Friday, February 26, 2010


there are shows that I love to watch, but I have nothing but a hate for cause of whats on there... Like for example, the show on history channel named "Gandland." This show I love, cause it displays the stupidity of the human nature, i.e. this necessary belief that the low life, scumbag that you call a brother, sister, or whatever, is worth dying for, for a cause that has no meaning, mission or real purpose. Along with dying, you have the going to jail, the running drugs, getting beaten up, and the "respect" you are suppose to get for being in this group of local terrorist... They also show the hiarchy of this gang, the expectations of this gang, and all the other requirements, and the entrance options, and the exit options... If this is worth it, then I must be in the wrong line of work right now.... Cause I honestly, dont think that anyone who is scared and paranoid, cause of there means of gaining money or respect, is worth loosing my life over. Call me crazy, but, just like these assholes and punks, Im pretty sure, that they all have daddy or mommy issues, and yet, they want to feel accepted or loved, well, youre not going to find that with someone who only loves you when you do things for them that will cost you your freedom or life. The only people that valuable is those who share the same bloodline with you, and you TRUE friends... you know, the ones that will tell you to quit fucking up, the ones that will laugh with you or at you? You know? Do you remember? But no! The gang is more important, cause "respect, power, money, pride" is more valuable than love, and trying not to fuck up everyone with meth, weed, crack, or whatever... I dont see the worth in it, I would rather be a solo child and all by myself, than to affiliate myself with ANY one in a gang... I may know a few who may be in a gang, but knowing, and hanging out is 2 different things...

I made this blog cause, its scary of how bad it has gotten, and I just want everyone to watch out for what they say, do, or whatever around these sketchy mother fuckers... Like, I was watching the episode about the "Gansta Killer Bloods" that calls Columbia, South Carolina, MY HOMETOWN, home... and, there was a few sceens where they were interviewing one of those dumbshits, was in front of the church that I grew up in! That is THOROUGHLY scary... There has always been some struggle with the neighborhood, but nothing to the magnitude that it is today... but, if its this bad now, in this mindset that this bullshit is acceptable, as a means of survival, and friendship and acceptance, then fuck them. There is always better, until you found your best... But if this is your best, being a "gangsta," then wow... Way to shoot for the stars there homie. And some gangs are made cause of a casue or passion that dates back to the days before the slave ships even showed up to the African Western Shore... and even the Arien Circle, a gang of white people, who are separateists cause they dont want cultures to mesh, and thats SO 1863, but you know, these little few, cant stop ME from dating whomever I want, from whereever I want... and the dumb few, will kill, not only there own, but someone of a different race, just so they can be accepted... Whoever came up with this fucked up mantality, needs to be slapped a few times. Cause to believe that, is stupid, in todays world, people are falling in love, from all different races. its ok though.

Ignorance is hilarious... Its funny to watch it, until it becomes sad... but even then, wow... the power that people has over each other minds is insane... but whatever... I cant save the world... I can just tell it about itself. im done...

Possible separation at birth, and my say, semi-drunk... hehe...

OK... call me crazy... but I see the separation at birth... The first picture is of the Canadian National Women's hockey team, Melody Davis, and the second picture is of his... or her, I should say, long lost brother Donald Trump... it may be in the hairline, but I see it... don't you agree? Or vice-versa! WHO CARES?!

Well, Congratulations to the Canadian women's team for beating my American girls in hockey tonight o get there third consecutive Olympic Gold Medal in hockey... Although you may deny, I still believe that there was some sort of Canadian fed "Retribution" for loosing to our boys on Sunday. And if that's the case, then me hitting you, and then me getting hit by a bus is all the same... well, I say BULLSHIT ON THAT!!! The Canadian Women aren't men... The American Men aren't women... so, if you feel, Canada, that its even, then fuck you, its not! But its all the same, Go drink yourselves some Molson Canadian, and call it a day... Fuck off for thinking that beating the women's team is equal to loosing to the men's... idiots... OK, I'm done.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, This week song has helped me out in times of difficulties, leading up to the loss of my grandma in November last year... This song has also helped a friend of mines get a better world scope and although she was trapped inside her house in fear after loosing a loved one of hers, she now going out and living life. This has quickly turned into one of my favorite songs from one of my new favorite groups. These guys are genuine, and amazing, and this isnt a scheme, this is there lives! The Five One is a DC based rock/rap group that infuses jazz, reggae, punk, rock, and some great lyrics that is PACKED with meaning, passion, and emotion... And the song that I chose and been talking about at the beginning is called "Active." Its basically a song about being human. And the message at the end is like a brand new pair of glasses for you to look at the world through... WOW! So, enjoy "Active" by The Five One

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger." Really?

