Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Atlanta Police Department has to be THE WORST in the entire world... worse than the corruption in Mexico and there police department, and probably worse than the Rio de Jinero police in Brazil, with all the "accidental killings, and beatings." Why do I think this? Because, on Saturday, while me, Frank, and Don, were trying to find Franks friends, who was at Mary McCloud Bathune Elementary School, off of Northside Dr. in Atlanta Georgia, Tailgating before the SEC Championship Game. So, after waiting for about 30 mins on Frank to show, he told me, where his friends were, and we started to head where he said, they were... it was pretty windy out, so we made a b-line to where he was. So, on the way, I run into Matt and Richie... 2 old friends from The Motherland (South Carolina). Then we made a cut through the grassy area between the parking lot stairs, and the Georgia Dome, and we walked on the outside of the Georgia World Congress Center, which was holding thousands of fans, for the SEC Fan Fare... well, we were about to get ready to cross the stree, when we asked a cop, where the school was... he told us that we were close... we have to go on the other side of the dome, and its straight ahead, with a black gate... well, we go up to where he said, and we dont see a black gate... AND, so, we see another cop... we asked her, where is the school, and she said "I dont know." What the fuck? How the FUCK are you an Atlanta Police Officer, and you dont know where the fuck an elementary school is? Seriously? Really? I bet you, if I asked where a liquor store was, youd tell me in a hot minute, bitch... So, we go to what we thought was the place, turns out we were a block and a half the wrong way... So, we ask YET ANOTHER COP... and his answer... "I dont know what youre talking about." My fear of the city actually grew. Who the fuck actually hired these dumbasses? How are you going to be a cop, and not know where the fuck an elementary school is?! That is very embarassing, and I dont know who I need to talk to, but, Imma find the person I need to talk to, and ask them why, are they hiring people who dont know where the fuck anything is in the city. If I wasn't so good with recognizing my surroundings, I would be fucked, If I ever got lost in this city. Anyways, The Atlanta Police Department, aint good for shit... Yeah, I said it... NO WONDER theres so much crime going on in this city... cause, while people are giving directions, these assholes, are going to the wrong places... SO fucked up... While, crackheads and meth heads, are out there, robbing people, and assholes, are kidnapping and raping people, and innocent people, who are trying to get home from work, are being held up at gun point, these fuckers are trying to finish up the next level of Grand Theft Auto 3... Thats my perseption of it of course, cause, who knows what they are doing... So, with all that said, I say, one last time... FUCK YOU ATLPD... GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!

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