Thursday, August 1, 2013

... What did the white boy say!?

Each and every black person in this country, living in this age, has NO RIGHT to be offended by anyone saying the "n-word." We have all (we being the black people in us all) have been called that in one time of our lives, by our friends, family, and have heard it in all the music we buy. So if anyone who is black thinks that the drunken remarks of Riley Cooper is worth the anger, should kill themselves right now. I do everything in my power to not use that word in my every day. And I have been pretty successful. Like I have mentioned before in a previous post, I choose not to use certain words. And again, have I said it before? YES! Was I ashamed? NO! But now, as I sit here in all of my 30 years, I chose not to allow that word to be apart of my vocabulary... Just this past week, I wrote a script that had 2 black characters. Neither one of them used the word, nor will ANY of my characters in any of my movies. Why? My choice! But again, any black person in this country, has no right to be offended. That right was GIVEN away. Why? Well, let's look at your every day hip-hop artist. I don't keep count of it or anything, but the word is said 100+ times an album. At concerts, these artists are throwing the mic up in the air, while everyone in the audience, giving a ratio of... lets say... 51-49 white. They, along with the 49 of the audience that is black will scream that next lyric, regardless of the words... So, while white suburbia, goes out and buy whats cool and in, that word is tossed around without anyone getting punished for it. All the while, the black community, is calling each other "nigger," as a term of endearment, or what have you, we have NO RIGHT to get upset about it, at all. If you want to be upset, then don't use the word, knowing where it comes from. If you don't know where it comes from, read a fucking book. Ask your elders of how that word may have hurt their friends, family, or whatever... Ask Paula Deen and see how it has destroyed her rep, even though it was 30 years ago. So, if its going to be offensive, make sure that the word isn't used no matter the race... How many of you have named your kid "Benedict?" Exactly. Seriously... if you get offended by one race saying the word, and not your own, your priorities are backwards... White, or black, you call me a "nigger," don't touch me.

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