning big against Miami in Game 3 in the NBA Finals!? I bet you have!

These people are starting to revolutionize who they are. As we sit here on the brink of history as gay rights are due to pass (Seriously. It's just a matter of time.), America will find the next thing to fight or defend... Will it finally be religion? I'm not just talking about Muslims or Christians... I'm talking about all religion. If not that, what about the fight to keep illegals out. Will that come back to kick us in the ass? Who knows! I just know that if we can actually care for something other than what we want, the world would be better off. But until then, I hope and pray that God blessed the women of "Pussy Riot" with the freedom to express themselves and their feelings with no prejudice and no harassment. Until then, they sit in jail knowing that they did exactly what needed to be done allowing the world to see the corruption of Church and State in Russia, and the oppression that is Vladimir Putin. So, pay attention to the world around you, and make sure that the fight is worth the fuck you give.

Monday, June 10, 2013

31+ days and counting!

So, it has been a month and some change that I have not been on the social media websites. I do watch YouTube videos, and keep up with ideas and what not on, and, but for the most part, I have stayed away from the Facebooks, and the Twitters, and DAMN! I feel good! I actually went out, and hung out with some friends, and I plan on doing a lot more than that in the coming months of this hiatus. I have and will keep up with this blog, because that's what I do! Like I mentioned on Facebook, "If you want to keep up with whats going on with me, you can call, text, email, or fallow along on my blog (didn't even look it up)."

But yeah! I am still working at the same place, and I am loving the fact that I am off of school, I passed both classes. It was the worst quarter in my career so far, I got an A- in my College Algebra class, and a C- in my English class. The C- is not what I usually go for, but I had to sacrifice one class for another. If you know me, you know that I absolutely HATE, H.A.T.E. math, and the one thing that I REALLY REALLY hate is having to prove that I can think logically. And with that as my motivation, I made sure that I passed my algebra class with flying colors. I usually do a lot better in English but because I was so focused and stressed out on passing Algebra, I sacrificed that grade, and I am proud of it. Anyways, the doing has been done, and here is your update! Later today, I will have a blog on how I believe we are all under mind-control. Until then, Blessings!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love No More

So this is my life. Maybe six weeks ago, I threw in the towel. I gave up the search, I decided that being single was probably the best and greatest option for me. I have received the cold shoulder for the last time. From Beth Sandy to Whitney Russell, I have gone through my fair share of bullshit from the female species. But the last and final straw that broke the camels back was THE cold shoulder... I have had my fair share of cold shoulders, and I probably have given my fair share of them along the way, but this one was BEYOND cold... You couldn't even measure it in Kelvins, that's how cold this sucker was... Go about 100,000,000,000,000 miles past Pluto, and this is how cold this son-of-a-bitch was. No lie. But because of that, I have decided to call all possible relationships quits... I have grown tired of hoping, begging, pleading, wishing, praying, looking, wondering, ignoring, and abiding all in the name of love... When I talk about love, its all about the human attractiveness of love. I am talking about the Eros love-- the love of man and woman...

Before I continue, I will say that I love all of my friends, and my family. Some things will never change, but when it comes to the females, NO MORE! I still find women attractive, and I am not attracted to any man (except for Brad Pitt, but that's a fantasy that will never happen), But, I am off the market, and that places all my dreams in the trash... The hope of having kids and a family of my own-- in the trash. Proving myself to be the hopeless romantic that I know I am/was-- in the trash. Providing my family with the resources that is necessary for us to survive and be happy-- in the trash. Giving my mom at least one grandchild-- in the trash. The last one hurts more than anything, cause if anyone deserves a grandchild, its my mom. But, here I sit, content in my decision.

Last Friday, I went to the beautiful wedding of my friends McKenneth, and Tiffany Angulo. It was held at a winery in Dahlonega, Georgia, and it was outstanding. The weather was perfect, the food was immaculate, the wines were AWESOME, and the company was even better than it all. So, during the tossing of the girdle and bouquet, I took part, like always, because I'm single, and that's what you do at a wedding. It was tossed, and guess who caught it-- the single guy who gave up on love all together. Yep... just my luck, "love" is going to slap me in the face soon... I call bullshit. But could that mean that I really deep down in side HOPE that I dont feel this way about love for real? I don't know... I am so sick and tired of being looked at as "a friend," or my personal favorite, when they say "You are a good guy!" Whatever the reason or the bullshit, I am not falling for it anymore. So, no matter what I am, no matter who I see and find attractive, I am done... I am done and there are a number or reasons why...

I have been shut down by every type of woman in every type of situation because of my beliefs and my stance on things in life. The Christian girl has to pray about it. The art girl just forgets who the fuck I am. The athiest is an asshole, and I have tried everything within my power to be one of those guys that can date anyone... I have laid down a few of my morals just to try to date and develop something with someone, but that blew up right in my face... There's the one that "isn't ready for a relationship " but was a VERY good kiss... There was the one who had a boyfriend on my birthday. All of these girls basically told me go to fuck myself in their own unique ways. After years of that, and the constant saying of "Because of your faith...," I am just done. Garnish me with some lemon and serve me to the masses. I have grown so tired of the bullshit song and dance act that is AT LEAST making yourself attractive to the opposite sex, that I give up on love!

