Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Media is BULLSHIT!!!

EVERYONE!!! STOP ALLOWING THE MEDIA TO TELL YOU HOW TO THINK, JUDGE, AND LIVE!!! Has anyone else realize that every story portrayed on the news is one-sided? You watch FOX news and get their story, that's one side.... You go to CNN, that's another side... And you get on the internet, and there is nothing but bias and anger, and smart-assness. No one is going to be completely right, or giving you the whole story... And yet we fall victim to all the mediocre and small bullshit news, when there are more important things to be mad at... But what do I know right?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My opinion IS NOT and WILL NOT be popular, and I am ok with that. More to life than one trial.

Im going to keep this short and sweet. The Trayvon Martin trial ended with George Zimmerman being found not guilty. I don't know all the details of what happened, but the part that people are really stuck on is the fact that Trayvon was 17 years old when he was killed... Now, I do not know, nor will I try to understand all that happened between George and Trayvon, but whatever happened happened, and Zimmerman is walking free... This is all I will say about it: I haven't nor will I give a shit about the trial, the life lost, the life misrepresented, or anything in that way... All I know is that the people who presented the case in representation did a great job with representing their client. This is why George Zimmerman is walking free right now. But with this whole thing. I don't care. I didn't care, and I still will not care... Why? Because there are more problems in this world than Florida and their fucked up judicial system. What about the real trouble that's going on in Brazil? What about things in Mexico? How about the community/town in South Africa that wants to remain segregated. How about how much taxes are being taken away from me and other blue-collard workers that work to our bones for what?! What about the fact that no one wants to blame society. What happened to the argument that music or video games make kids to be "bad." No one wants to see it as a "wrong place at the wrong time/product of society meeting of wills." We just want to see it as a white man getting away with murdering a black kid. GROW THE FUCK UP, AMERICA! There are more problems in the world... So yeah. I don't care... and if you care so  much, then it might be time to get the fuck out of Florida, or just not go down there... But if you do, then just go and be you, and don't do anything to give you a bad wrap, or get you killed.

P.S. This is also a show of how and why the media is becoming useless... We have ESPN trying to whore out to America Yasiel Puig to be the fans choice for the All Star game... We have people on [name your favorite news media outlet] force feeding us one side of every story that passes their desks. We want to get mad and say that "justice was not served" when justice did exactly what it was suppose to... This is what happens when you vote these people in. So, think about that... Another thing that pisses me off is how, all of a sudden, all these celebs have something to day, and they are all trying to out twitter each other. No one cares about your celeb fed opinion... just shut the fuck up and play ball. Also, as a black man, I don't care... I made it through the early 90's. I REFUSE to go back there, and start trying to cry "racism." What needs to happen is that everything needs to change... but until then, I am going to lay my fat ass down, because I have worked long and hard all day. goodnight.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Been A While!!

So yeah, I am alive. I just have not found anything worth writing.I tried to find something, but I was coming up with something that wasn't holding water... So, I decided that tonight, I will force myself to talk about something, and that something is the fact that the Mayor of The City of Atlanta has gained a lot of respect from me, and a LOT of Atlanta Falcons fans... In this interview with one of THE local sports radio station, Mayor Kasim Reed did something that no politic would dare to do... He spoke candidly about his love for the city of Atlanta, and the sports franchises that are here. He also talked about his involvement in the local tradition of the "Peachtree Road Race" ran every 4th of July from Lenox Mall all the way to Piedmont Park, via Peachtree St. here in Atlanta. He also said something near the end of the interview that will allow him to get re-elected as many times as he possibly can... If you listen to the interview, he was asked about the property that is wanted for the new Falcons stadium (to be opened in 2017).

He talked candidly about what would happen to a church in town. Click on the second link on the link above to hear what he said, but to paraphrase, he said that he respect Friendship Baptist Church, which sits directly south of the Georgia Dome, and that he has a nice offer to give to the church for the property to build the stadium on that site. He continues and says that if they refuse the deal, instead of using the political muscle to move the in anyway, he will just move to the north site about a block and some change from the Georgia Dome on the other side of the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). That is a HUGE move by any politician to respect ANY place of worship. If it was a masque, I am pretty sure he would have the same respect for the place of worship just like he has shown to one of the landmarks of Atlanta. So, the project is still on no matter where the stadium lands.

This is surprising because a lot of people want it where its projected to be. I personally want it there because of the fact that the stadium will be accessible by MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) still. The Georgia Dome currently sits on the MARTA line and makes it easy to get to and from the games without being bogged down by the famously skull splittingly annoying Atlanta traffic. So, as one who loves taking MARTA to Falcons games would love to see the sight be a close to the new stadium as possible... But if its not there, then I am fine with either a small walk, or a quick ride to the stadium.

Wherever the stadium is built, it will be mind-blowing, and a GREAT addition to the city.

This is a small look of what the inside will eventually look like. It has the city in the background, the video board will be a top of the stadium ring where the roof will open and close, and it will be naturally ventilated as the wind move through the outer structure or skeleton of the stadium. Its going to be sweet, and I have already claimed this seat with the view. Seriously. I called my ticket guy and asked for first dibs to THIS SEAT! 

This is what it will look like on the outside:

It took a little while for me to get use to, but the more I look at itm, the more I like it. It will DEFINITELY stand out in the city, AND also in the nation as Atlanta will be fighting for those Superbowls, and Final Fours, and CONCACAF matches, and football National Championship games, and this stadium will definitely prove that Atlanta is committed to making every run possible for these events every year. So, regardless of where the stadium will lie, this stadium will be amazing. Whatever happens with Friendship Baptist Church, I will respect them for their fight. If you want to learn more about the new stadium, GO HERE, and read the proposals, watch the videos, and look at the pictures! Have a great night guys!

OH YEAH!!! 2 months social media free... BOO and YAH!!!