Friday, December 10, 2010

It's always "what if" with me.

Today was a weird day to think about the hypothetical, I'm about to lay on ya... But, it's exactly what keeps my mind sharp. But, why such a weird subject? What in the hell would make me think about such a thing? I don't know... but, here... Ill share with you, what went through my mind today... So, while going back home from Target, I was, for some reason, thinking about how weird, the map of the United States would look, if the Confederates won... Not necessarily "won" per se, but if it was able to keep the southern states, as its own nation... What would that mean for me as a black man? Would I have to have a special licence to be able to shop? Would, work for nothing, as the "masters" gain everything? Would there be a leader to lead us out of the oppression, if the oppression was still a part of society? Would I be able to even learn how to read and write? Who knows! Its all hypothetical... On the other hand, would racism even exist in the Confederate State of America? Would black men, walk around in a better environment than, that of today's America, where, people are still holding on to what is plain out ignorance? Would black people, be looked at as gods? And not feared and oppressed? Who knows! We are here and now, and things are getting better, slowly but surely... I don't know how it would have been if history was different... But that's the beauty of imagination... It begs you to asks questions of what is, and isn't, and how, if ever, you can change the current situation. It could be beautiful, or it could be ugly, and you can make it as beautiful or as ugly as you want it to be.  Would I have the friends that I do now, if we were a confederacy? Would black on black crime exist in a confederacy? Would there be a drug or alcohol epidemic in a confederacy? I don't know... Most likely though, cause, there would never be such a thing as a utopia. But, if, I had control over the states, I would make sure that there was peace and understanding, amongst us all... I would make sure, that laws were in place, for equality, and make sure, that the arts would strive... That's what I would do, but, as it turns out, if the south was to rise, we all be fucked... oh well. Its beautiful to just think.

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