Friday, November 26, 2010

The true meaning of the Holidays?

Between Capitalism, and the media, I think that we, as a nation, all forgot, the true meaning of this season. We love to think about others, and ourselves at the same time. We always want, and we have to always get... We have to find a reason to make everyone happy, and not be happy with what we have, thats dear to us... If its a gift that makes our families, friends, signifcant others, dogs, and cats happy, then we dont know what this whole season means... Yes, we changed it all around to where, its a wintery thing, and no onger something that means something in the Spring, like it once was. and True, this is a season that has been turned around from something that was a time of free love, to a child being born miraculosly, in a small town called Bethlehem... The Maji knew of this event, and the world knows of this man who gave his life to save the world... But outside of that, what does this season means to us all? To some, it means making little Timmy, and little Sally, getting them there high tech toys, that we scratch and claw over people to get, to make sure, that they have a happy Chanukuh, a happy Kwannza, or happy Christmas. Its where we have forgotten what it all means... This time is for all of us to be with the ones that we love the most. Its a time to just be happy with the ones that agrivate us, and makes us smile, and laugh, and want to punch out, choke to death, and ultimately, cant get enough of... The family and the friends we've made and has been tested, and lasted, should be more important than any gift... Im not anti holidays... Im just not a fan of what the holidays does to us as a whole... In other countries, its not about the gifts, its about the meaning of christmas... To me, its always been that trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and bing around my cousins, and aunts, and uncles, and my Grandmother, who passed away a year ago, and laughing talking, and trying to beat each other in whatever the popular game is this time around... The food, and the clothes... I always got clothes, never anything cool like my cousins got, I alway got the clothes... thats bullshit... Anyways, now looking back, its always been that for me. As much as I would have liked to have those gifts back then, now, looking at it, I always got what I needed, and never what I wanted... or rarely got what I wanted. And along with the good people around me, that shaped me into the man that I am today. So, if I seem to be all "Scroogie" during the holidays, its not because I am, necessarily... its because, I dont believe in your holiday celebration. It just doesnt excite me the way it use to. Since Grandma's gone, and the family seems to be splitting up, in a way, I just have the memories to hold on to. :) Thats enough for me. I do hope one day that I will be able to have all the money to waste on my kids, but as it stands, I have not kids, no one to love, and nothing to really look forward to, other than the Beautiful day, that we celebrate with family, friends, and the ones we love. Thats enough for me. But dont get it twisted... I DO love getting and giving gifts... But I dont do it when the meaning is right. Hope that makes since.

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