"Once you stop looking, that's when you will fall in love." Well, I can tell you honestly that if love does make its way towards me, I do not know if I will be able to take it... I don't know if I will ever WANT it. She could be the most beautiful, amazing, precious blessing that God has hand picked and delivered to me, but I may just fuck up a good thing because of the fear that I know that I will do something consciously or subconsciously to fuck it up. I don't want that, and so I rather be a hardened stubborn single man for the rest of my life, than to have my heart broken or left confused ever again. I know that is not something so easy to accept, but that is what you are going to have to do. You are going to have to accept me for me. And who am I? I am Jarrett Hayes, and I am happily single, and not looking for anything. Love, lust, and like does not live here anymore. Nice to meet you.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

FINALLY a Moment to Give MY Thoughts

Well, its been a solid two weeks since I have been on any social media site, and I can honestly say, it feels damn good to actually look up news, and form an opinion without the help of asshole friends baking their cake and eating it too... It can seriously be just so damned annoying and frustrating to have someone force their opinions and or beliefs down your throat with the ideology that they are right, and you are wrong and try to stick it to you by calling you and your beliefs "stupid," or "ignorant," or "closed minded."  Now a days, those of us who are not assholes, actually have to watch what we say so we won't offend anyone and their beliefs or lack their of. It's not fair that one side has to be more careful than the other, but this is not the argument for this blog... This opinion is mines and mines alone. Read what I said-- "this OPINION is mines and mines alone." What does that mean? It means that what I will say will not be met by anyone's  rebuttal. I will not apologize for my opinion either, because I have kept my mouth shut for this long, and ya know what? Everything has its time and place, and here is mines.

It has been a debate that has been going on for about a year now and no one ever asked me for my opinion, because it has always been given to me. So here we go. My opinion on everything gay marriage related is this: I don't care. I am a Christian, and I know that in the Bible, Leviticus 20:13 to be exact, that "If a man lies with another man, as he does with a woman, is committing a detestable act..." So yeah! That's what it says in the Bible... can't argue the Word of God. But, that is in the Old Testament. When Jesus came to earth, he came to do the job that no other person could have done, and that was to give everyone a chance to be seen blameless before God. When Jesus died on the cross, he took too hell with Him, all of the sins that would make us unclean in the Eyes of God. With that being the case, he took with him murder, rape, cheating, lying, cussing  and of course, HOMOSEXUALITY!!! If Jesus did truly die for everyone, and gives EVERYONE a chance to get to know Him in an intimate way, what makes the gays any different than those who murder, those who steal, those who kidnap, those who have sex with more than one partner of the opposite sex? I don't see any difference. No matter how minor or major that you make a certain sin, in God's eyes, they are all the same. So if someone wants to kiss or have sex with someone of the same sex, that is no different than me cussing out my superior. No difference in me watching porn, and a man telling another man "I want you." So, that is what I have to say and believe. God loves us all that He sent His Son, My Savior, down to give us all a chance to be seen faultless in the Eyes of The Father.

I know that a lot of y'all probably don't believe what I believe, but, this is what I also believe: We all have to make choices in life each and every day of our lives. When I wake up in the morning, I have the choice to either hit the snooze button, or roll my fat ass out of the bed, and actually get started on my day. I have the choice to take a shower, or just get dressed and head out the door. I have the choice to either go to school, or stay home. I have more than one way to deal with stress. It is all my choice on what I do to relieve myself of said stress. With that said, I do believe that your sexual preference is a choice. Kill me now if you want to, I don't give a shit. Matter of fact a bullet to the head wouldn't be such a bad idea right now (seriously kidding). For example, Everyone's favorite gay brother who was protecting his sister has decided to go straight. Really! Read this! He decided that he wants to do whats right in the Eyes of God, and he wants a family... He CHOSE to change his life... A lot of people decide to try dating someone of the same sex if dating with the opposite sex didn't work for them. I have a friend who changed his life around, and isn't trying to live the destructive lifestyle he was leading. No one will ever just jump from one way to another. It is a process, and it takes work! I am not saying that they are right or wrong in their choices, but what makes someone so much more accepted for going from left to right, and not right to left? I believe that everyone has a choice and they make their choices according to however they want to live their life.  If someone decides to be gay, they are reprimanded by someone while everyone accepts them. On the other hand If you believe that you are born a certain way, then that means that every choice you make is a lie.

The only thing you have no control over when you are born is what name you are given, and the color of your skin. Other than that, as you grow, you develop your own personality, your own way of thinking, your likes, your dislikes, your ideas, your faith, everything is a lie, if you are born with anything other than the skin that you are in. I didn't birth loving rock music. I didn't birth finding women of other races more attractive than those of mines. I chose those things to enjoy. I chose to be a Christian. And I believe that your sexual preference is also a choice. Believe it or not, you choose what is attractive to you. To act as if its a genetic default is bullshit. Sorry. Call my bluff if you want, but I am not listening... These are my thoughts...

