Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I looked in the mirror and smiled. :)

Its hard to stop smiling after the day that I had yesterday. I ended up going to South Carolina, to see my Grandfather, who's said to have 3 months left to live. On Sunday, I thought I wasn't going to be able to go, but, luckily my mom was willing to switch cars with me for the day, and I had a blast on the way, and on the way back. When I got to SC, I went to see my Grandfather, and when I got there, luckily they just got back from the hospital. And, my Aunt Theodora was fixing a plate of spaghetti for Granddad, and I sat and ate with him. It was good to catch up a bit, and just be there and to see him. Its always fun to listen to old men talk, as Uncle Gunn was there with us, enjoying a "peanut and jelly dog." lol No, there was no hot dogs in it, it was just a peanut and jelly sandwich in a hot dog bun. And just listening at how times were, it made me smile, and appreciative of what life was like. So, after a few hours of hanging out, and just being around familiar surroundings, remembering the times me and my cousins would run around the house, and the yard, back when Columbia was a safe city, The funny moments shared with family as we laughed and talked, and yelled at each other for no reason. Oh, the good times. After that, I met up with my Twin. :) That was a good reason why, I smile today... Meeting up with my mirror image was what my soul needed. :) Seeing her and catching up just made me feel... complete! Seeing her smile, and just us catching up from 10 years, just made my trip for the day, even better. To sit there, and talk out the last 10 years in our lives as they went separate directions. But, it felt good to just allow God to have us get it out, and fall in love as twins. :) Don't go on thinking that I have a 2nd sibling, I don't... its just me, and my little sister Elise, but my Twin is Lindsay. The way we became twins, was one day in the weight room at the high school we were attending at the time, I was working out, she was too, and this guy named Peter, looked at her, and saw me, and realized that she wasn't me, and was still having a deja vu moment... since that time 13 years ago, we've been linked. :) Since moving here to Georgia, we've seen each other one other time, and that was 10 years ago. Since then, as she told me her life, I told her mines, and all we did was just smile, laugh, and played darts. It was so good and fulfilling, to let her know who I was, and I can imagine that it was the same for her when she told me who she was. Shes a survivor, a fighter, and a beautiful soul, and I love her to death. :) It took us 10 years to catch up, but doing so made me not want to go back home to Decatur, but not allow the night to end like this. But it had to... and now life is good. To see my Grandfather, and my Twin, in the same day, and enjoy both companies, and them enjoy me, was worth it all. :) I am truly blessed. No, seriously... TRULY blessed.

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