Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Year Off: Day 7

Well, that was fun! Honestly! I had a blast this weekend! I am indebted to Greg and Shanaria for the opportunity to learn on the fly in the making of what will be a great short film! I'm slow to actually post any pics, because I do not have permission to, and I do not want to do anything without the say so of the director, and producer, but there were a lot of pictures taken, and it was fun. I learned the importance of lighting, I learned the importance of time, and I made some new friends and connections along the way. I have gotten a taste of what my life will be for years to come, and trust me, its going to be great.

I am sold on just staying with post production, and do as much off set stuff as possible, but with the knowledge I gained in my camera work, and lighting, I feel SO far ahead of everything, that I am just thrilled of my future. Now, don't get me wrong, there were some really stressful times, but, in the end, it was all beneficial. The crew that I got the pleasure the work with are all talented, and driven like I am, and in that little group, I can tell you that movie making is in good hands. We will change the game and not recycle crap to make the easy dollar. People have to realize that all Hollywood is doing is taking one medium, and making it into another medium, and making the magic, letting it sit for a while, and allowing someone to destroy a classic. We will not allow to happen when we are making these films.

ALSO! I have gone to my first restaurant! I went to West Egg off of Howell Mill Rd. in Atlanta, GA. All I can say is WOW!!! The food was unbelievable. They serve breakfast all day, they have a nice lunch menu as well. Everything I saw on there was for the foodie in all of us. With a great view of the city, on a side of town where you can find just about anything to do, its great! I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Its not too vegan friendly, but it is definitely vegetarian friendly. I had the omelet which I had to build. I put bacon (of course) on there with Pepper Jack cheese, and mushrooms. It was very good! The price is about mid range, paying $9.25 for my meal. You definitely get your moneys worth. The biscuit was outstanding, and their grits are standard made with roasted garlic... VERY flavorful.

So yeah! That was my weekend, and Monday. It was great! This no Social Media thing is great! And texting and calling friends to see if they want to hang out, is better than any bullshit Facebook invitation where anyone says that they are coming out, and next to no one shows up. So, if you are in the middle of making a decision to either stay away or log off completely, I will encourage you to try it out. If you do decide to stay away for an extended period of time like I, more power to you! It has been fun so far! I will talk to yall soon!

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