With all of that said, to have anyone say that someone is wrong for whatever they decide, or "believe that they were born with," is not right either... Seriously... before anything, we are all humans, and we are all fucked. no matter who you like, love, want or whatever, you are loved, and you should be able to love whomever you want. And no matter who you love, I know that God is smiling on you. He loves you, no matter what you decide. So, be you, and be happy. But don't make the excuse that you were born that way.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Year Off: Day 7

Well, that was fun! Honestly! I had a blast this weekend! I am indebted to Greg and Shanaria for the opportunity to learn on the fly in the making of what will be a great short film! I'm slow to actually post any pics, because I do not have permission to, and I do not want to do anything without the say so of the director, and producer, but there were a lot of pictures taken, and it was fun. I learned the importance of lighting, I learned the importance of time, and I made some new friends and connections along the way. I have gotten a taste of what my life will be for years to come, and trust me, its going to be great.

I am sold on just staying with post production, and do as much off set stuff as possible, but with the knowledge I gained in my camera work, and lighting, I feel SO far ahead of everything, that I am just thrilled of my future. Now, don't get me wrong, there were some really stressful times, but, in the end, it was all beneficial. The crew that I got the pleasure the work with are all talented, and driven like I am, and in that little group, I can tell you that movie making is in good hands. We will change the game and not recycle crap to make the easy dollar. People have to realize that all Hollywood is doing is taking one medium, and making it into another medium, and making the magic, letting it sit for a while, and allowing someone to destroy a classic. We will not allow to happen when we are making these films.

ALSO! I have gone to my first restaurant! I went to West Egg off of Howell Mill Rd. in Atlanta, GA. All I can say is WOW!!! The food was unbelievable. They serve breakfast all day, they have a nice lunch menu as well. Everything I saw on there was for the foodie in all of us. With a great view of the city, on a side of town where you can find just about anything to do, its great! I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Its not too vegan friendly, but it is definitely vegetarian friendly. I had the omelet which I had to build. I put bacon (of course) on there with Pepper Jack cheese, and mushrooms. It was very good! The price is about mid range, paying $9.25 for my meal. You definitely get your moneys worth. The biscuit was outstanding, and their grits are standard made with roasted garlic... VERY flavorful.

So yeah! That was my weekend, and Monday. It was great! This no Social Media thing is great! And texting and calling friends to see if they want to hang out, is better than any bullshit Facebook invitation where anyone says that they are coming out, and next to no one shows up. So, if you are in the middle of making a decision to either stay away or log off completely, I will encourage you to try it out. If you do decide to stay away for an extended period of time like I, more power to you! It has been fun so far! I will talk to yall soon!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

1 Year Off: Day 3

Well, today was the first day I worked on a movie set. So far, it looks like its going to be amazing! I had a lot of fun, and gotten to know the people I work with a lot better... It is just unfortunate, that I was late/didn't get a call sheet... But its ok, I know where and when to be anywhere tomorrow. But it is a fun time for sure. The cast is great from what I know, the crew are fabulous, and the director is definitely going to make his presence felt in the film industry. Outside of that, I have yet to get started on my first draft that has to be in on Monday... It's ok. as long as I do everything right, it should come out right. The only thing keeping me from actually getting it done is the fact that I cant fit together my ideas. Thank God for Dr. Hickman... if it wasnt for her, and her giving us the tools to actually know what to write, I would be screwed. But, I will have a lot of time to get it all done. Thank GOD!

I don't have any pictures to show, but I may have some tomorrow. This is going to be a fun weekend. I am so happy that God made this the path for me, because it allows me to be creative, and the more I learn, and the more I do, the sooner I get to allow my ideas, and creativity to show. Math is going great as well... I am so happy to have the teacher that I do. Andy Imm (pronounced like saying "em") is a great teacher! His method of teaching is that of someone who cares enough for everyone to make sure that they all get it, and he is doing just that. I still hate math, but I am getting it, and I will probably not like it at the end of it all... This quarter has been the most difficult yet. It has been a challenge, and I am glad to have it. I wasn't becoming complacent with school, and all the "A's" I have been making, but its great to know that I have to use my mind for the basics.

I will admit, I have had some funny thoughts that I should have shared, but I didn't  why? Cause, they are not for everyone! Not this time. And I can say that its entertaining the things that runs through my head. If you cant laugh at yourself, with yourself, or with others, you should just go ahead and die. Taking life too seriously can do damage to you... I know. Well, I have to be up in 4 hours, so I will leave. God bless. I will be updating again soon! Night guys!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

1 Year Off: Day 1

So, I did it. I finally decided to ween myself off of social media. I am doing this because it has become a distraction. I, for some odd reason, was made to wear my heart on my sleeve. And when I see my friends or family not happy, It makes me not happy... When I see my friends and family being assholes, I want to punch them. When I see my friends and family make accusations against or for religion or politics, I want to shoot them dead. After a while, all of that gets really annoying, and tiresome! So, I decided to say good-bye to social media for one whole calendar year. It's just unfortunate that I can't do it on a leap year, cause whats one extra day, right? So, whats the plan for me since I decided to give up on the repetitiveness of what social media has become? Well, I plan on doing a few things. Nothing is set in stone quite yet, but I do have one idea that is actually taking over everything else right now.

