Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weeks song, comes from Coheed & Cambria... Imma make this short, cause, The song says it all. For those who don't know, I was in South Carolina this weekend, to see The Gamecocks, play The Alabama Crimson Tide, and the end-result was that my Gamecocks defeated the then #1 team in the nation, who has destroyed opponents dating back to the start of the 2008 season... Mark Ingram won The Heisman trophy cause of the rushing day he had against my Gamecocks last year... But between him and Trent Richardson, who's considered the best running back tandem in the nation, were stopped cold for only 64 yards... but with the 7 sacks that my gamecocks had on Greg McElroy that accumulated a loss of 28 yards, the net yardage for there running game, was 34 yards... Amazing... But enough of all the stats... "Here We Are, Juggernaut" was, literally, a song that has been stuck in my head, knowing that will were playing a team that had a 19 game win streak going, and 18 straight conference wins as well... so, this team was huge! Full of talent, full of potential, and there line of work was proof of why they were the #1 team in the nation... And my boys, came in, and took them down. All game long, we just systematically, and artfully took them down, and it was awesome to witness... This song, in the bands eyes, was there take on the fame they have gained over the years they have been together as a band, and how they have persevered through adversity... And to them, fame is the Juggernaut, that they aren't taking for granted... if you have met these guys, you can tell, they do not take fame for granted... very humble, very sweet, nicest guys ever. