Monday, October 14, 2013

Now introducing "GEMS"

This is the best time find new music. Seriously! Think about it. You have to be dead to not know who Lorde is right now. You have to be trapped into the world of what the radio airwaves are feeding you if you have no idea who RDGLDGRN is... And with all of that said, I have another band to put on that list. Lately, I have found most of my musical sources from the website Whoever is over there and have a good idea of what music is, is a genius, and I love him or her so much.

I discovered, yet, another sound. Like RDGLDGRN, they come from the D.C. area. But unlike RDGLDGRN (previously known as The Five One before Blue decided to go a different direction, creatively), the band known as "GEMS" do more of the dream cast sound. A lot of similarities to Massive Attack in their sound, but for toady's music crowd, they fit right in. They have a lot of songs on their Soundcloud page, and you REALLY REALLY have to listen to the first track "Medusa." If you want to be slapped into their black and white world of amazing, this is the track to make you go there. "GEMS" is coming out at the right time. The world needs this. It's a slower pace like Lorde, and just about as deep, but they have a GREAT since of enveloping you into the sound, along with the music. So PLEASE enjoy these guys. They are amazing.

For more info on this band, here is their official website:

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