Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Yesterday was the premiere of "Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer" on HBO. As a film student and a film fan, I am in love with documentaries. HBO, lately, has put out AMAZING eye-opening documentary series that brings to light things that our entitled asses need to know. We have so much here in America that we bitch about, we neglect to realize how good we have it. I have gone down this road before when it comes to the issues of the world and our neglect to it, or our elitist status about being one to know whats going on, or just ignore it all, because we wanna go party, get drunk, get high, bitch about the fact that this girl or that guy is confusing the fuck out of us with their demure and try to figure out if its love or not. We forget that the world is just as fuck up as our, or its even worse.

I knew a very little bit about "Pussy Riot" before I saw the documentary. What I knew was that these girls are playing pop concerts all around the Moscow area of Russia to voice their opinions and raise awareness of the powers at be (Vladimir Putin).  I'm not going to get into great detail of my awareness of them before the documentary, I just know that these women were brave and strong. What I have learned about these girls is that they are a new medium of art and anger. These girls do what they do because it has affected their family in one way or the other when it comes to what Putin has done in regards of cutting jobs and wages. That's one of the reasons why they decided to be outspoken. The last time I have heard of a woman or women so outspoken was the simple and amazing act of Ms. Rosa Parks. Now, I know that there are thousands of ladies that are living and have lived in this world that has stood up against the norm, and the expected; like Phoolan Devi, or Mother Teresa, or Princess Diana, or Joan or Arc to name a few of many. But Rosa Parks did what she did as graceful as she could have. Pussy Riot, ultimately, is doing the same thing, but in a manner to let the world know that this is how we will be heard. Some, like Ms. Parks, uses one word with silence. Pussy Riot uses the music medium of Punk to bring to light their disagreement with the establishment, Same method of standing for what you believe, just different interpretations of the picture.

These women were arrested and jailed for one of their concerts that happened at The Cathedral of Christ The Savior in Moscow. This is the performance that they got in SO much trouble for. And what does not add up is the fact that they did nothing to degrade the Cathedral, or make light of anyones beliefs. They were just performing a song that said "Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away..." What they were doing was performing. Nothing about this was sacrilegious or offensive. They just wanted to voice their opinion of what was going on in their world! And what are we bitching about--gay marriage. Really? Yeah. These women see a real issue that is harming their land. All the while, we worry about Tim Tebow signing with The Patriots, or about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Cause THOSE are important issues... NEVER MIND the fact that just yesterday, in Russia, there was  a "kiss in" protest where the children of Russia were harassed for their beliefs. They passed an "Anti-gay" bill into law, and these people were harassed for their personal choice... But lets find out whats going on with Chad Johnson as he fights his incarceration for slapping his lawyer on the ass for being a "good lawyer." Did you hear about The Spurs winning big against Miami in Game 3 in the NBA Finals!? I bet you have!

These people are starting to revolutionize who they are. As we sit here on the brink of history as gay rights are due to pass (Seriously. It's just a matter of time.), America will find the next thing to fight or defend... Will it finally be religion? I'm not just talking about Muslims or Christians... I'm talking about all religion. If not that, what about the fight to keep illegals out. Will that come back to kick us in the ass? Who knows! I just know that if we can actually care for something other than what we want, the world would be better off. But until then, I hope and pray that God blessed the women of "Pussy Riot" with the freedom to express themselves and their feelings with no prejudice and no harassment. Until then, they sit in jail knowing that they did exactly what needed to be done allowing the world to see the corruption of Church and State in Russia, and the oppression that is Vladimir Putin. So, pay attention to the world around you, and make sure that the fight is worth the fuck you give.

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