Sunday, December 26, 2010

SONG OF THE WEEK... the end.

The "song of the week" blog thing that I did is coming to an end... it was a hard challenge trying to find a song for the week, that is different, but I managed to do it pretty well, I think, and I do hope y'all enjoyed. I do hope it opened you up to a lot of new sounds that you may now, or may not enjoy, but all the same, thanks for listening... :) And, unfortunately, I will not be doing this again next year... come 2011, I will just feature songs that I like. I'm not going to set a day or a time, I'm just going to put up the song, and hope you like. :) I will still give you a description of the band, and the song, but, I will not be doing this on a weekly basis... it could be every day, it could be once a month, who knows! :) I don't. It all depends on when the music hits me. :) So, with all that said, I thank you again, and I will finish out this series with 4, yes 4 different songs, from 2 different bands. The 2 bands that I'm talking about are 2 of my favorites. I say that because if you own all the albums by them, they are pretty much standing out as the favorites. lol

The Black Keys is a band based out of Akron, Ohio. A duo who was sick of mowing lawns, and decided to make music... It turned our pretty good for them, cause, there infectious blues rock sound has spread like wildfire, and has burned into souls for almost 10 years now. The 2 songs I picked from there are "When The Lights Go Out," and "Howlin' For You." Starting with "When The Lights Go Out," found on there album "Rubber Factory," This song is exactly what makes this band stands out... The blues in the rock, and the way the guitar notes hit, as the pain is pounded out through the drums. The lyrics sits on a heavy hearted voice (to me), and it completes the picture that this song paints me--pain no matter the time, cause she will hurt you and leave you dead in the sun, the moon or where ever. Like he says, "You know what the sun's all about, when the lights go out." Enjoy

The second song that I chose comes from there latest masterpiece called "Brothers." It's a song that has a familiar beat... Ever hear the song called "Rock and Roll part 2?" How about the "Hey!" song that they play at sporting venues around the world? Yeah! Same song. :) When you hear "Howlin' For You," You hear that song, but, its not copied, or even the same song... this isn't some sort of bullshit Vanilla Ice biting off of Queen. lol No, this song, is very good, and the show of a wolf on the prowl. Its a ballad saying, "I wish you would notice me, so I can attempt to make you love me." So, I hope you enjoy it... My favorite part is in the bridge of the song, where it just breaks down into this melodic heavenly moment, that takes away the pain. :) So I do hope you enjoy "Howlin' For You."

And now, to the second band. The Dead Weather. This band is the brain child of the legendary Jack White. They are a band based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and was founded on the last night of The Raconteurs tour back in 2008. It happened during the encore when Allison Mosshart, of The Kills, came out with the band and sung "Steady As She Goes," during the encore. And after waiting like 2 and a half hours after the show, the drunk band members came down, and gave autographs to us who waited, and it was well worth the wait. :) But anyways, Jack White, plays drums in this band, and I love it. I consider Jack White playing drums as "an angry and scared kid, beating out his demons." But, There are 2 songs from this band, that basically slows it all down, to give you something that your soul can find comfort in. Starting off with there song "Will There Be Enough Water," From there debut album "Horehound," This song, to me, is the perfect song to play at a funeral... because the song says it all. To me, it says what we all hope when we came to the end... Did I do enough? Did I say enough? "Will there be enough water, when my ship comes in?" I do hope you love this song like I do.

The final song that I chose is the song that broke them. Its called, "Die By The Drop." This song epitomizes my description of Jack White on drums. It's like, to me, that he is LITERALLY banging away the frustrations in this song alone. The way he wore his heart, the troubled times he went through, with relationships, friends, defending his bands, trying not to be the spotlight, ALL of that, sounds like it went into the drum parts of this song. The song, itself, is amazing, but what makes it, is, the drum parts. I do hope you enjoy. And again, Thank you so much for going through this journey with me. I do hope I've touched your ears, as I hope to have touched your soul with this blog. :) Enjoy

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