Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Mouths and Fatter Lips

Tonight, I heard something kinda disturbing... 2 British assholes tonight were going on about how "fickle" American are about soccer... I seriously find the out right disrespect for the people you CHOSE to live around, a good reason to beat some ass... Why in the world would you come to a country and start talking shit about the people, and there fandom of whatever sport they may or may not like? When did the right to be an asshole become something that we were forced to accept? Not really sure, but I can tell you that, sometimes, peoples mouths need to be shut for them... Some of these Brit kids come over thinking that the world owes them something, because mommy and daddy paid for everything... if they actually allowed them to work for once, they would actually not be such assholes... some British white collar is going to say the wrong thing to an American blue collar, and find his white collar turning red... and its not only them, it could be anyone, i.e. Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Icelandic, whatever, from where ever... it seriously is a problem that needs to be addressed, and dealt with... Thanks to the mass media, and the bullshit that they are so ready to display to the world, and make us look like we don't care about anything... not to mention, we don't care about the oil spill, which I can say honestly, that its both not true... Americans, do care about soccer... and I don't think that anyone is "fickle" about it... Ill be honest... its not a sport that i fallow closely, but I do enjoy a good match every now and then... luckily, for the world, we get to see it once every 4 years to draw some sort of interest to those of us who are "fickle" according to these 2 Anglo-Indian fucks... But what to do they know? Like my friend Laura said... "If I chose to live around people from a different country, and culture, no matter how I feel about them, I would NEVER talk shit about them, because, I chose to live with them. No matter my feelings about the people and the culture, I'm not going to say anything negative about them." Its amazing how people assume one thing about a group of people, and although it may be right, or not, you never come to someones country and talk shit... You will never see me going over to Holland, and telling the people in Amsterdam that Marijuana is wrong... Although I don't believe in it, I'm not going to go over there, and start a radical movement to close all the coffee houses, and the red light district... I can just keep my mouth shut, and I just wont go to those areas. Its as simple as not having a big head, and thinking that you're so much better than the next man from the strange land... So, if I could give a warning to anyone who plans on being a loser and not an educator about your own culture, and ways... SHUT THE MOTHERFUCK UP!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


This weeks song is simply a favorite of mines that I cant get enough of. I discovered Florence + The Machine while listening to the radio one day while opening up the store. I heard the remix version of the song, which is amazing and awesome, but when I discovered the original, OH MY GOD!!! My mind was blown, and I fell in love with the sound coming from this 7 piece masterpiece. And to hear the voice of this woman, wow! lol And not to mention she is the tallest, leggiest, red-head Ive ever seen. lol but its all good. This weeks song comes from her debut album entitled "Lungs." Its the last song on the album, but its a powerful one... Its called "You Got The Love." And its basically a prayer and praise song. Its a song that you listen to, when you know that life sucks, but you know that eventually, it will all be alright. :) Its a song that is one of those that you will always love, and you will always listen to, and smile. :) Although I'm showing you just a video of the song, I urge you to find concert footage of the song. WOW!!! So with no further interruptions, Enjoy "You Got The Love."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Is Love As Scary As We Make It Out To Be?

Me and Love have a respectable misunderstanding of each other... Love is the one thing that doesn't make since to the rest of the world... Before I continue, I will have to apologize, cause I have been thinking deeply lately, and so, this may be deeper than I would like, but oh well... here we go. Love is definitely something that keeps this world turning, but it seems that all that love is going into stuff and things, and not being aimed at the things that matter--people! We all love our animals, we all love our bands, we all love what matters to us... but do we love the people around us? I'm not saying that the stinky guy in the corner is the guy you need to start hugging on, but lately, love has been a hard commodity to come by. When we say "I love you" to our friends, or significant others, do we mean it? Has love turned into an empty emotion? When did love require fear? Why does it take so long to be willing to allow those words to cut through teeth and lip to mean something? Its rare to find anyone who can say it, and mean it as well. But we have made love into a weight when its suppose to be a light... Love is suppose to be unconditional, but we put conditions on it to only when it makes us feel good... My family I love but some of them don't make me feel good... but if they were all to make life easy, then we live in a utopia... If that's the case, then I am in hell. lol Love isn't easy, and with wanting, and never needing. We all need love... from the people that matter, and the people that should matter... Unfortunately we love to "like." And when we just like things, we start to steer away from love. If we loved more, the world would be better all around... But when will love finally take over and be as big as we make it? When will we realize that this monster that we have created, is just as gentle and exciting as anything that comforts us. So, Be wise about it, but remain care free when displaying love, in all mediums... and remember, Love, will always be there... don't ignore it, but don't try so damn hard to find it either. :) Its there... just be patient...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This week song comes from a band that Ive known about for a while, and i finally saw yesterday for the first time... GREAT LIVE SHOW!!! And those intimate performances are great... you get to be as close as you wanna be to the band, and I got to see and fall in love with, and get to know a few of those cats that played in the band from this weeks song, and the opening act... it was a great night for sure. The name of the band is (no lie) Grand Prize Winner From Last Year. They are amazing! No drums, but machines galore! They have a guitarist, a bassist who is also a trumpetier, and a trumbonist, who is a huge part of the band playing keys, and being awesome... I fell in love with these guys, and especially when Believe, guitarist and vocalist for the band, before the show, said that he was going to "dedicate a song" for me. And as promised, he did, and it was a good one... however, The song that they picked isnt the song that Im using... the song Im using from them is called "Whatever." Its a song that has it all... its really shows the depth of this band, and why "Rolling Stones Magazine" considered them "The Band To Watch for 2010." So I hope you do enjoy and love this song as much as I do. :) So, here you go... I hope you enjoy The Grand Prize Winners From Last Year, and my favorite song of the week, "Whatever." :) This is from a live performance from 2009, but its awesome all the same. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Im kinda upset with myself cause as much as I love this artist, I havent used any of his songs as the song of the week... But thank God that there are 51 weeks, and its not too late to display a great artist... Saul Williams is just a great artist all around... Hes known for his poetry, he does a little acting as well, and his music career is just an extention of all of his talents... So, this weeks song of the week comes from his latest album "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust." I'm stuck inbetween which one I want, but the one I listened to the most this week, is probably the song entitled "WTF!" The entire album was produced by Trent Reznor, and this is the only one that has any real NIN sound to it... but its a great song talking about why things are going from here to there with no real reason... you know, the things that makes us say "what the fuck." Its a slow ballad type, but its complimented with strong lyrics, and a beautiful piano part. Just what the doctor ordered. lol So, I do hope you enjoy. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Dead and Ancient Art of Sportsmanship

