Friday, October 29, 2010

Brain Scratcher

As I sit here today, as a member of this world, full of thought, free will, danger, stupidity, beauty, ugliness and amazement, I cant bring myself to think or conceive the thought, that man doesn't have something to believe in... As it is, in most cases, a lot of people base there faiths on whats seen... A lot of people base there faith on whats heard. A lot, base there's on whats tried, and a few, regardless of religion, they base there faith on what they felt inside... People are MADE to believe in something... everyone has to have a god of there own... It could be drugs, money, power, sex, music, whatever... We will always be lower than whatever we feel like we need. I am the first to admit, that I definitely love music... I even hold musicians to a higher standard... I could care less about there personal lives, but, that's not my god... My God happens to be this guy named Joshua bar Joseph... Some kid, that came to the world in a very mysterious way, born to the world, that the Magi believed came to the world for a special reason... They read it in the stars... few years later, He claims to be the Son Of God... and to the displeasurement of his own people, wanted Him dead... and paid the price on the cross, that THERE books said, that one day, That that glorious day would happen... They tried to hide the truth, But, the truth was reviled, and He is real. To me, He is the truth... He is what I fallow... but like with anything, that we hold up, we don't do it every day, or listen to it, every day... Just like them, I don't pray every day... I don't go to church, I hate church... I hate hypocritical assholes that claims that they are going to the same place as I... I believe that I'm going to see my Grandma, my cousin, and everyone else that believes like I, again. But, I am flawed, and I accept my flaws... I cuss a lot, I watch porn, I drink a little too much every now and then, and yet, I know that my God still forgives me, he still loves me, and that's the beauty of my faith... he allows me to decide, even when I know whats right and whats wrong. Why would I want to fallow anything else? Music changes! I have so many different favorite sounds, more than one favorite band... Sometimes, the beer is cold, sometimes, its warm, it does the same thing to me, but its not what I need every day. First time this week since Friday, I haven't touched alcohol... Porn, is the same thing over and over and over again... yet, I still come back... different porn stars and wannabes doing the same basic human act, and doing it nastily... but it doesn't satisfy... And even though I cuss like a sailor at times, I can hold my tongue pretty well... But without faith, we are pointless... and to say that you are faithless, you are full of shit... everyone has to have something to believe it... something bigger than them... But, that's brings a question on which, I will close this blog... Whats bigger than you, to you?

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