Thursday, April 29, 2010

Song Of The Week

This weeks song, wasn't that hard to choose... When your week is bad, when you hate everyone, and you see no reason to continue to just be available... Sometimes, as cowardly as it is, its just easier to just wanna say good-bye to the world... Its honestly sometimes easier for the world if they didn't depend on the good-hearted, easy-going, warm, loving, servant types... But even we get tired of it... This weeks song is from Felix Da Housecat, a house DJ that has been making waves in the industry for a long time now... He's made a name for himself, and the album which this song comes from (He Was King), has all the reasons to dance all night long. The name of the song is "Do Not Try This At Home." And it talks about the life of the lonely... Its never easy being lonely, cause it may feel as if someone is always laughing at you behind your back, after smiling in your face... So, if there is ever a great song that is a glimpse into the world of the socially suffering, this is it. Enjoy.

Wanna Know How I Know You're Gay?

I absolutely hate pop culture, and now, I'm starting to hate the un P.C., P.C. version of being offensive. For instance the word "wigger." Whoever came up with that phrase, FUCK YOU. Its STUPID, it doesn't solve the fact that you can finally say "nigger," and it just makes you sound, and look stupid saying a word, that ISN'T EVEN A WORD!!!! Another example, and the subject of this rant, this whole new "movement," in keeping your sexuality at bay, when you say something to describe someone of the same sex, called "No Homo." What in the living fuck is that suppose to mean?! So, if I was to say to another male on a whim, "Hey man, you have really pretty eyes," I'm now to let him, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, myself know that I'm not gay by saying "no homo?" Ho. LY. SHIT!!!! That's INFURIATING!!!! I want someone to find me that lame ass frat boy reject, so I can beat the shit out of him... I bet you anything, he tries to peacock himself, just like those Jersey Shore guidos who gets all dressy for the ladies, with his hair up, collar up, and shirt at its tightest, skin as orange as a safety cone, and smelling like the inside of a Macy's, And looking proudly at yourself in the mirror at how your rise in douchiness, went out to see your friends who's been waiting for you for the past 3 weeks to get out of the bathroom, and they started to make fun of you. Then then entire night, they are talking about you to everyone else in the bar or club, or whatever... And you try to escape, and you happen to get a glimpse of a guy who dressed JUST LIKE YOU, and in passing, said something stupid, like: "Hey, lookin good brah!," and while he's looking at you, ready to kick your ass, your brain starts thinking of a way to puss out of your whoppin, you say the one thing that falls out of your mouth... not even formed in your brain, and it happens to be "NO HOMO!" And now, its an national sensation... FUCK YOU, FUCK OFF, GO FORTH AND ROT!!! This is seriously disturbing. when did having to defend your sexuality, in the year 2010, became something of pop culture and importance? If you cant compliment a guy on something of his without feeling gay, then, I'm sorry to brake it to you, you're gay! :shrugs: Sorry to say, but if you have to constantly remind yourself, and whomever that you're not gay, then you should kill yourself. Seriously... do the world a favor and die, cause you are not a man. If I wanna comment to a guy and say: "you look good!" or "you got pretty eyes" or "lookin handsome/good today," I can, if I want. I'm not making sure that I'm still a man by saying 2 words together that makes no since, and actually sounds retarded. I am confident in my sexuality to where I don't have to check it. I find women to be the sexiest creation in God's archive of awesome... But if she wants to check me, when I say to another guy "lookin good," and she walks away... shes not a woman... shes a girl on her period... A real woman knows what a man means, what her man means... no need for the self check with a "no homo." America is becoming more stupid, and there isn't an apology to be made for it... its sickening. This has got to stop, and someone has to put the stupidity in check. Be a man! Make a comment! Don't feel as if you have to check your sexuality you homo! Fuck! I'm done.

P.S. Wanna know something even more fucked up about this phrase? HIP HOP CULTURE MADE IT!!! Black people has gone APE SHIT since the election... THESE ARE THE DOWNFALLS OF A BLACK LEADER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!! Stupidity comin from the streets!! What in the fuck!?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Costomers...

