Wednesday, June 12, 2013

436 Cowards

Raise your hands if you are still mad at Chick-fil-a... Yeah? Still upset that one guy was asked a question and gave an honest answer on his feelings on gay marriage? Well, how many are you planning on visiting Russia any time soon? If you are raise your hands... Ok... Are you gay? If so, you don't exist according to Russian law that was just passed today (yesterday according to their time) That it is not legal to teach children that homosexuality exists. Seriously! If you are gay and live in Russia, you do not exist in the eyes of the Russian government. The State Duma (basically the congress of their government) passed the bill unanimously 436-0 This goes back to what I was talking about yesterday. People who have a voice or a right are being stripped of those because the government wants what it wants. Sad. The penalty for being gay is explained by Joe Bereta and its just all stupid. Sad day for the world... What's even more sad is that the Sons and Daughters of Russia, that are gay, doesn't exist in their eyes anymore... Be sure to keep an eye on this story and this stupid administration. I'm pretty sure there will be a huge uprising. Just gotta wait and see. And to the 2 gay protesters who were brutally murdered by anti-gay proponents, may they rest in peace. May they no longer know pain. We got it a hell of a lot better over here. Let's make sure to count our blessings. Goodnight.

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