Friday, November 15, 2013

energy wasted poorly

Outside of everything that is happening in Miami with the whole "hazing/bullying" thing in sports, the next big story comes with the term and the name of a proud and historic franchise in Washington D.C. Apparently, their NAME is so racist, that the media, from your high school copier to your AJC and every newspaper in between, Saying "Redskin" is so so wrong... Even if it is wrong, why bring up this argument now? Why, all of a sudden should I be up in arms about a word that I associate with a football team? When I hear the word "Redskins, " I think about Doug Williams, George Rogers, The Hogettes, just simple football stuff, like the black man in full Indian headgear! Nothing screams racism when I hear the word "Redskins." But APPARENTLY its SO offensive that even Bob Costas himself will no longer refer to Washing as the mascot. To each his own. But, all of a sudden, this word is SO BAD! I mean, it is just wretched!!!And yet, ALL around suburbia, in every 12-32 year old white persons car, has your ::put name of your favorite bullshit rapper of today, including Kanye West::  CD, and NO ONE has any qualms about the word "nigger." Makes since...

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