Friday, May 28, 2010

Whos really dead? The guy in the box, or YOU!?

I find no humor in the disrespect for the dead. I dont care who that person is that died, I dont think it is right, or even repectful to joke about someone who just died, regardless of fame, or collaspe... If my father died, I wouldnt go out celebrating the fact that he died, and start making jokes, cause you know what? Who knows how many lives hes touched... who am I to display disrespect for those suffering, or even have passed on... When Michael Jackson died, everyone had a joke... it kinda scares me to die, cause who knows what type of shit people will say about me... I agree and believe that we all have our own ways of grieving, but making light of life, shows me 2 things: 1, you dont care about anyone, and 2, you, for damn sure, dont care about yourselves... SO, if I had anything to say about the dying, it would be to respect there life... Example: A couple weeks back, me and a few friends were, in the middle of a conversation about women and facial hair, and I made the joke saying, "you know who sports a mean goat-tee?" And I said the name, to where my friend told me that this person was in critical condition... So, when learning that life is near the end, I stopped laughing, immediately apologized, and in respect to this person, I do hope that she finds peace real soon... I know everyone isnt like me, and I know that I cant change the world, but I can suggest that people just be respectful for the dying... if it was your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, wife, husband, or loved one... you would be pissed to no end, when someone decided to make a joke about them, you would be out for blood... so what makes it right to make fun of said celebrity or fallen star? Its more sad that they died, than it is, that they are going crazy... I dont know why the dead is such an easy target for screutany and disrespect, but I dont repect those who disrespect the lives lost... If someone had a joke about my Grandma Ruby Harris, or my Cousin Chris Johnson, I shit you none, I will fuck you up.... Thats my family... those are 2 very impactful lives that has touched me, and helped me be the man that I am today... So, I take death, just as seriously as i take life... Cause life, is valuable, and death is the reminder of how valuable life is... So, anyone who jokes about it is just shitty at living, not happy about there lives, and should do themselves, and the world a favor and kill themselves... thats just my opinion... I dont find it fun at all to pick on the dead... remenising is cool, but just being cruel and full of shit, shows that you have a problem with your life... either kill off, or get help... but for the love of all that is sane... RESPECT THE FUCKING DEAD!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So, this weeks song wasn't hard to pick, only because I was trying to use it last week, but couldn't find a suitable video to play the whole song... until today... I wanted to post 3 songs last week, but no luck, but now, I have found the song I wanted to use, and its this weeks song of the week... This is the second song coming from the beautiful, talented, and mind-bending Janelle Monae. If you are just out of the loop, you have missed seeing her on TV, with performances on Dave Letterman, recently, Ellen, and tonight on George Lopez, so if you haven't seen her, PLEASE check it out. :) But this song is honestly one that just got me in a good space when I heard it for the first time... When I first heard this song, it made me think of my youth, when I would sing on the St. Martin de Porres School Gospel Choir... Just the whole sound of gospel from this song just brought me back. And watching it performed live just opened my eyes to how fucking amazing this woman is, and also how passionate that she is about making the sound touch the soul. :) This weeks song is called "Mushrooms and Roses." Its not what you think you cow shit eating motherfuckers... In the story, "Mushrooms and Roses" is a speak easy where human and androids can be in love and above the law... something like brothel kinda (i could be wrong, but when the lyrics go "...where all the lonely droid and lovers have there wildest dreams..." it could be honestly, anything!). Its just a hide out to where anything, can just relax and be whatever they wanna be in Metropolis... And with such an heavy gospel influence in this song, you will see why its a favorite of mines... And if you get a chance to see her life, and she plays this song, I dare you not to have your jaw drop. :) Enjoy guys.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

songS of the week...