So, tonight, I was talking to my friend Ryan, and we talked about who I was last night (friday), and we had a few laughs, and a great time, catching up. So, inbetween serving, and a hug from a friend behind the bar, he brought out a skateboard, to where he used it, jokingly about going from side to side of the bar without the work of walking. So going from one end to the other, he tried to grab a beer from the cooler, unsucessfully, however stayed on the board. I said to him "Dont kill yourself." To where he responded, "Im wouldnt... what doesnt kill you make you stronger." Then, I brought up a few senarios, to which this blog is the reason for... So, after that statement, I baraged him with this first, which I ask you... So, if what doesnt kill you make you stronger, and you happen to get in a car accident, break your neck, and is paralized for the rest of your life, is that you being stronger? After I said that to him, he gave me this look of "man, you blew my mind with that thought." Then I brought up this big ole bowl of speghetti (going along with the whole "food for thought" saying)... What if youre shot in the head, and youre brain dead, and your family is faced with the choice of either keeping you alive, or pulling the plug... are you stronger?" And again, that look, and then he said... well, you just killed that statement. lol :) And, I say that with the knowledge, that in certain actual human cases where people have survived pretty hairy situations to where, life should have ended. But, because they escaped death, or serious injury one time, doesnt mean that it necessarily makes you stronger... wiser? Possibly... but Stronger? Not too sure... Mentally, yes... physically, no... I dont think so, but its all good. :) Hope this blog doesnt kill you, but makes you stronger. HEH!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not a fan... not a fan at all of Valentine's Day

Is the emotion of love even worth a day? Love is something that is expressed every day with us saying it, showing it, even avoiding it... So, is it worth the bullshit just to have a day set aside for love? Seriously? Who the hell IS St. Valentine? well, according to the little that I did read on, he was a priest, and a martyr... not sure where the love comes into, but honestly, you can read it yourself. lol... Anyways, I dont believe that love should ever be exploited for financial gain, cause Love makes the weak, strong; the hungry, full; the poor, rich... Its a powerful emotion, that will allow us to do just about anything to be with the one we love... its truly amazing to see... But when do we know that its love? People like to say the saying "If you love someone, let them go... if they come back, then its true" or something of that nature... Well, if its true, then why is there even the need for lust? If love is as powerful as it is, then why do we go around and put on this love front? Why do we have to fake our feelings just to fufill a desire for said night, week, month or year? I dont know... but I just know that Im sick of anything and everything that is Valentine's Day... its a bullshit day... And everyone has a way to celebrate. Some where black, some get drunk, some tries to find love, but I dont know... Instead of having a day set aside for love, why dont we use Feb. 14th, for a day to help or use it as a day for a nationwide pillow fight or something thats just worth it! But Im just wishing, and kinda showing my bitterness... oh well... FUCK VALENTINES DAY!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the last moments...

when you look at this pic, when does it begin to sink in that youre about to die? What do you think is going through this young mans head? I bet you anything, he wasnt thinking, "im about to die..." no, more or less, he was probably thinking "this is going to hurt a lot." And this image is the last of this young man named Nodar Kumaritashvili, alive... But, this image begs the question: What does go through your mind in that split second of no control? Do you think of the regrets in life? Do you think about what you have planned for tomorrow? do you think about making your family proud, although they are already proud of you? I wouldnt know! I honestly dont wanna know... but at the same time, who knows if I will ever know... Now, Imma be honest with you... I have always had an infatuation with death. not saying that I activly seek it out, but to watch people at the end, when God says, its time... Its amazing to watch for some reason... To see the final moment... its eye opening. There is a part of all of us, that takes tradgey and turn it into an art... To watch those trying to save life, and to see the shock and terror in others who witnessed, and to feel the emotion of the family and friends of the loss... it is amazing.

