Sunday, January 31, 2010

El Double-Standard, you, me, and the blood to come.

In todays world, it is evident, and even ever-present that we all live in a double standard in all of our lives... We like to do certain things but hate it when someone close to us does the same, we like to use certiain words, but we hate it when other people say them. We love to shovel our beliefs down others throats, but when they do the same, we dont wanna hear it... WHAT THE FUCK!? Where did it say in any time in history, that we were all right or all wrong? No one is thoroughly right or wrong, and thats whats the problem... No one wants to hear the other side of the story, or actually be the first to say "no" or "thats wrong." Everyone gets so mad at whomever or whatever, and makes there minds up and shun out an actual conversation cause they are so wrapped up into there beliefs, as if, they can save the world... for example... On an article on Thursday, this past week, (January 28th), according to, In virginia, they are pulling Anne Franks Diary from the school bookshelvs cause of the one part where a young Anne Frank was talking about the curiosity of her body, and mentioned masturbation... Seriously!? Does this bitch, who brought this arugment to the Virginia School District realize that she, too, HAS A VAGINA!? I dont think anything in that whole statement in her diary, had to do with anything of this over-sexed culture we live in now... Cause, the girl was curious of her body, and was simply asking questions! FOR FUCKS SAKE, her FATHER, Otto Frank, read through it and pulled a shit-ton of parts from the diary, before it was released in full in 1995... So, to tell me that one over sensitive, anti-semitic bitch who is obviously not the greatest example of christianity (which is THOROUGHLY embarrassing I must say), can tell kids what to read, or not to read cause of general curiosity, is wrong? WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE THINKING!? It pisses me off, cause of 2 things... 1, she has kids of her own, cause she had it pulled from the shelves of these schools, and 2, shes a liar, cause I know at her age, she went through the same curiosity! So, Fuck her! I just hope to never be like her when I have kids... I wanna be as upfront and honest with my kids as I can... But I say all of that to get to the point I was making... its a double standard for sure! To say that its sexually charged, and not safe for kids, is like telling your kid to dont read the bible, Songs of Solomon in particular... if you read it, its is chucked full of man and woman freaky love! Its very discriptive and poetic, but I bet you anything, she wont go off and try to get that banned... Thats not right... if you going for one, go for it all! Dont half-ass. Eliminate biology class, eliminate anatomy, ELIMINATE LOVE!!! If you go for one, go for all! It just gets under my skin when people are like that, more so, than those who thinks that they are right about everything, as if they know the answer... Did you search thoroughly? Or did you just give up because the person you ask didnt come through? And now you live in your little bubble of, "Im right, fuck the world," and you dont wanna hear another opinion, even if it was what you stopped praying for... So, I say all of that to say this... Dont be so closed minded about someone elses ideas or beliefs... Just because you made up your mind, does not give you the right to shut them up cause you dont wanna hear it... give them the time of day that you would want given to you. Learn something from your fellow man. Ask questions, search for answers... youd be suprise of the conclusions you come with. think about it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ever just shake your head at yourself?

Just like growth is painful, mistakes are just as painful, if not more so... When we decide to go up instead of down, or say "yes" when all the warning signs says "no," Why does it hurt when its not doing any type of harm or pain to us? I'm not talking about huge mistakes that one may have made in there lifetime, I'm just really talking about the stuff that makes us slap ourselves in the head and say "WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?" We all do that, but why are they painful? Well, it may be because we knew better in the first place, or maybe we just like the feeling of always wanting to be right, or wrong, according to our surroundings... ya know? Its really up in the air to interpretation, but it is definitely not easy to go through the motions of trying to deal with your mistakes, but once made, you cant erase the past, you just have to hate yourself for a little bit, and then realize your wrong, and learn the lesson from them... Ill give you a personal example... New Year Eve/ Day or whatever... I saw 2 girls that I know, just in passing more or less, and, be it that I was a little on the drunk side of reality, I decided, somewhere in the time I was at the last bar of the night, that it was a GREAT decisison to, basically, fondle these 2 women... I even got an address out of the deal, but, I don't remember it, lol... so, after a little bit of sleep, I woke up, and I realized what the hell I did, and I'm not proud of it... but I did learn something... I learned that I am NOT a fan of fake tits... They feel gross, and trust me, I have had 2 BIG OLE handfuls of fake boobs that night, and its like squeezing a barely damp sponge... not a fan... nothing happened pass the fondleage, but, could it have? Yes... but be it that I'm usually alert enough when happy on the chill juice, I didn't allow my actions to go any further... but seriously, it was something that I would never see myself do, but I did it, I learned from my mistakes, and I can now say that I am not a fan of breast implants, ESPECIALLY if they look as ridiculously disproportioned like these safety pillows were... point is, that we all make mistakes, and we all learn from them. If the lesson isn't there right away, doesn't necessarily make the lesson isn't there... just haven't found the answers you are looking for... Maybe they are there, but you're ignoring them, ya know? But, just make sure, that eventually in life, you learn the lesson that is present. Have a good one guys.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Black People,

I write this for all of us, cause its really getting old trying to deal with the stupid shit, that I see daily as a server. I understand that you rarely get out if any at all, and I understand that you wanna make an impression on the piece of trash dressed in the cleanest thing in the house, that you call a "lady," But, seriously! Why do you have to be so loud and disrespectful, and demand respect from me or any other server? I don't think that it works that way, and I don't think that if you were in my shoes, you would like it as well... So I urge you, Mr. and Ms. Black People, Leave the niggerish at home.

