Sunday, December 12, 2010

That Sounds Flat...

Nothing sickens me more, than this shit made pop music that has been spewed out, this decade... Since 2000, I could tell, that there was a slow decline of powerful music, cause, these, so called, "musicians," make all these songs, "for the clubs." Well, if they are all for the clubs, they fucking keep it in the clubs!!! I don't wanna hear this shit! But it wasn't until October, at Williams-Brice Stadium, in Columbia, South Carolina, that it hit me at how bad, and sad the music got, over the years... If you know me, you know I don't listen to the bullshit, that is on the radio today... And these "Artists" are still getting all this money, for... what, exactly? What impact has Will-I-Am made on music? What about Usher? How has he shaped my views of music? What about these other guys, that makes bullshit sounds, and music, and some of the most fucked up lyrics Ive ever heard?

"I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night... that tonight's gonna be a good night... that tonight's gonna be a good good night..."

Are you shitting me... THIS, is whats hot?! THE WORST song ever... and yet, this bullshit, is more popular than anything that Jack White makes... Seriously, a retarded goat could have written the same lyrics... WOW! Moving on... Ive heard a lot of great pop songs, in my life, but lately, music has been on a decline... and like Ive mentioned before, Music is to be the influence to society, and not society influences music... But unfortunately, Society, has been the biggest influence in music, than anything else... Think about it, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and even this thing called "Rock" has all fallen victim to the shit of what we want now... Its never anything that has to do with the past, or about what the future should be. Its about that "Crazy Bitch." or "Throwing some D's on that bitch," or even "When everybody hands go up..."

"All I Do is win win win no matter what
got money on mind i can never get enough
and everytime I step up in the building
everybody hands go up
and they stay there
and they say yeah
and they stay there
Up down, up down
cause all I do is win win win
and if you goin’ in put your hands in the air.."

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Its so bad... and I hate it all... Brian McCann came out to this everytime he went to bat... Auburn University has this as there come out song as well, its so fucked up... Music today, is always popular... because, its what sells.... Shit and sex sells easier than good, hard worked, valuable to soul and spirit music... Its sad, and it hurts my heart to know that music in America is declining to the ways of bullshit songs as the 2 that I have quoted... This is what America has reduced itself to... shitty music.... NO WONDER the world hates us... Change the radio station... find some good shit America... quit doing this to yourself... I make this blog after hearing a lot of the bullshit songs that were played tonight at work. Its fun to watch people have a good time, but not at the expense of shitty music. 8 notes destroyed cause, of these fucks, making "club bangers" and nothing that means something to someone, who made need to hear that lyric, that beautiful melody, or that arrangement... Music does more for culture, than people let on to believe. Its ok... change is inevitable. :) Goodnight.

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