Either you are blind and dear, stupid, or just oblivious to one of the biggest news in the sports week this week. The Detroit Tigers were just 1 out away from having there very first perfect game, and Armondo Galarraga was on fire. pitching only 75 pitches, his arm was still fresh and the world had there eyes fixed on history. The wind-up, the pitch, ground hit to shallow right... the first baseman gathers it, Galarraga goes to the bag, the throw, AND?!?! The runners safe?? WHAT?! Are you serious right now?! He had his foot on the bag before the runner!!! He beat him out!? WHAT THE HELL UMP!? That was the sentiment of every baseball fan in all of the world... but what was more amazing is Galaraggas' reaction... he went from focus, to excitement, to happy, to disbelief and back to normal... while all the world knew what just happened, he took it with a grain of salt. He smiled in disbelief, and went back to finish out the game... He didn't argue or get mad or wanted to get even, he held himself like a gentleman... And after the game, the umpire Jim Joyce realized his mistake, and admitted that he "cost that kid a perfect game." Also saying that he was "convinced that he was safe." He was very hurt about it, because he, like anyone who takes there job seriously and passionately, it hurts... This wasn't an easy pill to swallow for either Armando Galarraga, or Jim Joyce... But what sticks out about this story is that it doesn't end there... The game goes on. So the next day, because the world of Detroit, Michigan felt bad for Mr. Galarraga, a local GM car dealer gave him a Corvette, and they celebrated him... After the dog and pony show for Armando, the umpires came out, and on this day, Jim Joyce was to watch the plate... And in a show of class, those Detroit fans who RESPECT the game, gave him an ovation, and and another show of class, Galaragga, went out to give the line-up sheet to Jim Joyce who was already emotional... And the game went on, and Detroit ended up winning the game 12-5... Wow... What an emotional week for baseball huh? You have Memorial Day, which is an emotional day to begin with, and to see history almost come upon the sport, to where there would have been 3 perfect games in a span of a month... But, that game is being called the "Imperfect Game." call it what you want, it was a great game to witness... regardless of your emotions, or your affiliate to whichever team. This is a touching moment in the history of the game, when a young man, can just allow the game to be just that... a game. Like in any game, there will be mistakes, and that's what Galaragga realized and mentioned... hes human... the game is not perfect, and that what makes Baseball the last pure sport of our history... because, mistakes will always be made... But the jesters of both the Cleavland Indians and the Detroit Tigers, during, and after the game, The class and sportsmanship displayed by both Galaragga, and Joyce, even after mistakes were made, is huge... it shows that there is still people who plays the game for what the game is... fun! Basketball, you wont find class, because everyone is out for themselves, and its all about the superstar... Hockey, the classiest thing they have going is after every series, regardless of who wins or looses, regardless of who did whom wrong during the series, regardless of who won the fight, they shake hands in a line... and all is well. Football, is classy in the since that players help each other often... after plays, picking up the opponent, a display of respect is always shaking hands, or praying at the 50... Soccer, the show of respect and class, is exchanging the jerseys off your back... So, sportsmanship here in this day and age is a rare jewel to find... and it lies in the fans... The us of us, who refuses to let anything go or go by... we like to hold on to the pain that the athlete is trying to numb by just going on... We want the pain to endure in those that made mistakes... even for those of us who aren't sports fan loves to beat down those who makes mistakes as well... but we love to forget about our own fuck-ups... we just love to allow ourselves to put on blinders when we are looking in the mirror, and not realize that we too fuck up, more than some of these athletes and officials... its ok though... the day will come when Sportsmanship will be displayed all the time. On and off the field, in and out of the stands... So always think about what you are going to do or say, when you're wronged, cause who knows... the world could be yours. HUMILITY GOES A LONG WAY PEOPLE!!! Keep your eye on these 2 gentlemen... Just see how there seasons end up by resurrecting the dead and ancient art of sportsmanship. Good night.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Son Of The Week

This weeks song comes from a band Winston and I discovered on Sunday... Its a band non of us has heard of, but discovered a sound that we liked... The best way to discribe this band would be, if you take "Against Me," place in a little bit of "soulful and meaningful rock, with a nice dash of punk, and put a strong raspy voice behind it, and there you go. :)They have a pretty strong presents in sound, and they definately have a great sound something to ride, run, jog, or flip to--whatever you decide. The name of this band is "Gallows." They are from England and was formed in 2005. In there native land, they have made waves in the punk scene. There debut album (Orchestra of Wolves) is distributed here in the states, and its definately becoming a band to enjoy for me. hope you like from there debut. the title track, Orchestra of Wolves. Enjoy