Thursday, May 16, 2013

FINALLY a Moment to Give MY Thoughts

Well, its been a solid two weeks since I have been on any social media site, and I can honestly say, it feels damn good to actually look up news, and form an opinion without the help of asshole friends baking their cake and eating it too... It can seriously be just so damned annoying and frustrating to have someone force their opinions and or beliefs down your throat with the ideology that they are right, and you are wrong and try to stick it to you by calling you and your beliefs "stupid," or "ignorant," or "closed minded."  Now a days, those of us who are not assholes, actually have to watch what we say so we won't offend anyone and their beliefs or lack their of. It's not fair that one side has to be more careful than the other, but this is not the argument for this blog... This opinion is mines and mines alone. Read what I said-- "this OPINION is mines and mines alone." What does that mean? It means that what I will say will not be met by anyone's  rebuttal. I will not apologize for my opinion either, because I have kept my mouth shut for this long, and ya know what? Everything has its time and place, and here is mines.

It has been a debate that has been going on for about a year now and no one ever asked me for my opinion, because it has always been given to me. So here we go. My opinion on everything gay marriage related is this: I don't care. I am a Christian, and I know that in the Bible, Leviticus 20:13 to be exact, that "If a man lies with another man, as he does with a woman, is committing a detestable act..." So yeah! That's what it says in the Bible... can't argue the Word of God. But, that is in the Old Testament. When Jesus came to earth, he came to do the job that no other person could have done, and that was to give everyone a chance to be seen blameless before God. When Jesus died on the cross, he took too hell with Him, all of the sins that would make us unclean in the Eyes of God. With that being the case, he took with him murder, rape, cheating, lying, cussing  and of course, HOMOSEXUALITY!!! If Jesus did truly die for everyone, and gives EVERYONE a chance to get to know Him in an intimate way, what makes the gays any different than those who murder, those who steal, those who kidnap, those who have sex with more than one partner of the opposite sex? I don't see any difference. No matter how minor or major that you make a certain sin, in God's eyes, they are all the same. So if someone wants to kiss or have sex with someone of the same sex, that is no different than me cussing out my superior. No difference in me watching porn, and a man telling another man "I want you." So, that is what I have to say and believe. God loves us all that He sent His Son, My Savior, down to give us all a chance to be seen faultless in the Eyes of The Father.

I know that a lot of y'all probably don't believe what I believe, but, this is what I also believe: We all have to make choices in life each and every day of our lives. When I wake up in the morning, I have the choice to either hit the snooze button, or roll my fat ass out of the bed, and actually get started on my day. I have the choice to take a shower, or just get dressed and head out the door. I have the choice to either go to school, or stay home. I have more than one way to deal with stress. It is all my choice on what I do to relieve myself of said stress. With that said, I do believe that your sexual preference is a choice. Kill me now if you want to, I don't give a shit. Matter of fact a bullet to the head wouldn't be such a bad idea right now (seriously kidding). For example, Everyone's favorite gay brother who was protecting his sister has decided to go straight. Really! Read this! He decided that he wants to do whats right in the Eyes of God, and he wants a family... He CHOSE to change his life... A lot of people decide to try dating someone of the same sex if dating with the opposite sex didn't work for them. I have a friend who changed his life around, and isn't trying to live the destructive lifestyle he was leading. No one will ever just jump from one way to another. It is a process, and it takes work! I am not saying that they are right or wrong in their choices, but what makes someone so much more accepted for going from left to right, and not right to left? I believe that everyone has a choice and they make their choices according to however they want to live their life.  If someone decides to be gay, they are reprimanded by someone while everyone accepts them. On the other hand If you believe that you are born a certain way, then that means that every choice you make is a lie.

The only thing you have no control over when you are born is what name you are given, and the color of your skin. Other than that, as you grow, you develop your own personality, your own way of thinking, your likes, your dislikes, your ideas, your faith, everything is a lie, if you are born with anything other than the skin that you are in. I didn't birth loving rock music. I didn't birth finding women of other races more attractive than those of mines. I chose those things to enjoy. I chose to be a Christian. And I believe that your sexual preference is also a choice. Believe it or not, you choose what is attractive to you. To act as if its a genetic default is bullshit. Sorry. Call my bluff if you want, but I am not listening... These are my thoughts...

With all of that said, to have anyone say that someone is wrong for whatever they decide, or "believe that they were born with," is not right either... Seriously... before anything, we are all humans, and we are all fucked. no matter who you like, love, want or whatever, you are loved, and you should be able to love whomever you want. And no matter who you love, I know that God is smiling on you. He loves you, no matter what you decide. So, be you, and be happy. But don't make the excuse that you were born that way.

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