I would like to take a restaurant tour of Atlanta. I want to go to one of the many fabulous restaurants that Atlanta has to offer. This city, albeit big, is VERY small. Atlanta is no bigger than a minute, but it has a lot going on for itself. Only thing that this city really needs is a more reliable public transportation system, and a hell of a lot better highway system. But I digress... There are a lot of great restaurants in this city that I have only heard about in name, or have seen in passing or have read about, and I want to try them all. So, what I plan on doing is avoiding the spots that I LOVE to go to like just about every restaurant in Decatur. There are a few that I have not been to yet, or have actually eaten what is on the menu, but, near the end of this one year break, I hope to go and eat at all of the. With that in mind, that will eliminate Twain's (thankfully), Victory Sandwich Shop (Decatur and Inman Park), Six Feet Under, Ragin' Burrito, Brickstore, Mac McGee's, Square Pub (Thankful again), Leon's, Trackside, Parker's On Ponce, The Corner Pub, Taco Mac, Big Tex, and Thai Bowl... That's just in Decatur alone! I haven't even mentioned the restaurants in Oakhurst... But you get the idea, I am going to a lot of great places to expand my pallet.

I know a lot of these places will not be cheap, but I am willing to risk it just to see the city. There are plenty of restaurants that I have gone to but did nothing but drink there, or have had an appetizer, I will go to like The Optimist, JTC Kitchen, No. 246, to name a few, to enjoy their menus. So, this will be exciting and fun! And the purpose of this is to try the food, and also see the city, and make a few new friends, and just enjoy the city I have not liked since I have been here. So, this is the beginning of a journey. I am excited!

Another thing I am going to be doing is getting help... I have a lot of built up anger, frustration, feelings, and what not has started to get out of hand... the last few years have been hard to keep the facade up... a few of my friends have seen the change that has happened to me. I am still a nice guy, but I have a lot that I will need some help with. So, I will be looking for some support to make sure that I can live my life as free as possible. I also hope to get into shape. So, in the one year away from the prison that is social media, I hope to improve myself all around. I hope to also put my heart where it needs to be, in my chest. But, I believe that human interaction is what I need, and I cant wait to see how it all works out.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Well That Was Weird!" Exclaimed the Fish Out of Water.

Weird moods produces weird vibes, which makes the world make me look weird to them... So, when someone looks at me in a weird way, or they act differently around me, I automatically allow it to be my fault. for a long time (25 years or so... be it that I'm only 30, then it can't be that long in comparison), I have always thought that it was my fault that nothing works in my favor... Could it have been something I said? Done? Didn't do? Whatever the case is, I can honestly say that my luck with the human female, probably has run all the way the hell out. Yep. Not to mention, that its only Tuesday! I probably will never be able to find someone who will love me for me, and ya know, that's OK! So what is a single 30 year old to do now? Go out, and find some strange and not give a fuck about who I hurt, as they hurt me? Possibly... How about this... what if I just don't give a shit, and for real this time! I am sick of looking and hoping, and thinking I have found what could be something bigger and better, just to end up writing a blog about it... So, what do I do? How do I allow love to work its way back into my life? Now, what I mean by "love," in this since, I mean, man-woman. I am straight, and that's what I go for. I like women. If I was gay, it may be man-man love... but this is not the case... I guess, I am lacking something to actually make myself appear that attractive to the opposite sex. Maybe I give too much too soon? Maybe I scare them off with my faith? Maybe I check in/up too much/too little? I don't know what is the folly of me, but, it is there, and it has my head thinking about this song:

Yeah... The first time I heard this song, I fell in love with it, because it describes PERFECTLY how I feel the world sees me. Be it friend, foe, or the random passer-by, I feel weird, and left out, and always outside of the norm. Not sure if you knew this or not, but I have never been able to take a compliment. Saying nice things to me just don't sit well with me! I feel like saying "Thank you" isn't enough, and then when people continue to go on and on, I just feel uncomfortable. I guess there are some things that I can work on... may be time to find someone to talk to right? Right. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The celebration, and worship of bullshit.

Sorry I have been away for so long, but, that's what happens when you are doing nothing but working, and going to school... I have tried to make some posts lately, but could not formulate an idea that I that passionate about. I mean, I feel passionate about them still, but could not formulate enough of them, for a blog, for example: I do not want to have sex, ever... Reason why, because its not special anymore. it has no purpose in the times of today, as ridiculous as that sounds, that's how I feel... But we will see if that will last (probably not)... I also wanted to say something to the affect of how its like gays are being treated like those with autism. I have plenty of gay friends, and I love them to death. however, I'm not going to treat them any differently because of their sexual preferences... And its sad and embarrassing to see that they are being treated so differently because of that. I don't like it. that's just me personally, but that's not what this blog is all about... And the last subject that I was pretty passionate about, but could not formulate a blog around was (yet again) the gratuitous use of any variation of the word "nigger." Joke, serious, or for scene, its not a good look, and I will stand by my beliefs. I am not perfect, so I will not claim that I do not use the word, but I do my best not to for any reason... If I do end up being a screenwriter, all my movies will not have that word in them, that is how strongly I hate that word as a black man... talk to me 10-15 years ago, I would have felt differently, but, in that time, I have matured, and I don't like to use any word that brings down a group of people. That is how I operate, and If you don't like it, move along...

