Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Don't Care... But I Care Enough To Tell You Why...

Alright, America... ENOUGH already! I am personally sick and tired of everything becoming a controversy!!! Seriously... before you know it, breathing will be offensive, so get your last final free deep inhales in before that is mandated and regulated, due to the endless supply of bitching from the soft skinned peaches that are running this country to Fuckedville, USA... I am so sick and tired of turning on the radio, and the topic has to be about the insensitivity of the masses of dumb asses that are littering the planet with more dumb asses that are softer than you can imagine... THIS COUNTRY IS PUSSIFYING!!!! You know why it is? Because we give too much of a fuck, about things that should not be public. Think about it... One mans faith is his faith... One mans sexual preferences is his sexual preferences... And for everyone to live on a soapbox just goes to show you that there is NOTHING that will be done in the means of peace and love with this fuckery still going on as strong as it is. Seriously, too much valuable energy and hate and care is being WASTED on the opinions, pride, faith, or lack thereof, for no reason but to try to piss off the offended by [fill in the blank].

Think about it... Why should we give a shit about anything? What is fighting or marching, or claiming going to do? All the bitching in the world aint going to make me skinny... All the blogging isn't going to make me famous. The serious issue here is that we care too much about the wrong things... For those who hates religion (no matter what faith you single out or if you have one whole hate for those who have faith), why waste your energy and time trying to point out the faults of the superfucked? For example, the asshole preacher who decided to try to show why servers hate serving christian parties (yes, even as one, when I saw these buttholes coming in, I was not excited, because I knew if I was lucky, I would have gotten a total of maybe 1 1/5 pennies from them), why are you fighting to get this girl her job back? What if she doesn't want her job back? Hell, after I was fired from one establishment that is not Twain's (seriously... it was another restaurant), I decided to hang up my apron for good... Best damn decision of my life. But why are you trying to fight for this girls job? Have you thought about the fact that she may not want it anymore? Do you realize that maybe a city block worth of windows may have been opened to her? But you are delaying her blessing, because you want to do a sit in or a protest, or sign a petition... So I ask... WHY DO YOU GIVE SUCH A STRONG FUCK ABOUT THIS!? Christians fuck up ALL THE TIME! I'm cussing up a storm in my goddamned blog as we speak! But that does not take away my faith in my Savior, and His sacrifice for me... FREE WILL, PEOPLE!!! There will always be assholes painted in all shades of shit. Nothing can be done about it... GIVE IT UP!!!! Don't think you are getting away that easy "O holier than thou..." Its your turn!!!

What does the sexual preferences of a man or a woman have to do with you!? Why do you have to give so much care about someones (should be) private life? We all want to go off and start quoting off scripture as if that is going to stop anything from happening, and it will not! You know why... FREE WILL!!! God knows the heart of each and every man that he has created. He KNOWS what is going on! Why do you feel so strongly to do His work for Him?! How about this... instead of trying to chastise and judge someone for being homosexual, why not trying to get to know them? In the 5 years, I have made some of the closest friendships with people who are gay. Why? Not because I want to support them, not because I believe they are right, wrong, or brave in making that choice for their life, NO... its because THEY ARE PEOPLE!!! I HAPPEN TO BE A FAN OF PEOPLE (believe it or not), AND THEY HAVE HEARTS, AND ARE SOME OF THE FUNNIEST, SWEETEST, MOST LOVING INDIVIDUALS THAT I HAVE BEEN BLESSED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH!!! I don't care if they like someone of the same sex! I don't care if they are proud of it, or still in the closet, or ready to be defiant to the world that has shunned them for whatever reason. I don't care if I am on the fence about issues that surrounds the gay community. Why? Because, I got to know them for them. I got to get to call them friends, and family because they are more than their sexual preferences! They bleed just like me. They laugh, cry, get angry, and live their lives for themselves, JUST LIKE ME!!! SO WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU  to try to shun them away because of their lifestyle? The God that we all serve says to LOVE! 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8... We should love the person, not the choice. The choice does not, and should not matter. What do yall like to say (I say "yall" cause its sometimes so embarrassing and shameful to be associated with... yall...)? "Love the sinner, and not the sin?" Well, whats the exception with the gay community? Answer that one for me... STOP WITH THE SELECTIVE, AND ALL AROUND HYPOCRITICISM AND HATE!!! ITS EMBARRASSING!!!

Why do we care so much about things that should not be important? What is the fun in thinking that raising so much of an uproar is going to make you stand out? What is it about spreading hate that gets you off? Why  cant we just sit down and just figure things out as ONE BEING? I am so sick and tired of turning on the TV, and hearing that all these celebs are doing this that and the other, and no one is really giving a shit about what is really going on in Chicago. No one is still not giving a shit about whats going on in the 3rd worlds. No one is willing to tackle the real issues here in our back yard. Gun control is NOT a real issue. Kiss my ass, it is not. What about the foster kids all around this country being ignored for the little African, Russian, Korean  Chinese  Japanese kid? Why can't OUR kids have the same opportunities to live in a great and loving home? What about our politicians? Why are they making all the money, while I sit here broke for no reason? Why are these assholes whose goal is to fuck this country out of every resource it can, in these position of power? Why isn't there an uproar about why this country seems to be going backwards? I know why, because we care SO MUCH about who can and can't get married, or we want to get mad at a corporation and its by-laws... Oh yeah. that's right...  I forgot... we don't want to follow the rules... We want to live our own lives our own ways, and tell EVERYONE else that they are wrong... forgive me for stepping out of my place... I guess I should start talking about Downton Abbey, or The Kardashians, or Honey Boo Boo, right? Yeah... that's WAY more important...

We need to place the blame in the right place... we need to care about the right things... Once we do that, then all this other bullshit will not matter... Think about it, and allow it to sink in... I do expect a lot of feedback from this, and I will take every right hook you can throw. But you know what? This is how I feel, this is what needed to be said, and if I'm the only one to say it, then I stand alone. Nothing new.

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  1. Because historically Americans feel that re need to get involved in shit we have no business in. It is installed into our brains that we must save the masses, if they want it or not. We like to feel important and push our opinions on people, but then get offended when another group/country/party has and criticism for us. People are hypocrites, and the hypocrittes best camouflage is criticism.