Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 words that needs to die RIGHT NOW (or 1 whole year ago.)

As any normal human being, we all learn phrases or terms that are used by the general public, that could be either funny, cute, or just another word to add to the English language like "boycott, or "mud" (both named after men who did something so good or bad, that their names became folklore... pretty bad ass I think!)... There will always certain terms that emerge into public to try to make popular, that usually don't stick in your everyday speech... and those words are what I will give you. wrote down 10 words that I absolutely hate reading/hearing, and I have a few "honorable mentioned ones as well... and with that said... lets get started!

Now, Just to let you know, I do not care about grammatical correctness when it comes to these words... As annoying is it is, for me to think about what one is trying to say "whn dey tipe lik dis tryn 2 get a pnt across 2 sum 1," or when they use "your" instead of "you're" can be VERY annoying, but that's a different subject for a different day. But, today, I am giving you the words that the entire world needs to get rid of... With every word, I will give you, I will give a VERY EMPTY THREAT!!! When I usually threaten someone, its harmless. I never mean it, unless you can tell that I mean it, and that usually means that I'm in your face about it. But because I'm not that type of guy, you have nothing to worry about when I say something threatening. So without further a due, here are the 10 words that I DEFINITELY do not EVER wanna hear/read EVER again in my life.

#10:  "Grind"
Its OK to say that you are working hard... Why do you have to be on your "grind" to say that you are working hard at whatever goal? Seriously. If you were "on your "grind", You should be a nub of yourself now... I seriously hate this term, cause it is nothing more than just a ploy to expose yourself as someone who is trying WAY too hard, to be better than themselves right now... Not everyone has to "grind" to get to their goal, be it something attainable or changing everyday... Your "grind" does NOTHING for me... Your hard work, on the other hand, I applaud.

#9: "Turnt"
If you have ever used this term here, FUCK YOURSELF IN THE EAR!!! What the FUCK is a "turnt?" Is it a bad turnip? What the fuck is this?! Every time I read this term, it does nothing but make me mad... When did the English language become such a punching bag for society!? This is just another term that I have seen used, that means nothing, and that pisses me off... This does nothing to me instead of TURN up my insanity to very dangerous levels... whoever came up with this word needs to be shot in the butt hole!

#8: "Totes"
OH! so we are talking about a bag... right? WRONG!!! Its a shorten version of the word "total" or "totally." Really... this is getting ri-goddamn-diculous!!! I would understand if someone was talking about a bag when they randomly shouted out "TOTES!" But no... they are just being lazy and saying "totally!" Shit like this angers me... I don't have the English language down to a "t," but this abuse of it is just uncalled for... If you use this term, I WILL hit you with SEVERAL totes!

#7: "Meme"
This phenomena has GOT to stop soon... Everyone already thinks that comedy is the lowest form of entertainment, and now that its practical that "EVERYONE" can be funny by using a "meme," It just goes to expose the unfunny of the nation. Any and everything has been "memed," and it is passed time for any and everyone to stop using them... I will admit, I have seen my fair share of funny ones, for sure, but when everyone gets their hands on them, and shares them unrelentlessly, it just brings my blood to a boil... I hate it when the funny has to be dialed down to the bullshit that is this trend... FUCK YOU TO WHOEVER STARTED IT!!!

#6: "Woot Woot"
So... I should be starting a party when you have a basic, small, mundane, bullshit victory?  "I just found the last cheet-o!!! woot woot!" Kill yourself... Right now. Find a gun, a knife, a car, SOMETHING, and kill yourself... The use of this term just goes to show that everything DEFINITELY does not deserve a celebration. If you got a promotion, or you got a job, or even if you got your girlfriend/wife pregnant, then yeah! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!! Woot it the fuck up! But to celebrate a day of the week, or finding something you forgot about, or anything of that nature, and woot it up, kill yourself. really... just stop living.

