Saturday, August 28, 2010

For The Love Of The Game.

Aaah... this is the time of the year, where men become boys, and robots to the out of control, out of our hands, world of American football. With 6 grueling months between The Super Bowl, and Preseason, its just 1 week, that every southerner, who actually has a soul, and a faith that there team will finally do it this year, decides that football is more important than life itself. Football, in its own right, is just a game. its a game that teaches you how to control your actions, and emotions. It also teaches you the value of teamwork, and faith that the people around you, that you bled with, grind through the heat, and humidity with, and shared hugs, and tears with, will be there for you, regardless of the rights or wrongs in life. Football has such a power over the country, that people, such as myself, will go overboard in fandom and do everything except pray that there team will FINALLY have there day in the sun...

The beauty of football is that it allows you to show emotion, it allows you to be a fan of the drama that unfolds second by ticking second. Its a beautiful game with colors, sounds, and a feeling that will never be explained or described... Between tailgating, the pretty ladies decked out in the colors of there favorite team, the different fans in there different degrees of fandom, its the only time in all the nation where, for 12 to 14 hours a year, we have something in common... We all love the game of football. Not only do you see the comradery of the players, but the fans, of all colors, backgrounds, creeds, and differences of political, or religious opinions are all forgotten, as we ALL cheer on our teams and dance the opponents out of the stadiums. If football could cure cancer, it would. There is just something about this small escape from the trials of the week, just to allow 1 game... 1 60 minute period of time that's controlled by man, that spans 3 hours, to determine if the week was worth the hell, or if it was all Murphy's Law... I can attest to how crazy football makes me...

I am so thoroughly engulfed with the love of my University of South Carolina Gamecocks, that I allow superstitions get the best of me... the things that wouldn't normally bother me during the rest of the year, is something that I have to address every week, and I must do the same things, or else, I screwed my team... Now, lets get real. I know that its not all on me... I do not have the power to screw my team, myself... they are the only ones who prepare all week for the team on the schedule, and they are the ones who has to have the timing down pact. They are the ones who has to focus there minds, to create plays, and fight through fatigue, and the elements, and the opponent, AND the mind games they bring to throw your team off. So, its not my actions that determine the outcome of the game, but to me, the individual fan, it makes it all amazing, and that much more fun to be a fan. What makes me a fan, is the fact that I love the game from all aspects. From the meaningless, smell of the pads, to the feel of the dew as the world cools, football is an amazing human experience. This is the greatest time of the year for me, and millions of others who play, has played, and still playing, beginning to play, watch, listens, feels, and loves the sport, and all of its theatrics that makes it special to us all, personally. To some, football is a tie to a good memory of family bonding... to some, its a reason to smile, whatever your reason, just know that football turns boys into men, and unlocks the meaning of passion for a lot of us. 2010 football season should be a good one. I cant wait, and I welcome it with open arms.

Friday, August 27, 2010


This weeks song is from a band named "The Apples In Stereo." Its a song that Ive heard on many a commercial, but I never knew who sung it, until I decided to finally LISTEN to the album I realized the band who sung the song. I ran into this band for the first time, about 10 years ago now. If you love cartoons, as much as I, then you would remember back in the height of the popularity of The Power Puff Girls, there was this TV spot, that was a music video, with a live action, for lack of a better term, Power Puff Girl Monster, destroying a city, as this band played the song "Signal In The Sky (Lets Go!)," And that's when I fell in love with the sound that is, "Apples In Stereo." I recommend you listen to that song, cause its great, and it brings me back to a good time in life. :) But anyways, there song "Sun Is Out," Is the song of the week... its definitely a feel good song. Kinda hippie-ish, but all the same, amazing to listen to, and feel. :) So enjoy!