I seriously cant contain myself this week... I have bathed and buried myself in wonderful and amazing new music... And this week, I already made up my mind of what will be the single of the week, but who am I to keep wounds to myself right? So, this week, I am going to share 2 different songs from 2 different artists with you... I am going to start off with the original song of the week for this week... The Black Keys released a new album in the many they have called "Brothers." This album is SERIOUSLY full of soul, and southern blues that its not even funny... And I serisouly have a hard time turning this album off. I think I have dropped a single from this band before, but, Im not sure... All I know is that, as my friend calls it, Track 14, is one of the greatest songs out there... Track 14 is known as "Never Gonna Give You Up." It is purely a song of unconditional love from a man who knows what hes about to loose... it is seriously one of the most heart-felt songs I have ever heard... I hope you enjoy it. :)

The second and last song of the week, was also a song that I wanted to use, but it wasnt one that I could have found a way to use in the future... so, for the second song, it comes from the release of The Dead Weathers' sophmore project entitled "Sea Of Cowards." This album is a GREAT fallow-up to there 2009 debut "Horehound." If you know anything about this band, Jack White found this band ON STAGE in the last day of The Raconteurs last day of there American leg of there tour, So, the fallowing year, they came to Atlanta, and gave a "band birthday show." and it was amazing... I know a lot of people who is into that band, and in pure Jack White form, they came out in a suprise... The single I have picked with this album is the very first single from the album, called "Blue Blood Blues." Why this song? because of the way Jack White rides the drum to this song, and how this song rides on the beat of his drums... But really sets this song apart from its debut single "Die by the Drop," Is the fact that is carries BEAUTIFUL vocal harmonies throughout... "Die by the Drop" Is a HEAVY song and probably Jack White at his purest kid form... But the song i chose is one to bop your head to, and to ride fast down the highway too :) So, I give you "Blue Blood Blues," By The Dead Weather. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I lust you! :The day love died and burned to ashes

Love is as fickle and brittle as cheaply made, tasteless communion crackers... And it seems as if, now a days, it doesn't matter at all to have love... Its as if love is a dirty word, and lust is the thing that is accepted... This animalistic ideology of, getting what you want just because, leaves us dead... no one wants to believe in love or wanna give it a chance, cause after the 2 times they get hurt, its dead to them. So is life, and self-esteem... So, whenever we get hurt, we like to take it out on whomever willing to be the slut for the time, be it man for woman, woman for man, man for man, or woman for woman... We would like to hurt others the way we were hurt, regardless of the asshole that has hurt us with lies that started with "I love you." Its a sad, fucked up game, that everyone plays, and the nice guys and girls get fucked over cause, these blood-thirsty, lust wanting fuck wads are on the prowl, and unforgiving... Love is becoming lost in history. Love is becoming an idea that only exist with our dying generations. Love is no longer a staple in music... Yeah, EVERYBODY is a Beatles fan, but no one wants to hear what they have to say... No one wants to believe or just need love anymore... its just that love is apparently useless... If its not useless, its for DAMN sure, hard to find... oh well... moving on...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I realized something tonight!