Nodar was 21 years old, and just hours before his crash, and untimely death, he called his parents and told them that he was going to make them proud. This wasnt the way he was invisioning making his family proud, but now the whole world knows the name Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. This young man who dreamed of being in the olympics, and walking in with his nation proudly did so in memory and mourning... And whats the saddest thing about his death? The fact that it could have been avoided... Everyone who was on that track has said something about how its way too fast... there were over 12 practice accidents, they could have put padding up on those poles, or even built a wall to avoid a tragedy like what happened 3 days ago... And now, a whole country has to live with the fact that being under-prepared, and not reguarding the safety of these athletes, cost a nation one of there sons... This could have definately happened to anyone from any country, but, like I said earlier: When God says its your time, its your time... May the Good Lord Hold his family, friends, teammates, and nation during this time.

Gets you thinking...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hey guys, Im a little behind, cause last week, was a long and awesome one, so, I have to do 2 songs this week instead of one. :) Last week, I saw 2 bands that I wanted to see, at the same time, and I am going to share with you, 2 of my favorite songs from them.

So, Last Thursday, I went to a concert. And it was the best show Ive seen this year, cause it was the first show I have seen this year. It was cold outside, and I didnt get to meet the band, but, I was still impressed and moved by the show from both bands. The opening act was a local band by way of Alabama named "All The Saints." Thanks to my friend Nicole, I knew who they were, and I LOVE there sound and just the vibe they send out with the melodic yet haunting tones... The song, I chose from them is the title track to there debut release called "Fire on Corridor X" and HOLY SHIT is it a great song... enjoy. :)

This second song comes from the band of the night... the band that is the reason on why we all spent 60 bucks on... it contains 3 rock legends in the latest of the "super group" movement: John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl, and Joshua Homme... These 3 men make up the noice that is "Them Crooked Vultures" If you happen to be a fan of Queens of the Stone Age, or Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, or Narvana, then there is no reason to love this band, cause its a great blend of those bands, but more so leaning towards the QOTSA sound though... and, the song that I picked to play is my favorite from the album... So I would love for you to enjoy "Elephant." :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

do you really love animals?

Have we gone too far? Have we, as people, allow ourselves to love whats not important, and not allow the time of day to the things that matter? Have we forgot what made us, who made us, what makes us, and the sole reason why we are able to love? Im just asking cause, Im just sick of this, seemingly, overinfatuation with dogs, or animals for that matter. Now, before i continue, PLEASE REALIZE that I love animals as well! But Im not going to get over passionate about it... if someone does my animals wrong, I will be out for blood, also my friends animals (dogs, cats, birds, whatever). I just dont see no reason why to allow an animal to be my equal. Animals arent equal to people... sorry to say animal lovers... Some people want animals to run free, well, heres why that is the worlds worst idea... IF, say, we didnt have any domestic animals ever, or we didnt domesticate animals, we would be stuck in our house with no means of trying to find freedom... cause animals, in there instinctive nature, will try to kill off the threat, and whats more threatening to any animal? HUMANS! So, for those extremeist asshole animal fans, I bid you a good ole cold-hearted SHUT THE FUCK UP! And to the animal fans, who hates things like bullfighting, or dogfighting, or cockfighting, or rodeos, you know, in other cultures around the world, its just another everyday thing! In parts of Aisa, they eat dogs and cats. And in parts of europe they fight bulls, they also do that in mexico. Cock fighting is still the pregame to any mui thai fight card, so, I think, in our PC over sensitive culture, we just need to calm down, and love our animals, and not give that much of a shit about the rest of the world... Again, I love my dog and 2 cats! They piss me off for sure, and Im not stupid enough to put them in danger of another animal, or even fight them... thats stupid, and dumb, but, im not going to loose sleep if I or my mother was in trouble, and, heaven forbid, and the animals were stuck in the house, and I had no way to contact a friend to check on them, and I happen to get out of my funk, whatever it may be, when i come back home, I expect to see blood... In the animal world, its only the strong survive. not sure who would survive in this house, but I know that one of the 3 isnt going to be around... But trust me, that wont happen. I cant speak for the stupidity that has been displayed for over 3 years now, but I seriously think that we all should just leave well enough alone. We dont need to further punish the ones who did there time and paid there debt to society. everyone deserves a second chance at life reguardless of how shitty of a person that you think they are, were, or indifferent. We just have to realize that we have the power to not allow somebody to wreck our feelings, cause of there stupidity... I cant say that we cant get attached to our animals, cause, thats just not gonna happen. We just have to not be like the dumb ones. we have to be emotional, but not overly emotional. its possible. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love sports... And my favorite team, wins sometimes, and looses more than sometimes... and after the game, lfe continues... one dog dies, one cat dies, one chicken dies, one bull dies, LIFE CONTINUES! Basically, we have to prioritize our love... humans first, animals second. Thats just my opinion. I could care less if you like it or not. I just had to say something, and its been said.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The highs, and the lows.

So, today, I realized that everyone deals with issues differently. We all could have the same issues, but, we all have different means of feeling better from those issues... Some uses food, some uses creativity, some uses sex, drugs, or whatever. I find it amazing that the little things that gets us off course, its a major decision that we use to "help" us get better. Its just awesome to see how the human psyche works when we are down... We are always looking at a way be brought back up, and we are willing to work at it... Instead of waiting or giving up, we always are willing to work to feel, at the least, even. What makes us work so hard then, but in the every day, when things are going pretty well, we just ride the wave... But, sometimes we allow our situations to best us, and not us try to best it... For example, tonight, I was talking to a good friend who is caught in the middle of something that can seemingly spend all type of out of control... And in talking it out, it wasnt getting any better, but just talking it out gave her some sort of help and relief, but talking and just having someone to listen, can do much more for anyone than any other thing... So, when we are at our lowest, or our highest, as long as there is someone for us to depend on to just listen, we will stay in the middle :) It helps. So, help someone... and im not talking about drugs or fighting or anything of that nature, just lend an ear or 2 to someone who needs someone to listen to them. :) It will make a WORLD of difference. Be blessed guys.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Song of the week

This weeks song come from a band that I discovered at a show here in Atlanta, last November. They were a part of the Afro-Punk Experience Tour featuring, Saul Williams, and I wa sso moved by there performance, that I had to buy there album. They have soul, and are just SO cool. Very nice guys too. The name of the band is Earl Greyhound, and the name of the song is "S.O.S." Its the first track off of there album entitled "Soft Targets." With such a powerful way to start an album, I can promise you, it will take you a while to remove the album from your cd player or ipod. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The decline of musics' power.

So, by meirly watching th Grammy's last night, I realized how saturated with bullshit, music has become. There are still real musicians out there that is trying to save music and its current power, but now a days, its about what sells, and not about what touches the soul... and now-a-days, its all the same song, with the same beat and sound... but for some reason, country music is so much more popular. Now, as much as I hate country music, I even know what real country music is, and even the foundation of americana is becoming blurred by the bullshit as well... Its now a business and not actual medicine anymore... whatever happend to the days where music touched the soul? Whatever happend to the music that had a message and wasnt about what I did last night, or what I wish would happen in my life? What happened to the music that actually had a message of social change? Its all being buried for the pretty, the sexy, the trendy, the contriversial... Musicians are being replaced by actors who think they can sing or rap... No one wants to get to the depth of music to where its emotional anymore, where it draws thought, or tears, or makes you wanna dance... Its all the bullshit that any newly 21 year old, wanna go and try... It seems like lately, it has been like a "go out and try it" manuel with the shit they play today. Theres nothing to agrue about, cause everyones hot right now! So, where is the real? When will the real be rewarded again? Well, the real is dying away with the generation that inspired this one to be singers and songwriters, and composers... And where are those that embrases the values of real music? You can find them underground. To find good music, you have to go to your local music venues, and your local record stores, and search out the real, and the good. I can garantee you that you wont be disappointed, cause these men, women, and kids are doing the work that is necessary for satisfaction, and if the dollars fallow, then awesome! Good for them! they made it! But someone who knows real music should know the value that music possesses. I cant watch music award shows anymore, cause its not about the appreciation of music... its now the appreciation of the shit thats on there, sprinkle in a little bit of a self-imposed political adgenda, and you have, now, an award show. Music is dying in our country and those who are trying to save it, can't cause for some reason, we allowed music to turn into a business. To see how bad it really got, go out and find this documentary called "Before The Music Dies." It will give you an appreciation of real music. It will make you run to good music. It goes through the history of American music from its beginnings, to now, and how it can change back to the good music that defined this nation. So, yeah... think about that. Music has power, but its being looked over... lets allow music to be the apex, and not the performer. Let the music define the performer, and not the performer define music, or something like that. lol see ya next time.