I realize that water is important for everyone, but it SERIOUSLY bothers me SO MUCH when you order water, and dont even touch it... If you are going to be the slime bag to ask me for water, and not drink it, I think you should just find a way to choke and drown in that glass of water... I dont know if you realize this or not, but it is SERIOUSLY a pain in the ASS for me, or any other server to go and grab you a water, and you dont drink it... If you order a drink, and a water, and you drink your drink and you dont touch your water, and then later in the week complain about the water shortage due to whatever drought, it is ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! You suck ass and I think that you should all go off and die. You really piss me off, and I hope that all your knowledge gets you killed... its amazing how pissy yall can get, and think that you are something, cause you know the answer to a trivia question... Knowing the answer to a trivia question is just like being the smartest newborn who can cry the softest... fuck you, and your trivial knowledge, and FUCK YO WATER TOO!!!! Choke on air and die you fucks...


Jolly Green

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Would You Run Down Pass The Fence?

Imagination is such a powerful tool to have. Without it, there wouldn't be a reason to dream, and without dreams, there wouldn't be something to live for... There wouldn't be stories to tell, or even a reason to love. Cause without imagination, you just stick yourself into a personal prison, where you do the everyday, mundane, pointless, just-trying-to-get-by bullshit... And when that happens, life becomes stale, and worthless to live. But with imagination, you can sore beyond the universe, and create your own. You can allow whatever to happen in whatever world you're trying to portray... And it doesn't matter the age, as long as you're willing to let whats in your head, come out in a creative form, its beautiful and needs no apology. That's why I love the imagination of kids... they allow themselves to see the world in an awe-inspiring, and beautiful way. Have you ever seen a 3 year old at the circus? If not, just look at them, they just sit there wide eyed and taking in whats SO BIG to them... The world is astounding, and I believe that if we actually took the time to allow our eyes to get wide at the world, we would be astounded by what we see. The world around is beautiful. Its full of beautiful people, beautiful colors, and just amazing to behold... And through that beauty, we can make our own story... We can come up with our own way to tell our life story, through whatever medium of art, music, or literature. If we use our minds, to dream, no one knows what you can create... Who knows, it could touch a life or a few. So, continue to create, continue to allow yourself to be bigger than this world... see whats on the other side of the mountain... see whats around the corner without getting up and looking... just use your mind to know whats around the corner... could be a monster, could be a portal to a quiet getaway... Hell, it could be the end of the world, or the end of the Keywork. :) God bless, I'm going to sleep now.

Friday, April 23, 2010


So yeah, this weeks song was hard to come by, only because, there are many a great song I heard this week, that I could have picked... But this weeks song comes from one of my favorite rappers. He's from LA, and he is a truth teller. He drops knowledge and not bullshit... he is definately worth the time... it comes from his 2005, major label debut (and his only major lable LP) entitled: "Murs For President" Murs, just comes correct, and he does so definately in his single "The Science." He basically takes the rise and fall and the bullshit that is low life people, and breaks it down scientifically, and gives his view of how it could all be better... So, this song is full of knowledge. So, I do hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This weeks song of the week comes from one of my all time favorite bands, Coheed & Cambria. They just recently dropped there 5th studio album entitled "Year Of The Black Rainbow" on Tuesday, and its a amazing album full of emotion, adventure, and insite of the characters that Claudio Sanchez has created in this saga known as The Amory Wars... The song I chose is my favorite song from the album, titled "Far." "Far" is a song t hat fits the story's never ending search of love, in the midst of the inevitable end to come to the world. And the latest album is the prequel to the entire story that started with "Second Stage Turbine Blade."

A little trivia going along with this song, Back when Coheed was working on there 3rd full length album "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume I: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness"(yes... that is the albums title...), The band was going through a lot of personal crisis, with the loss of a dear family member and band therapist, stress with the rising fame, and loss of love, it was an album that Claudio wrote with his, now wife, in mind... And Welcome Home was written just for her... How scary is that?! But this song, is the combination of his love for her, and a testament of how much they have endured as a couple while in this great band...

Far is an emotionally gripping song, that allows the listener to be placed into the emotional battle of love ever-lasting from one to his love... Its rides upon a drum part that I think is a great reputation of that feeling of love one may get with a hard yet soft pounding of the heart, as you come to that point of emotion. Fallowed by beautiful yet slightly haunting lyrics stating that "no matter the distance" our love will ultimately endure, "no matter how far." Great melody, beautiful harmonies with lyric and string... its definitely a fave of mines... enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The World Will ALWAYS Get What It Wants...