I witnessed the most beautiful funeral/home going service in the world. For those of you who don't know, I lost my cousin Chris Johnson, to cancer Tuesday May 4th, 2010. Chris was the nicest person in my world... His heart was huge, and his nature was soft, but if you crossed Chris, he would make sure that you wouldn't do it again, and he ALWAYS did it in the most professional, and nicest manner ever... And his service today, was amazing... I was it be done in 2 different languages at the same time-- English and Sign. And it was moving to both parties... I cried when his boss talked, when his brother (cousin Papa) talked, and when his widow (Cousin Andrea) talked... some of the people who gave there testimonials about Chris' love and character, was done by the lives he touched in the deaf community. It was very powerful... The whole service was held at his Alma Mater of A.C. Flora High School located in Columbia, South Carolina, my hometown... And it was a moving ceremony... Like I mentioned, I did cry when Chris' widow gave her last respects... In that speech, all done in sign language, cause she was deaf too, she said that she loved him, and will miss him... but the most touching part of it, was when she said that she "didn't even had a chance to say good-bye." And if you know Chris and Andrea, they were inseparable, just like Chris and Papa... brothers, who may have had quarrels, but always loved each other... One thing that the family did was treat Chris as if he was normal, as if he didn't have a handicap at all.... You wouldn't have known that he was deaf at all... he spoke perfectly, and had the most infectious smile in the world... Even til his last day on earth, he was all teeth. :) And he will be missed by a HOST of people... Chris was so amazing, that just last month, he was inducted into the SEAAD Hall of Fame (Southeastern Athletic Association for the Deaf)... He was a HELL of a basketball player... could've put a lot of players of his day to shame with ease... He was actually one hell of an athlete... Another story told today, was that in high school, he was the first deaf kid to sign up for football in A.C. Floras' history... And during one of the practices, the coach had to call practice early, cause Chris purposefully injured 4 starters... lol. Coach asked, "why" and Chris said "so I could have a chance to play." lol That was the warrior and fighter that Chris was... he wanted to be the best, and he also wanted to prove it, and he ALWAYS did it humbly... He fought cancer for 8 years, and during that time, he worked, and he worked hard... he failed to allow anything to get in his way... He had a heart of a lion, but the spirit of a lamb... When someone told Chris to take it easy, he did it even harder... 110+% ALL THE TIME... That's who he was, that's how he will be remembered... A hard worker, a loving soul, and a great man of God... He will be missed, but that's not his legacy... His legacy lies in my family... not just the people that i know, but the people that has been touched by Chris' love for them... As you also may be aware of, my Grandmother, Ruby Harris, died in November of last year... and the lives she touched was vast!! Same with Chris... the amount of lives he touched was vast! All over the U.S., there isn't a person who came across Chris, that didn't leave loving him. He was just that type of guy. :) So, with all that said, it dawned on me tonight as I was doing 90mph on the way home from SC to GA... my family is HUGE!!!! Cause, in my families, if you are a friend, you are family. I say that knowing the love that I have for both sides of my family... My grandma Carrie invited my friend Matt to her wedding, and she just met him... :) I come from a great lineage of people who is kind-hearted, strong-willed, stubborn, and generous with love, material, and heart. :) I am truly blessed to have the people in my life that is my family. Some are super honest, some just wont shut up, some are mean spirited, some are jokesters, some are comedians, but they all have the same thing that has been instilled in me... love for those who are NOT familiar in blood and law. I can smile again. :) Good night.

if you wanna read his obituary, just click the link here:

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So with a lot of new music coming out for the next week or so, this is truly exciting times for the music fan... The Dead Weather dropped there second studio record, The Black Keys, and Janelle Monae are both about to drop albums next week, and yet, I picked up a true gem of an album on Tuesday past, looking for a particular album from the late great James Brown... V.V. Brown is one of the latest great women singers out of England... If you know me, you know that I have fallen in love with the beautiful Florence Welch, the lead singer of "Florence + The Machine," and the rich sound that she has. Another lady that I have a thing for is "Noisettes" leading lady and bassist, Shingai Shoniwa. She is SO hot, and very entertaining to watch on stage, and a voice that is jaw dropping... V.V. Brown is another product from England that is making noise in America, and is blowing holes through Britain... With a poppy doo-wap that catches you when you least expected. Her voice is forceful, yet subtle, and is the reason that I picked her song "Shark In The Water" as the song of the week. Its beautifully sung, arranged, and harmonized... so, from her album "Traveling Like The Light," I give you "Shark In The Water." Enjoy :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Importance Of The Small Things That Matter Eventually

Have you ever just shut up and think about the people you needed to apologize to? Is there someone that you know you've wronged, and have to say "I'm sorry" to? Or is your pride so over grown to where you cant admit your wrong? Well, if thats so, then there needs to be a way to where youre brought back to earth... Pride is the number one killer of peoples' innocents and joy... Pride is, more or less, a time bomb, cause like it says in the bible "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall (Proverbs 16:18)." Basically it states, that if you have pride, and are all about you, then the world you know will be destroyed by you and you alone... Forgiveness of self, and of others goes a LOOOOONG way... even if you dont believe, just saying "I'm sorry, will you forgive me?" will make the world go right. Perfect example... I watched a story on this one athlete who had the world in his hand, and one night had an accident that claimed the life of 2 men, and serverely injured another... the 2 men whos life was taken away, were hit so hard by the car, that this athlete was driving, that there clothes literally were knocked off of them... Long-short, in dallas, Texas, there was an accident on the highway, to where 3 different young men tried to help the person trapped in the car, to when another car came by and hit the 3 men and sped off... he only kept going out of fear... sadly 2 of the 3 lost there lives, and now you know the story... So, after admitting his wrong, and turning himself in, he went to trial, and during the trial, the one survivor, with limited mobility, and probably still in a bit of pain, walked up in front of the court room, extended his hand to the young man, who hit him, and he said to him "I forgive you." To where the young man collapsed into his arms and cried... He was sentence to 15 years, but may get out as early as this summer cause of good behavior... I tell you that to say this... I bet you anything that he probably wouldnt have made it through his time in jail if no one forgave him for what he did... the 2 mothers of the young men who died wont forgive him... and there unhappiness will pass onto there kids and grand kids alike... Unforgiveness will kill those women... im pretty sure of it... So we have to find a way to just say, I am sorry... if we dont, then we are as good as dead... Stress is a motherfucker!!! Have a good one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