When you go out, make sure you have, not only money to pay for everything, but also have money to tip the people who take care of you! if your bill is $45.01, $46.00 is not acceptable. I only make $2.13 an hour, and I cant live off of $.99... I know that you have a lot more money than that. According to your car, and the wheels and rims you have on it, plus the tint that you JUST had put on, you have more money to help your fellow brotha out! But because you sell drugs, and you are having a slow week, You feel it necessary to fuck me over, as you fuck people up with "that shit right there." Its not fair for me to work hard and you hardly work and I get nothing and you get something... I'm not asking for you to tip me more, I'm just saying... think about it before you spend it...

And to all the black ladies, just because you think you're cute, doesn't make it right for you to be a bitch. All most of y'all do is sit there and complain and bitch about whatever you can find to bitch about. And just to let you know, YES! You are paying for that drink, and YES! You are paying for the food you ordered, cause there is not one damn thing wrong with it! I don't know whats going on through your head, but you need to use it, and actually act like a lady and not a fuckin bitch who think they can get away with trying to use those high-school tricks... This is the REAL FUCKIN WORLD!!! ACT LIKE A GOD DAMNED LADY!!! Put on your anti-ghetto ointment, and act like you got some sort of class, even if its math class, just act becoming! ITS EMBARRASSING!!!

And this part if for the black gentlemen. You don't know me! Do NOT call me dog, brah, nigga, hey!, big homie, big dude, big man, homie, waiter, yo, or any other thing that is NOT my name... My mother thought for 9 long and emotional months about my name, and I think its due the respect that it was given. If you want anything, just ask me politely. Say "excuse me," and fallow that up with either "Sir, or my name." You have NO right to call me dog, brah, nigga, hey!, big homie, big dude, big man, homie, waiter, yo, or any other thing that is NOT my name, unless you know me, or you have developed a relationship with me to where you are one of my regulars, or friends. So, with all do respect, quit trying to flex your cock feathers at me to impress that easy little piece of ass you scooped up for the night or week or month, and treat me with the respect I treat you with, SIR. That easy. WOW! AMAZING! RESPECT is given, NOT earned...

So in conclusion Mr. and Ms. Black People, I think that it would be wonderful if, me and other black people, in my field of work, would actually have something positive to talk about when we bring up our people (black people.) But, unfortunately, we have to go on and on about how this table and that table, and this motherfucker, and that bitch did us tonight, and it REALLY doesn't feel good to do that... We HATE talking about us, but its a vicious cycle... I have to say this as well: You are the reason why there is still racism. You are the reason why there is black on black crime, and you are the reason why we, as a people, is stuck 12 years behind! I don't care where you are from, act like you have a great idea of your surroundings... I too am naturally loud, but I know how to use my inside voice! Try that as well... When in public, act like you got some sort self-control. Lets try to advance, and shorten the number from 12 years to 5 years. Thanks!


Jolly Green

P.S. This is NOT for all black people, cause there are many out there that actually pleasant to work with and for. This is not for y'all, but if you get angry reading this, then yes. I AM talking about you.


So, like I mentioned, I love music. Music is my drug... I dont need weed, crack, meth, heroine, or whatever to get high... All I need is a good beat, melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, and a beautiful voice/sound... And, so, from now on, I will be posting a different song that I am feeling in the week. This week, Its this simple soul-soothing, imangination-inducing sound is from this band called "Zero 7." I just discovered them this week, and I am very happy that i did. This song is from there latest album entitled "Yeah Ghost," which is a very diverse album... sounds like a bunch of stuff that they decided to put together from a lot of different remakes... But out of this album come this gem of a song called "Swing." AMAZING song... so here it is for you to enjoy. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

the first

Well, I decided to start blogging again, and I wanted to do it on an independent-esk site... So, those who reads my thoughts or watch my vids on Facebook or Myspace, you will see my thoughts on here from now on... for those who I dont know, I would like to introduce myself to you. Hi! I'm Jolly! Im a guy who likes to lead a drama free life, and have the most fun that my morals, my wallet, and my body will allow. I find fun in the simple things, like words, thoughts, and people... I dont try to over complicate things, but, as life, I find myself lost in a maze of confusion that is... I have a passion for music, writing, people, and most sports. And, what I have a passion for, I usually talk about, and make sure its a part of my everyday life. So, this blog will be about all of that... I will also send some vlogs as well, for shits and giggles... But for the most part, this blog is to just allow myself to vent, and to just be as funny as I think I am. lol Some things will be serious, but most of its gonna be fun or entertaining, or both. :) So, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.