Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And so far...

Happy New Year everyone! Hope that your night was better than mines... I do not like to drink when upset, but, with a shitty game that was coached by my Gamecocks, and the few asshole FSU fans that just added to the anger glass, that was soon to overflow, so I had to go. I allowed it to carry over into the new year, but, I'm getting better. But, so far, we are 4 days in, and I have no qualms... I had a small encounter with a couple of costumers, but, outside of that, smooth sailings. I know I haven't been on here in a while, and its because, I haven't had anything to solidify in my head to get out... I was thinking about making this blog about the bullshit that was my NYE/NYN, but that was going to go nowhere. I thought about talking about what excites me about the year to come, but still nope... the fact that I have a summons for Jury Duty, but nope, I just decided to allow y'all to know my thoughts of the new year, so far. And that's it. I do have some hopes for the new year, but outside of that, I'm just going to let this ride. But outside of that, I hope to have something for people, to enjoy, as I ramble, rant, and bitch about my world. Thanks for all the support guys. :) Love ya all.

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