Monday, September 2, 2013

If I Could Go Back In Time...

Last night, I got together with my good friend Christina for coffee. We do this about once every half a month to a month... All we do is sit across from each other and talk about just about everything from music to movies, politics to racism, and dreams and aspirations. We really run the gambit! What I love about our talks is that no matter if we have conflicting or the same views, we give each other the time and the space to explain. she has been a great friend, and I hope that our friendship grows more and more.

In our convo, I mentioned that I would be the most popular person in the world, in high school if I knew then what I know now... I would have had all types of scholarship offers, I would have been king of everything, because I would have stood up to these teachers and leaders and not allow their bullshit to think it has weight.

Think about it! If you could go back in time and take your knowledge with you to when you were 12-19, wouldn't you feel as close to invincible as humanly possible? Would you seriously think that that emotionally confused bitch really have some sort of power over your heart? What about when that coach or teacher said to you that you don't have a chance of making it in the world? Or, how about when you were bullied for being different, or bullied someone for the same reason? Would you be as big of an asshole then if you knew the damage you caused to someones psyche because you thought you were untouchable? Well, knowing what you do now, and if you had the chance to repeat those events, would you do it differently?

I know I would. I would have been more vocal about certain issues. I for damn sure wouldn't have tried to find a girlfriend, cause girls at that age just don't know what the fuck they want. I would have paid more attention in school so I would know that I wanted to be a film student and not wait 8 years after high school to finally realize that that is what I wanted to do. So, there are so many benefits of the what if I ideology, but there is nothing more but none of which will come to life.

These thoughts and ideas are perfect to teach our kids how to be valuable and important members to society. My generation was bombarded with the idea of "YOU GOTTA GO TO SCHOOL!" To a generation that I honestly can say that I don't know how our kids will be raised... It's hard to imagine me telling/forcing my offspring to go to school... My mom didn't do that to me. I seriously didn't know what to be after school, and she didn't force me to do anything. All the choices I made for education, one of which was bad, I made on my own. And when and if I do have kids, I will suggest that they take their time in their decisions in life. A lot less of a headache.

Well, that's it! 4 MONTHS STRONG!!! NO SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Hope all is well! Talk to you soon!

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