This blog is honestly about the treatment of people because of their mistakes. As we all know, the verdict came in for the boys involved in the Steubenville, Ohio rape, where a passed out drunk girl was taken advantage of sexually by 2 boys, during a party. The sad thing about this whole story is, that if it wasn't filmed, I can guarantee you that it would be a different story IF IT WAS NOT FILMED! Yeah! teenagers today, have technology, and because of technology, ANYTHING, anywhere can be filmed, or captured in that moment... So yeah, unfortunately for these boys, it was captured, and now they are in trouble... How much trouble? Well, after they were found guilty, they started to cry like scared little girls... then they were sentenced to 1 year in jail... 1 year... in jail... Really... 1 year in jail for rape. Not possession, not involuntary  manslaughter... no... 1 year in jail for rape. RAPE! You know, forcing yourself upon someone in a sexual manner, rape... Yeah. 2 17 year old boys are serving 1 year in jail for rape, while there are 14 year old kids who kill someone, get tried as an adult, and is then put in juvenile detention center, until they turn 18... Thats fucked up!

I don't know how the system works in Ohio, but, apparently, the athlete comes before the victim, and before academics...  According to CNN, these boys are the victims! Watch.

Well, we all know how CNN feels... And its a mutual feeling along the media front... That these boys are the victims... Not the girl who was drunk and got raped. No! She was passed out! How could she have been a victim, right? But no... These boys were "promising students!"  This verdict "laments a promising football career!" So sad (not really)... What about the girl? Did anyone tried to reach out to her? Did anyone try to ask her how she felt? How she feels? Nope! They were concerned about these boys, who knew better. You cant sit there and tell me that not one 16 year old don't know the difference between right and wrong. Even an autistic child at that age knows the difference between right and wrong!!! There is NO EXCUSE of why these boys are being looked at as "victim of circumstance." Fuck that noise! These boys need to be punished worse than 1 year in jail... they need to be in jail for 20 years, with no way of finishing their education, or trying to better themselves as athletes. They lost that privilege. So, I hope they rot... I would hope something else, but I DO believe that EVERYONE deserves a second chance, and I DO hope that they learn from this, and actually become productive in some way, in life, no matter how I may feel at this time...

But outside of these boys, who actually deserves the blame? The girl? nope... The party? nope... The blame should lie, solely, and honestly on the neglectful parents who didn't do anything to try to prevent these teens from doing what they did... I don't give a shit how country, or how far in the stick your town is, if you are breaking the law, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW! Either way, this could have been prevented if parents were present, and actually kept some sort of control over all this... I could blame the movies, TV, and what have you, but, the fault of this whole thing lies on the parents, and their neglect to raise their kids... They were being kid owners, and not parents, as explained by this comedian.

Yeah... Those "KID OWNERS" allowed that bullshit to happen, and now lives are ruined, and the media sympathizes with the boys and not the girl... assholes... But, again, EVERYONE deserves a second chance, even the kid in Newtown, I think, deserved a second chance, if he was alive... That's how I feel. But right now, the punishment does not fit the crime, and I believe that everyone from the judge, to the media has fucked up royally! This is sad, and a travesty, and a mockery of the difference between right and wrong, and it NEEDS to be corrected. JMO. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Don't Care... But I Care Enough To Tell You Why...

Alright, America... ENOUGH already! I am personally sick and tired of everything becoming a controversy!!! Seriously... before you know it, breathing will be offensive, so get your last final free deep inhales in before that is mandated and regulated, due to the endless supply of bitching from the soft skinned peaches that are running this country to Fuckedville, USA... I am so sick and tired of turning on the radio, and the topic has to be about the insensitivity of the masses of dumb asses that are littering the planet with more dumb asses that are softer than you can imagine... THIS COUNTRY IS PUSSIFYING!!!! You know why it is? Because we give too much of a fuck, about things that should not be public. Think about it... One mans faith is his faith... One mans sexual preferences is his sexual preferences... And for everyone to live on a soapbox just goes to show you that there is NOTHING that will be done in the means of peace and love with this fuckery still going on as strong as it is. Seriously, too much valuable energy and hate and care is being WASTED on the opinions, pride, faith, or lack thereof, for no reason but to try to piss off the offended by [fill in the blank].

Think about it... Why should we give a shit about anything? What is fighting or marching, or claiming going to do? All the bitching in the world aint going to make me skinny... All the blogging isn't going to make me famous. The serious issue here is that we care too much about the wrong things... For those who hates religion (no matter what faith you single out or if you have one whole hate for those who have faith), why waste your energy and time trying to point out the faults of the superfucked? For example, the asshole preacher who decided to try to show why servers hate serving christian parties (yes, even as one, when I saw these buttholes coming in, I was not excited, because I knew if I was lucky, I would have gotten a total of maybe 1 1/5 pennies from them), why are you fighting to get this girl her job back? What if she doesn't want her job back? Hell, after I was fired from one establishment that is not Twain's (seriously... it was another restaurant), I decided to hang up my apron for good... Best damn decision of my life. But why are you trying to fight for this girls job? Have you thought about the fact that she may not want it anymore? Do you realize that maybe a city block worth of windows may have been opened to her? But you are delaying her blessing, because you want to do a sit in or a protest, or sign a petition... So I ask... WHY DO YOU GIVE SUCH A STRONG FUCK ABOUT THIS!? Christians fuck up ALL THE TIME! I'm cussing up a storm in my goddamned blog as we speak! But that does not take away my faith in my Savior, and His sacrifice for me... FREE WILL, PEOPLE!!! There will always be assholes painted in all shades of shit. Nothing can be done about it... GIVE IT UP!!!! Don't think you are getting away that easy "O holier than thou..." Its your turn!!!

What does the sexual preferences of a man or a woman have to do with you!? Why do you have to give so much care about someones (should be) private life? We all want to go off and start quoting off scripture as if that is going to stop anything from happening, and it will not! You know why... FREE WILL!!! God knows the heart of each and every man that he has created. He KNOWS what is going on! Why do you feel so strongly to do His work for Him?! How about this... instead of trying to chastise and judge someone for being homosexual, why not trying to get to know them? In the 5 years, I have made some of the closest friendships with people who are gay. Why? Not because I want to support them, not because I believe they are right, wrong, or brave in making that choice for their life, NO... its because THEY ARE PEOPLE!!! I HAPPEN TO BE A FAN OF PEOPLE (believe it or not), AND THEY HAVE HEARTS, AND ARE SOME OF THE FUNNIEST, SWEETEST, MOST LOVING INDIVIDUALS THAT I HAVE BEEN BLESSED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH!!! I don't care if they like someone of the same sex! I don't care if they are proud of it, or still in the closet, or ready to be defiant to the world that has shunned them for whatever reason. I don't care if I am on the fence about issues that surrounds the gay community. Why? Because, I got to know them for them. I got to get to call them friends, and family because they are more than their sexual preferences! They bleed just like me. They laugh, cry, get angry, and live their lives for themselves, JUST LIKE ME!!! SO WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU  to try to shun them away because of their lifestyle? The God that we all serve says to LOVE! 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8... We should love the person, not the choice. The choice does not, and should not matter. What do yall like to say (I say "yall" cause its sometimes so embarrassing and shameful to be associated with... yall...)? "Love the sinner, and not the sin?" Well, whats the exception with the gay community? Answer that one for me... STOP WITH THE SELECTIVE, AND ALL AROUND HYPOCRITICISM AND HATE!!! ITS EMBARRASSING!!!

Why do we care so much about things that should not be important? What is the fun in thinking that raising so much of an uproar is going to make you stand out? What is it about spreading hate that gets you off? Why  cant we just sit down and just figure things out as ONE BEING? I am so sick and tired of turning on the TV, and hearing that all these celebs are doing this that and the other, and no one is really giving a shit about what is really going on in Chicago. No one is still not giving a shit about whats going on in the 3rd worlds. No one is willing to tackle the real issues here in our back yard. Gun control is NOT a real issue. Kiss my ass, it is not. What about the foster kids all around this country being ignored for the little African, Russian, Korean  Chinese  Japanese kid? Why can't OUR kids have the same opportunities to live in a great and loving home? What about our politicians? Why are they making all the money, while I sit here broke for no reason? Why are these assholes whose goal is to fuck this country out of every resource it can, in these position of power? Why isn't there an uproar about why this country seems to be going backwards? I know why, because we care SO MUCH about who can and can't get married, or we want to get mad at a corporation and its by-laws... Oh yeah. that's right...  I forgot... we don't want to follow the rules... We want to live our own lives our own ways, and tell EVERYONE else that they are wrong... forgive me for stepping out of my place... I guess I should start talking about Downton Abbey, or The Kardashians, or Honey Boo Boo, right? Yeah... that's WAY more important...

We need to place the blame in the right place... we need to care about the right things... Once we do that, then all this other bullshit will not matter... Think about it, and allow it to sink in... I do expect a lot of feedback from this, and I will take every right hook you can throw. But you know what? This is how I feel, this is what needed to be said, and if I'm the only one to say it, then I stand alone. Nothing new.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

The problem with love is that its not clearly known what it is to the individual. We all think that its saying yes at the alter with God and witnesses, and going on trying to make the more as good as you can for you and yours... but is that all love is? Could it be more than that? Could it be less than what we are making it out to be? Why do we all end up hurting from what we think is love? Well, I have a few ideas... Let's explore them... shall we?

Our views of love are completely different from our parents and grandparents... Back in the days when there was still slavery all the way through the depression, and the fight to keep the nation (mostly the south) segregated, love was something that you needed to make it through the next day... Back in those days, strength was a foundation of true love... With love, the story still holds true--boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, and they kiss, get married, have sex, and have a family... But in those days, it was that, plus the strength of our better half to get us through the promised hell of the day. So, if a woman stuck by you when you came home bruised, bloodied, and covered in everything under Gods sun, that was love... And plus, no one ran away in those days. No one knew what being irresponsible meant. Still, to this day, its not a word for a reason! Women who defended her children from unlawful treatment from cops, had to come home to a man that she had to hold back from being killed himself... love was more than it is now...

Now, because of my assessment of love then, doesn't mean that what it is now, or back in the 70's is any different... The only difference I can think of is the fact that people were on this new wave of thinking that love was free--as if our actions didn't have any consequences... More than one "lover," lots of drugs, and psychedelics was all the rage, was there anything as real love during this time? Definitely! Not everyone was full of chemicals, and the radical Jesus movements, the flower power, or the need to be "free." Even in those moments, love definitely existed... But was it with a sober mind that they made love what it was then? Or was it a fear of being like their parents that made them try the alternate avenue of love? What was the excuse of the love in the 80's and 90's?

It's evident that love has dissipated by the time the 80's and 90's rolled around... more times than not, a child born was fatherless... the father was not there to help raise the life of the baby that he helped make... Its just fact... Now, all dads that wasn't there, definitely helped out by any means, but for the most part, he didn't help... So, all these women had to play duel roles of mother and father, and it can definitely take a toll on anyone... Same goes for those fathers who has to play the mother role as well. It was not easy! But love is definitely not an issue... only issue is the thought of love... Was it really there? or was it just a passing fad to get something, and to pass up on the responsibilities? Where the hell did fear come into play? What I mean by fear is, the thing that was implanted into the generation who didn't know both parents at the same time. What are we fearing? Is is commitment  Could it be that we are scared to love in order for it to fall away? Is it REALLY a commitment issue?

Well, is it? With technology the way it is today, its so hard to actually hold on to your word... I can't tell you how many times, I pressed that "join/going" button to an event on Facebook to not go... Why didn't I go? Money? Gas? Who knows! I got a catholic bible size novel of excuses... It just goes to show that we can't hold on to something as simple as our word. Also with the world as busy as it has gotten with this thing called "responsibility," it makes things so much more difficult to commit to anything. And in that, love factors itself in there in a different light. Now a days we love beer. We love animals. We love our friends. We love to tear down whatever is in our way be it good or bad. We love to give out the blame. We LOVE to brag about what we are doing or what he have. We LOVE to dream... But what about the girl or guy we met? Do we love them? I can't say for sure, because we LOVE to put ourselves in some sort of ringer when it comes to things like this. When we meet someone who we are attracted to, we don't try to get to know them. We try to get in their pants, and get what we want, and move on with our lives... Sex has become meaningless it appears, and no one wants kids... so many reasons, and fears behind why they don't want them, and so, love is evident that it needs to be pieced together like something from Ikea...

So... when it comes to love in the today and now... where is it? Does it still exist? It appears that once you do get someone, it takes SO long to commit to the "L" word, that its really hard to actually love anyone... So, there's that fear of commitment, and the fear of love... It's sad, and it sucks. Why do we always have to be about our individual selves, and not for the ones we think we like? You know what I mean? I haven't even gotten to those who are in love, but don't want to marry... We all have family or friends that we know, who are popping kids out left and right, and neither wants to actually be under 1 name... not saying that all married couples should be under his last name, but ya know what I mean... Its just so hard to believe in love when its so hard to find, although its right there. And for those of us who really want it, its so difficult to find it, because its been beaten to shit that we will settle for the next thing carrying the disease (seriously, this is the VERY FIRST TIME that I actually spelled "disease" correctly... I AM SO FUCKIN SMART!!!!)... Its just go to show that we all need to work on finding what love is. If not for us, then for our children... If we have any... If we want them... The cycle can end, and it will end, as soon as we collectively figure out that love is just so damn simple to get to know!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 words that needs to die RIGHT NOW (or 1 whole year ago.)

As any normal human being, we all learn phrases or terms that are used by the general public, that could be either funny, cute, or just another word to add to the English language like "boycott, or "mud" (both named after men who did something so good or bad, that their names became folklore... pretty bad ass I think!)... There will always certain terms that emerge into public to try to make popular, that usually don't stick in your everyday speech... and those words are what I will give you. wrote down 10 words that I absolutely hate reading/hearing, and I have a few "honorable mentioned ones as well... and with that said... lets get started!

Now, Just to let you know, I do not care about grammatical correctness when it comes to these words... As annoying is it is, for me to think about what one is trying to say "whn dey tipe lik dis tryn 2 get a pnt across 2 sum 1," or when they use "your" instead of "you're" can be VERY annoying, but that's a different subject for a different day. But, today, I am giving you the words that the entire world needs to get rid of... With every word, I will give you, I will give a VERY EMPTY THREAT!!! When I usually threaten someone, its harmless. I never mean it, unless you can tell that I mean it, and that usually means that I'm in your face about it. But because I'm not that type of guy, you have nothing to worry about when I say something threatening. So without further a due, here are the 10 words that I DEFINITELY do not EVER wanna hear/read EVER again in my life.

#10:  "Grind"
Its OK to say that you are working hard... Why do you have to be on your "grind" to say that you are working hard at whatever goal? Seriously. If you were "on your "grind", You should be a nub of yourself now... I seriously hate this term, cause it is nothing more than just a ploy to expose yourself as someone who is trying WAY too hard, to be better than themselves right now... Not everyone has to "grind" to get to their goal, be it something attainable or changing everyday... Your "grind" does NOTHING for me... Your hard work, on the other hand, I applaud.

#9: "Turnt"
If you have ever used this term here, FUCK YOURSELF IN THE EAR!!! What the FUCK is a "turnt?" Is it a bad turnip? What the fuck is this?! Every time I read this term, it does nothing but make me mad... When did the English language become such a punching bag for society!? This is just another term that I have seen used, that means nothing, and that pisses me off... This does nothing to me instead of TURN up my insanity to very dangerous levels... whoever came up with this word needs to be shot in the butt hole!

#8: "Totes"
OH! so we are talking about a bag... right? WRONG!!! Its a shorten version of the word "total" or "totally." Really... this is getting ri-goddamn-diculous!!! I would understand if someone was talking about a bag when they randomly shouted out "TOTES!" But no... they are just being lazy and saying "totally!" Shit like this angers me... I don't have the English language down to a "t," but this abuse of it is just uncalled for... If you use this term, I WILL hit you with SEVERAL totes!