#5:  "Throwback"
This word here pisses me off to know end. I know its only number 10, but its like we always have to remember what was... why can't some of us be allowed to forget what was?! How do you know how my past went? Do you think, maybe I wanna just keep that shit behind me for good? But no!! We gotta celebrate "Throwback Thursdays," or some fucked up combination of "throwback," and day... who knows, if that particular Thursday, that you wanna "throwback" was the worst day of my life? Ever think of that!? So, FUCK YOU AND YOUR "THROWBACK!"

#4: "Cray"
Wanna know what makes me crazy? Anyone who uses a shortened term of an ALREADY SHORT WORD!!!!!!!!!!! Are you SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? CRAY!? FUCK YOU!!!!!! Who came up with this mockery of laziness?! What fuck hole did this one come from!? I am beyond sick of this word, and the song that it came from. I can honestly say that I heard the word not even 1 whole time, and I hate that term so much... because, its just beyond lazy. It does not make you cool, or awesome when you use it, it makes you look retarded. Yeah. I said it. RETARDED! So stop it, or else your heart will be eaten by sharks. They will not eat the rest of your body, just your heart. "Cray." A normal person will look at this and say... they can't even finish spelling "crayon?" Lazy, sad, and uncalled for.

#3: " Leggo"
So when did "Lego" and "Eggo" have a child? The right way to say it is LET'S GO! When the fuck did your tongue become so lazy to actually be proud of saying this out loud!? Are you really wanting to try my patience? This is the greatest show of how fucked up the English language has become. Why is is so hard to just complete a thought, or a word by saying it fully?! The Internets should be ashamed of itself for allowing such fuckery to grace its entanglement.... It for damn sure, don't make you look tough or ready when you say it... it makes you look dumber than cat shit. An old lady should run you over in her Buick for saying this.

#2: "Swagg"
What the simple fuck is "swagg?" What do you have to brag about!? What the super shit is so great about your brightly colored, and tacky shirt, your diaper inspired pants, and those gaudy shoes that need just ONE MORE strap for it to be considered "happy goth" that is worth the brag? And that fake gold whatever-the-fuck you have around your neck, is suppose to impress me?! God knows that I'm a patient man, but if I hear this word again, I will sink a city block... What in the blue balls fuck are you talking about anyways?! It just makes you look and more importantly SOUND stupid when you say something that uncool... Kids today are fucked, and guess who is going to get fucked over by them... MY GENERATION!!!! SON OF A BITCH!!!!

And now, MY #1 word that needs to die a horrible and unrelentlessly hilarious death...

#1: "YOLO"
... ... ... Uh... ... I probably will literally kill the person who ever mentions this term to me, in front of my face.
I will seriously take my bare hands, and drag you towards the closest cop, put my hands around your neck, and make them watch as I enjoy watching your eyes go black... This term is a rally cry for those of you out there who has a death wish... wouldn't it be easier to just and jump off of a bridge into on-coming traffic? I mean... "You Only Live Once..." right? Do your parents a favor, and do that if you ever say this word... I am so sick of this lifestyle of where only the young live... That is a slap in the face of each and everyone of your elders and ancestors who have had all types of trials and tribulations to make sure that you are here today, just so you can just live once? FUCK YOU, YOU SELFISH, UNAPPRECIATIVE, FUCK UP!!!!!!

So yeah... these words can go and burn in a trash fire... They really need to!


Words that are still on the chopping block...

"BOI" it's spelled, BOY, you dumb shit!

"Hashtag" Fuck Twitter.

"Epic" It is unfortunately losing it's power, and its because, something dumb, stupid, and small, is "epic." Fuck you for using it.

"OMG" And any version of it INCLUDING the "err muh gerd" needs to be shot repeatedly in the face.

"Honey Boo Boo" I hope this dies out soon... seriously... the world DID NOT/DOES NOT NEED shit like this.

and finally

"I Can Haz" This retarded shit REALLY pisses me off... Its not English, and it is stupid, and it makes you sound stupid.

So yes, this is what I had to say about certain words that are being used currently... Grow the fuck up America, and let's speak in terms that we ALL can understand what the fuck you are saying again!

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