I dare you to find one person in the entire world who likes the world "no." And I will find you someone who is a liar just for the benefit of feeling in power... Its a word that has lost its power... No one wants to hear it anymore, and no one expects to hear it... Once we are old enough to actually know the power of "no," we don't wanna hear it anymore... so, when someone asks you to go up and beyond the call of duty... you wanna say no, but sometimes, the lay on a thick layer of guilt to where you cant do anything but say "yes." Its fucked up... Cause, if you're the last hope of the world... you don't have any power to say "no." And now a days, its as if that right is being taken away from you for fear of loosing your job, loosing respect or even loosing reputation... but being the man that I am, I cant allow myself to have the world go wrong, so, I'm usually always stepping up, while everyone else is out and about doing whatever and turning off there phones or ignoring the calls, all the while, the good guy with the big heart gets placed back on the whipping post for more of a back-ripping good ole time! But the word "no" is becoming a dirtier word than "nigger", "stupid", or any other word that is common place in today's society. No one has the power to neglect anymore... its there way or the highway... Yes. I know I just used an old cliche... so what. Kill me... Anyways, I think that the power of "no" is loosing its grip... Without "no," Rosa Parks would be sitting in the back seat, Without "no," Neo would have been shot up with all them bullets in the Matrix, and wouldn't be alive to kill Agent Smith... Yeah, my small attempt of humor... But seriously, without the word "no" Tienanmen Square wouldn't have been a blood bath... The word "no" is powerful, but its being abused just like every heart that hangs on every sleeve... It sucks but its true. So, don't go off abusing hearts that hangs on sleeves... Goodnight, and Ill talk to y'all soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Big Women,

I know that you are a confident and beautiful woman, and you arent going to allow the world to tell you what to wear, but what you wear, may be telling you no... If you know that its too tight, too small, too short, or doesnt fit quite right, then its not to be worn in public... I know and understand that you are trying to give yourself some sort of motivation to feel sexy, but feeling sexy may require you wearing a bigger size shirt, skirt, or shoe... So, I beg you with all sincereity, and hope that you will see that I am writing this with your reputation on mind... Seriously, I dont think that its sexy to wear tights that shows me a model of the moon face... I know what it looks like, and I dont need it moving around in front of me while you walk... so, please, just wear something thats not that revealing, and that isnt, for the love of my sanity, and sleep that I lack, form-fitting... YOU AINT SKINNY!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! DRESS APPROPRIATELY!!! PLEASE!!! there you go. I love you. Stay sexy. :)

With all the love I can muster up...,

Jolly Green

Friday, April 9, 2010


This is probably the most excited I have ever been to share the song of the week... This week song has quickly become one of my favorite songs, and only because its a song that can save a life. Its fast paced, it has meaningful and beautiful lyrics, and its beautifully song, by one of (soon to be) the greatest neo-funk, neo-soul, r&b, afro-punk singers, in the world. Cold War by Janelle Monae is a song that goes along with the story of Cindi Maywheather, an android who is on the run in Metropolis for falling in love with a human... and after being on the run for a while, she is starting to become a monster. The story is greatly explained in the new album, due to release May 18th called "The Archandroid." But this song is probably one of the most passionate songs I have ever heard. And Janelle sings it beautifully. Seeing it played live also sparks the imagination that she injects with such a lively and beautiful stage show, full of sound, dance, and a flying pompadour hair style. So, without further adu... Cold War.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bite your tongue, and quinch your thirst with your blood...

