Thursday, December 11, 2014

That's Not My FUCKIN NAME!!!

My mother named me Jarrett... Not "Nigga." My family don't even call me that. My closest black friends don't call me that... I don't hear you calling any other co-workers that... But why did I get so lucky? Why am I "Nigga?" Is it because I don't listen to enough hip-hop? Is it because I don't smoke weed? Is it because,  I don't have bitches on my dick all the time? So, because I do not live up to a standard that I have surpassed, that puts me in this nominal level to make yourself feel cool? No.

I know we all have that one "friend" that really needs to slapped... We all have that 1 co-worker that we wish could fuck up just one more time... We all have that one person that we wish would get slapped in the mouth for their words... Well, I have that person. In the days where anything and everything that would be considered racist, should not come out of anyone's mouth, EVER. Ignorance, stupidity, being cool, being yourself, or whatever you would like to call it, does not give you cause, or pass to use terms that is ok to YOU.

As you all should know, I do not, abide by the word "nigger" and all of its many shapes and forms. I do have someone who like to use that term with me, that I do not hear it directed to anyone else of the same chemical make up, that makes my skin darker than this persons... I absolutely hate when someone thinks that they are untouchable. Just because you grew up one way or the other, got all this cred for this or that, don't mean shit to me... You are made the same way like we all are... one lucky night.  And you aint shit if you think you can get away with saying things because we are "cool."

There is no reason why anyone should think that being this way, is the way it should be. its not... It makes you look foolish, ignorant, dumb, insensitive, and common. There is something that people think of me, and this is a lot of people... When most people see me, they see this big, black, guy who looks like he could kill you by breathing on you the wrong way... But when people get to know me, they know that all I do is take it as easy as possible. I can take a joke easier than I can take a compliment. I can take a beer with my pasta, but not my ice cream... but the one thing that I have a hard time doing, is vocalizing when something does not sit well with me... I am easy to forgive and easy to laugh things off... but when this happens, and I allow it to happen, it shows how weak I really am... It would be amazing to just go up to that individual and let him know that I will not take that shit from him ever again... But, this person wont listen...

With everything that has been happening over the last month, with Michael Brown, and Eric Garner having their killers walk free, things like this gets under my skin, when people of privilege thinks that their words are innocent and in good fun... Stop it. Stop and think about your words. Just because it may be cool in your circle, doesn't make it cool in all circles. All of my friends know, that certain words I don't allow in my world... "Nigger" is one of them... I do not use terms that many a person of color has died and fought, and have been wrongly accused, and jailed to not be called or lowered to. It may be something you allow in your world (blacks, whites, whatever), but in mines, no...

But how can I say that I don't allow it, but I listen to it, on my iPod? I know what I listen to... I know what I allow to affect me lyrically... I don't let the opinions, feelings, or whatever of the artist affect what I allow to pass my lips... How can I be a movie fan, when any and all period pieces, have that word? Well, guess what I chose to do... not allow those words to get under my skin... If it's not mines, it doesn't matter what they do... I can't control them... However, I can control MY world... and in MY world, that is not allowed. It's time to get control of my name, my manhood, and let those who offends that it has to stop today.