You Can't Blame Them

A friend of mines, said it best about the professional teams in Atlanta: "A.T.L. Atlanta Teams Loose!" And you know what? Tonight just proved that. I went to my first Hawks game in about 11 years, and they lost big time in the playoffs... The last time that any team down here ever won a major sport was in 1996 when The Braves shocked the world, and The Cleveland Indians, to win the World Series... and since, The hawks made it to the playoffs 4 times, and the Falcons has been to the Superbowl only once, And The Thrashers record in the playoffs to date, 0-4... and year, after year, after year, the so-called "fans" of these teams, don't even show up until they are actually doing "good." Honestly, I can understand why some of these players don't wanna play here... I can understand why they ask for so much money to play here... Cause why would they wanna play in a town where the fans only come when they are successful? I can definitely understand that... You know, the prices on beer and food wouldn't be as expensive is people actually showed up to the games? and I'm not talking about the playoffs either... If people just showed up to a regular season game, that wasn't fans of there "hometown team," and actually showed some support, for there one of these 4 franchises, they probably would win some games and some championships... But its the Atlanta way, to try to get anyone interested in one of the major sports is like trying to send a retarded 2 year old kid, across the street in rush hour traffic... it is shocking, sad, funny, and mildly offensive... The true fans are the ones that show up and STAY during the game if the score is 70-0 in the favor of the away team... The true fans are those who take all the bullshit from the other fans, and still come back when the same teams play and take the same shit from the same asshole who is all balls deep about how there team is better than our Braves, Hawks, Thrashers, or Falcons... The true fans are there season after season play after play, heart attack after heart attack cheering for there teams, and all we can wish for is that in this fair-weathered shitty city...I'm not from here, and I LOVE me some Thrashers... I'm trying to reconnect with The Braves, and I hate basketball, but I wanna support the Hawks more, and The Falcons are almost there... I hope to support them more as well, however I am still a Panthers fan. :) But these teams has the talent, they have the coaching staffs, and the facilities... whats LACKING is the FANS! The city could be a great sports town, but with no "real fans" its just a town housing sports franchises... So, I can understand why Ilya Kovalchuk would wanna play somewhere else... I can see why Josh Childress would wanna play in Greece... I understand why no one wants to play here... cause the town, as a whole, is a fair-weathered sports city. And all the community service projects, all the autographs, all the give aways cant fulfill the athlete like asses in the seats. This basketball season saw a lot of it, but no one wanted to stay for the whole game... If you did, and showed that you cared to stay til the end, maybe the ideology of "Atlanta Teams Loose" Could just be "THE ATL: The city of winners!" And this is coming from a Carolina Boy too! I want to see these teams win the championships! And I wanna be there when it happens... I wanna be there when the fans are there... I wanna be able to ask if I could move to the end of the row, so I can have some leg room... One can only wish and hope... so lets hope that Atlanta gets there shit together as sports town. Am I wrong to think that? Just a thought... goodnight world.

Friday, May 7, 2010


This week IM going classic... this is one of my favorite songs ever. Why is it a fave? Cause thats what I am... Im always in the clutch... I come in to clean up the mess, and save the souls from complete destruction... When I heard this song, I knew that this was going to be the song of the week, in probably one of the most shittiest weeks for me personally... Cause, this song begs the question: "Do heroes get tired?" Do they work hard just to get rest? Do heroes deserve rest? When does the line of hero and villian gets crossed? Cause it does get a little old being "Mr. Right On Time." Its all good though... This song talks about just that one day where we can just be bigger than ourselves... Even if for one day... cause who knows whos life you will save with just a hello, a hug, or even a smile. So, sing "Heroes," one of my favorite songs, David Bowie. Enjoy.