#7: "Meme"
This phenomena has GOT to stop soon... Everyone already thinks that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment, and now that its practical that "EVERYONE" can be funny by using a "meme," It just goes to expose the unfunny of the nation. Any and everything has been "memed," and it is passed time for any and everyone to stop using them... I will admit, I have seen my fair share of funny ones, for sure, but when everyone gets their hands on them, and shares them unrelentlessly, it just brings my blood to a boil... I hate it when the funny has to be dialed down to the bullshit that is this trend... FUCK YOU TO WHOEVER STARTED IT!!!

#6: "Woot Woot"
So... I should be starting a party when you have a basic, small, mundane, bullshit victory?  "I just found the last cheet-o!!! woot woot!" Kill yourself... Right now. Find a gun, a knife, a car, SOMETHING, and kill yourself... The use of this term just goes to show that everything DEFINITELY does not deserve a celebration. If you got a promotion, or you got a job, or even if you got your girlfriend/wife pregnant, then yeah! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!! Woot it the fuck up! But to celebrate a day of the week, or finding something you forgot about, or anything of that nature, and woot it up, kill yourself. really... just stop living.

#5:  "Throwback"
This word here pisses me off to know end. I know its only number 10, but its like we always have to remember what was... why can't some of us be allowed to forget what was?! How do you know how my past went? Do you think, maybe I wanna just keep that shit behind me for good? But no!! We gotta celebrate "Throwback Thursdays," or some fucked up combination of "throwback," and day... who knows, if that particular Thursday, that you wanna "throwback" was the worst day of my life? Ever think of that!? So, FUCK YOU AND YOUR "THROWBACK!"

#4: "Cray"
Wanna know what makes me crazy? Anyone who uses a shortened term of an ALREADY SHORT WORD!!!!!!!!!!! Are you SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? CRAY!? FUCK YOU!!!!!! Who came up with this mockery of laziness?! What fuck hole did this one come from!? I am beyond sick of this word, and the song that it came from. I can honestly say that I heard the word not even 1 whole time, and I hate that term so much... because, its just beyond lazy. It does not make you cool, or awesome when you use it, it makes you look retarded. Yeah. I said it. RETARDED! So stop it, or else your heart will be eaten by sharks. They will not eat the rest of your body, just your heart. "Cray." A normal person will look at this and say... they can't even finish spelling "crayon?" Lazy, sad, and uncalled for.

#3: " Leggo"
So when did "Lego" and "Eggo" have a child? The right way to say it is LET'S GO! When the fuck did your tongue become so lazy to actually be proud of saying this out loud!? Are you really wanting to try my patience? This is the greatest show of how fucked up the English language has become. Why is is so hard to just complete a thought, or a word by saying it fully?! The Internets should be ashamed of itself for allowing such fuckery to grace its entanglement.... It for damn sure, don't make you look tough or ready when you say it... it makes you look dumber than cat shit. An old lady should run you over in her Buick for saying this.

#2: "Swagg"
What the simple fuck is "swagg?" What do you have to brag about!? What the super shit is so great about your brightly colored, and tacky shirt, your diaper inspired pants, and those gaudy shoes that need just ONE MORE strap for it to be considered "happy goth" that is worth the brag? And that fake gold whatever-the-fuck you have around your neck, is suppose to impress me?! God knows that I'm a patient man, but if I hear this word again, I will sink a city block... What in the blue balls fuck are you talking about anyways?! It just makes you look and more importantly SOUND stupid when you say something that uncool... Kids today are fucked, and guess who is going to get fucked over by them... MY GENERATION!!!! SON OF A BITCH!!!!

And now, MY #1 word that needs to die a horrible and unrelentlessly hilarious death...

#1: "YOLO"
... ... ... Uh... ... I probably will literally kill the person who ever mentions this term to me, in front of my face.
I will seriously take my bare hands, and drag you towards the closest cop, put my hands around your neck, and make them watch as I enjoy watching your eyes go black... This term is a rally cry for those of you out there who has a death wish... wouldn't it be easier to just and jump off of a bridge into on-coming traffic? I mean... "You Only Live Once..." right? Do your parents a favor, and do that if you ever say this word... I am so sick of this lifestyle of where only the young live... That is a slap in the face of each and everyone of your elders and ancestors who have had all types of trials and tribulations to make sure that you are here today, just so you can just live once? FUCK YOU, YOU SELFISH, UNAPPRECIATIVE, FUCK UP!!!!!!

So yeah... these words can go and burn in a trash fire... They really need to!


Words that are still on the chopping block...

"BOI" it's spelled, BOY, you dumb shit!

"Hashtag" Fuck Twitter.

"Epic" It is unfortunately losing it's power, and its because, something dumb, stupid, and small, is "epic." Fuck you for using it.

"OMG" And any version of it INCLUDING the "err muh gerd" needs to be shot repeatedly in the face.

"Honey Boo Boo" I hope this dies out soon... seriously... the world DID NOT/DOES NOT NEED shit like this.

and finally

"I Can Haz" This retarded shit REALLY pisses me off... Its not English, and it is stupid, and it makes you sound stupid.

So yes, this is what I had to say about certain words that are being used currently... Grow the fuck up America, and let's speak in terms that we ALL can understand what the fuck you are saying again!