Monday, June 10, 2013

31+ days and counting!

So, it has been a month and some change that I have not been on the social media websites. I do watch YouTube videos, and keep up with ideas and what not on, and, but for the most part, I have stayed away from the Facebooks, and the Twitters, and DAMN! I feel good! I actually went out, and hung out with some friends, and I plan on doing a lot more than that in the coming months of this hiatus. I have and will keep up with this blog, because that's what I do! Like I mentioned on Facebook, "If you want to keep up with whats going on with me, you can call, text, email, or fallow along on my blog (didn't even look it up)."

But yeah! I am still working at the same place, and I am loving the fact that I am off of school, I passed both classes. It was the worst quarter in my career so far, I got an A- in my College Algebra class, and a C- in my English class. The C- is not what I usually go for, but I had to sacrifice one class for another. If you know me, you know that I absolutely HATE, H.A.T.E. math, and the one thing that I REALLY REALLY hate is having to prove that I can think logically. And with that as my motivation, I made sure that I passed my algebra class with flying colors. I usually do a lot better in English but because I was so focused and stressed out on passing Algebra, I sacrificed that grade, and I am proud of it. Anyways, the doing has been done, and here is your update! Later today, I will have a blog on how I believe we are all under mind-control. Until then, Blessings!

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