P.S. I will be blogging regularly again soon... been in a bit of a block. :) Hang in there guys! Love ya! and THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING!!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey guys. Im sorry I have been quiet lately. I have been in a weird space, and just going through another version of my own personal writers block and havent really found a way out of it... however, I cant deny yall music, and I figured that this weeks song (although its not thursday), would be one from one of my favorite bands of all time... For those of you who dont know, or cant even tell, Jack White is actually pretty political. In his song "Icky Thump," he has lyrics that goes "White Americans. What? Nothing better to do? Why dont you kick yourself out. You're an immagrant too!" This is talking about the immigration fight, around the beginning of the issue. He doesnt go on and on about everything political, all of his shows are fun, and amazing, and doesnt have one political bone in it... He may have a commentary on todays society in the media, but for the most part, its all music, peppermints, and rock and roll. Going with the theme of what I was saying earlier, This weeks song is from The White Stripes, and from there self-titled debut. "The Big Three Killed My Baby" Is a song written during the time of Detroit's declining affect in the automotive world. With lazy ideas, lay-offs, and closings of many of the countries big names in automotives, this song taps into the frustration that it creates for the common man, on the outside looking in, at least thats how I take it... What I love about this song is the anger in sound, and the direct thrust of lyric on beat, and music, and the passion in voice. This song is amazing, and this is one of the many reasons why I love this band. So with no further delay, I give you "The Big Three Killed My Baby," From The White Stripes. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am doing this blog on this day, to, not only make up for the past 2 weeks that I did not post a song, but also to introduce a lot of you to someone you may or may not know already... When I met this guy, it was late last year, when the earth was starting to cool down from ye, and at a bar. I saw my boys Kamal, and Geno, and went into a bar, grabbed a beer, came out, and joined in the conversation with them, and this white kid, that was making us laugh about the BET Awards when Lil Wayne changed up the whole censoring method of the guy who practiced censoring him during practice. lol Funny funny night. Well, later, Kamal introduced me to Tom Peters, a Decatur native, and a super nice guy. While talking to Tom, I found out that he is an underground hip-hop artist, and he was telling me all about his credentials, and how he loves the art of hip-hop, and how he does not like how so called "rappers." In the game today... Tom P is someone I consider to be a friend. hes a good hearted southern boy who is a hard worker and a believer in his talents and passion. But what makes him such a fun subject is the fact that he is amazingly talented! Tom has a fan base that sits in the thousands, and is growing daily, due to word of mouth... Recently, Tom just came back from a tour that he was opening for the headliner Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He has been working his whole life to this point to be the greatest rapper known to the world, and with his latest release "Root For The Underdog," He is even closer to doing that. The release party to this event had over a thousand people, and he damn near sold every album he had on him that night! Matter of fact, I think he did sell out that night... The album is exactly what makes me love Atlanta, it made me smile to hear a lot of the tracks, cause its just like any night here in this city... Hopping from city to city, town to town, bar to bar, friend to friend... And the weekends that is full of regrets and puzzle piecing. This album is amazing, and a true show of love from man to city. Tom has a unique gift to bend words and do it phonetically, and clearly. He also does it all with deep lyrics that reps the greatest city in the world, Decatur, Georgia. Although I am not a native to Georgia, I love this city more than anything... And Tom P is a great reason to love this city. All he wants to do is make good music for the world to love, and he does it all with the people he love, and who has helped him along his path. So, the song I chose that displays his talents is "Intro." Its an introduction to the world of who Tom P is, and he does it without apology... And when you listen to him, you will realize that you have to do 1 of 2 things, either get on board, or get ran the fuck over by the train that is about to come down hill... Here's to you Tom! Thanks for being genuine and awesome. And without further delay, from his sophomore project titled: "Root For The Underdog," Intro. Enjoy :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


So, apparently, there is a crisis amongst myself... I guess it should be addressed, but all the while, is it really that important to me, as it seems to be with other people? My virginity has been top subject in a conversation with me and a friend, and heres my stance with it... ITS MY MOTHERFUCKING CHOICE!!! But like this friend, and others who are friends of mines, who is concerned about my virginity, says that its not going to be cool when Im 35. And that I need to get it done... Ok? well, again, ITS MY FUCKING CHOICE!!! Sex is something, that Im willing to wait for! I dont see the need for it, and I am trying my hardest to not fall into the trap that is called "A STATISTIC." I have never really liked being a part of the crowd... I dont thrive in being accepted for what I can say that I did, but dont have proof that I did or not... I can go off and tell you now that I am not a virgin anymore... but its up to you to believe me or not... But the truth of the matter is this... Im still a virgin, and I hope to be one for a while longer, until I find someone whos willing to wait for me if not wait with me... But I just love how some find great care in the fact that I never had sex, and want me to have sex, but not in the fact that I may have some sort of life threatening illness, or I could be contemplating suicide, or anything else that could put my happiness in jepordy... I am thankful that thats a bigger concern for you, than anything else about me... Oh the life of the nice guy who decided to be different. Dont get me wrong. I know that we are sexual beings. Our bodies, and health depends on it, but I refuse to allow my instincts to be greater than my dignity. People have to realize something about me... I make choices to keep me from going crazy. I dont do things, or I do things that makes me happy, and not necessarily to feel good. Cant allow myself to get off, at the expence of someone else, just so I can feel good... What I need and what I want, are 2 different things. Although, at times, I want to have sex, I, PERSONALLY, dont feel the need to have sex. So, lets do this eh?... Out of respect for me, and how I feel about all of this, leave me the fuck out of it... its nothing that its in my need to do now list. My sex life is ok for now... if and when I do want to lose it, I will let ya know, but until then, lets just allow it to not matter.