Thursday, May 2, 2013

1 Year Off: Day 1

So, I did it. I finally decided to ween myself off of social media. I am doing this because it has become a distraction. I, for some odd reason, was made to wear my heart on my sleeve. And when I see my friends or family not happy, It makes me not happy... When I see my friends and family being assholes, I want to punch them. When I see my friends and family make accusations against or for religion or politics, I want to shoot them dead. After a while, all of that gets really annoying, and tiresome! So, I decided to say good-bye to social media for one whole calendar year. It's just unfortunate that I can't do it on a leap year, cause whats one extra day, right? So, whats the plan for me since I decided to give up on the repetitiveness of what social media has become? Well, I plan on doing a few things. Nothing is set in stone quite yet, but I do have one idea that is actually taking over everything else right now.

I would like to take a restaurant tour of Atlanta. I want to go to one of the many fabulous restaurants that Atlanta has to offer. This city, albeit big, is VERY small. Atlanta is no bigger than a minute, but it has a lot going on for itself. Only thing that this city really needs is a more reliable public transportation system, and a hell of a lot better highway system. But I digress... There are a lot of great restaurants in this city that I have only heard about in name, or have seen in passing or have read about, and I want to try them all. So, what I plan on doing is avoiding the spots that I LOVE to go to like just about every restaurant in Decatur. There are a few that I have not been to yet, or have actually eaten what is on the menu, but, near the end of this one year break, I hope to go and eat at all of the. With that in mind, that will eliminate Twain's (thankfully), Victory Sandwich Shop (Decatur and Inman Park), Six Feet Under, Ragin' Burrito, Brickstore, Mac McGee's, Square Pub (Thankful again), Leon's, Trackside, Parker's On Ponce, The Corner Pub, Taco Mac, Big Tex, and Thai Bowl... That's just in Decatur alone! I haven't even mentioned the restaurants in Oakhurst... But you get the idea, I am going to a lot of great places to expand my pallet.

I know a lot of these places will not be cheap, but I am willing to risk it just to see the city. There are plenty of restaurants that I have gone to but did nothing but drink there, or have had an appetizer, I will go to like The Optimist, JTC Kitchen, No. 246, to name a few, to enjoy their menus. So, this will be exciting and fun! And the purpose of this is to try the food, and also see the city, and make a few new friends, and just enjoy the city I have not liked since I have been here. So, this is the beginning of a journey. I am excited!

Another thing I am going to be doing is getting help... I have a lot of built up anger, frustration, feelings, and what not has started to get out of hand... the last few years have been hard to keep the facade up... a few of my friends have seen the change that has happened to me. I am still a nice guy, but I have a lot that I will need some help with. So, I will be looking for some support to make sure that I can live my life as free as possible. I also hope to get into shape. So, in the one year away from the prison that is social media, I hope to improve myself all around. I hope to also put my heart where it needs to be, in my chest. But, I believe that human interaction is what I need, and I cant wait to see how it all works out.

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