Lately, there has been a lot of people saying a lot of things, and a lot of different issues, that either does, or doesn't concern them and there daily lives... People who has a hate for someones religion, political views, or whatever, has something to say... they ALWAYS have something to say... but, the day will come when the quiet ones, will have something to say eventually... So, with all those extremely passionate people who likes to drag there hate, there doubt, and convictions down to there level, regardless of beliefs or disbelieves, keep talking... Its always funny to see how some people like to think outside the box, but loves to drag people outside of theres. I have my beliefs, and I have my convictions and passions, but I know my place, and I know my time will come to virtually tell everyone to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! But until then, I will just keep myself entertained by the masses of dumb asses and assholes, who knows everything... who knows whats real and what isn't, whats imaginary or whats fake... Those who love to drag the life out of the party... Well, eventually, those who has kept there quiet this entire time, will have something to say... So, once someone, ANYONE gets in your face about whatever they believe or don't believe, you give them the respect you lack to give them, by getting in there face about whatever, give them the time of day, that you stole from them with your nonsense... Fair is fair... and I know my time will come. I know that the quiet ones time will come... So keep your ears open.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, I picked this week song, not because of its meaning, but with a rough week for a lot of my friends, and even a rougher day for them today, this is just my way of letting them know that, it doesnt take death for them to realize that happiness is actually achievable... I dont even care if they like, or wanna believe, but This song, has been a favorite of mines for a LONG LONG time... With it being Easter, and My Jesus, died for me, and came back to life, to show us that Death is nothing to be feared ever again, I figured that this song would be perfect. Now, I would love for all of yall to give this song a listen, but I know that you probably wont, but this song, is soul-clensing, smile inducing, and just a fresh breath of air for the soul, causeit talks about the trueness of forgiveness... We all fuck up, we all do stupid shit, and ask feel as if "Gods not gonna forgive me this time," but guess what... he will... He ALWAYS will... but reguardless of if you believe or not, keep asking questions... find people who are reputable, and actually able to answer those questions for you. So, without any further words, here is "God Of A Second Chance," sung by Juanita Bynum... Not sure what chior thats singing with her, but its awesome. :) Enjoy

Of That Which Stands Out

A sad thing is happening in society today, and its one that kinda makes me cringe and get angry. its the fact that there is no originality in beauty anymore... Everyone wants to be just like, that band, that actor, that model, that athlete, or that whatever... It appears that our generation has been so saturated with the past, that originality no longer exists, and if it does, its countered it being considered "weird" or "crazy" or whatever... Originality now-a-days, is honestly, hard to find. Cause, in the days of having the popular opinion, be the opinion of the masses, regardless of if they research it or not, doesn't give anyone any type of originality... So, what happened to originality? When and where did being yourself, truly yourself, die off? There are sects of originality out there in the world, for sure... I'm not saying that originality has died off, I'm just saying, that in my world, its hard to come by sometimes. When jokes aren't funny anymore, when old is paper thin, and when new is just remade, wheres the originality? I just hate seeing the same things over and over again, I hate being told the same things over and over again, but it seems to be the most popular thing to do. More or less, its just the fact that there isn't any leaders anymore... Its nothing but followers, and no one who wanna take the lead. That is exactly whats wrong with this country... There ain't a leader out there... All there is, are talkers, and hype-movers... No one to actually step up and say something to the "powers at be." I mean, these are the leaders that we elected, these are the people in our circles that are killing themselves, but are we killing ourselves with them, and biting on the lies they are forcing down our throats... And, ya know, I refuse to bite... I refuse to be in "the 'IN' crowd." And ya know, I honestly rather be miserable, and unaccepted by everyone, sitting outside in the cold with my same glass of water, and my stale piece of bread, than to sit at the table full of everything that I wanted, with all the liars and shit sellers in all the world... cause with everyone just wanting to hear what they wanna hear, there goes all originality. No one wants to think for themselves, just give them the ear candy they want, and they melt in your hands like M&Ms... Seriously... the thing that made us such a great country is being lost... and the originality is dying out in all corners of life. And all the important things in life is loosing its touch cause of the lack of "outside of the box" thinkers. Why do I say that? Well, have you seen or heard the bullshit that they have been selling and telling lately? Have you seen whats in style? Have you heard anything positive or relative come from the news lately? Has anything been funny but not in a sad way? Have you been really happy without the help of narcs, or alcohol? Has your faith brought you happiness, or have you allowed your faith hold you down? Have you given up on faith all together? Have your search been fruitful? How long have you had that mask on? How long have you had your ear plugs in? Lets try to make the our personal worlds individually original... In that originality, we can all learn how to actually accept each other... and be able to better formulate ideas that may work for the greater good... Just something to think about. I'm going to bed now.... good night.