Friday, December 31, 2010

5...4....3...2...1... Will it be?

Well shit... we are here, yet again... the end of yet another year, on the same river of shit, known as life... 2010 was one that was really an emotional ride... I lost a cousin, I'm loosing my Grandfather, and I've forced myself to end some, what I thought were, meaningful friendships... It is DEFINITELY a year, that I'm glad that is over. But, it wasn't all bad, in no particular order, I got to hang out with my homeboy in my hometown, I witnessed my Gamecocks make history, ( blog is named "first from laughs.") I rekindled old relationships, and even started blogging for my sanity! I'm thinking school cause of this year, and, trying to make my last hurrah on the face of the earth, I cant really complain about this year, and how it ended up, cause, I still have my job, I still have my friends, and I'm blessed to know that I am loved, and healthy. I did try working out, and it was working, but that shit got expensive! So, Imma try again next year, maybe, but cheaper for sure. I have learned a lot about myself as well this year. The biggest thing I learned is that, I have NO control over money... I tried to save it, and better manage my finances, but, to no avail, attempt after attempt... its so hard to try to establish something, KNOWING that something is going to happen to take away that money you were trying to save. One of my goals for 2011, is to be better manager of my money. Along with that, I hope to have found love, as i give it my once a year attempt to find it. But, all in all, 2010, I'm coming out of it pretty healthy! I have regrets of actions I did, I have my moments of laughter as well... But, one thing about 2010 that I will not miss, is 2010... Its time to say goodbye to you, and watch you burn in hell... 2011, you have 365 chances to make it worth it... hope you do! See you all in the new year. :)

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