Monday, December 13, 2010

Songs Of The Week

Well, I got 2 more for ya.... One, Ive known for a while, about this artist... his name is Shawn Hewitt.. He's from Canada, and has one amazing song, that I will share with you today... The name of the song is "One On One." Its a song, that is basically an "I hate you" song. Its very heart-felt wonderfully sung, and just one of those songs that reach down into your soul, and let you know, that you did hurt me, and the world now knows how much of a bitch you are... so, here's this weeks first song by Shawn Hewitt "One On One" :) Enjoy!

The second song, this week is from a band that does not exist anymore... its a great song, from a band, that, unfortunately doesn't exist anymore... This band decided to call it quits, about 2 years ago, but, they are still entertaining... the name of the song is "Need Your Needs" by the band, Georgie James. Its a poppy tune about seeing a familiar face, everywhere... its very good, and the song that turned me on to them in the first place... so I hope you enjoy, "Need Your Needs" by Georgie James :) Enjoy!

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