Sunday, December 26, 2010

Like a diamond ring, lost at sea.

I think I know where I lost my Christmas spirit... It died somewhere between me leaving church, and working around people, who don't believe... And whatever floats your boat, is what keeps you awesome in my eyes... But, I'm cool with it all, but, its not me! I loved Christmas, and what it means to me, but with the times changing, the tides shifting, and the ones I love, slowly dying away, I don't know, if I will ever be able to recover to enjoy Christmas again. I don't even know, if I will enjoy it, when I have kids... I do love it when I celebrate Christmas with my co-workers, as we get drunk, and full on delicious alcohol, and food. Being together with the people that matter to me, is where my Christmas spirit lies... I will never find it in a store, on the news, or even in sports... Its not in a church, its not in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Columbia, South Carolina, or Hoover, Alabama, Its lost. Lost into the people that I love with all my heart, which is my co-workers, friends, family, and faith. Nothing can touch those things in my heart, and my Christmas spirit is scattered throughout... I don't need gifts, or money, or anything for that matter, except for the knowledge that my friends and family knows that I love them and they love me. :) So, if that warrants an absence of Christmas Spirit, then, I'm ok with that. :) Merry Christmas, and although the day may not be such, glad that sweet baby Jesus was born for us to know freedom. :) Good night.

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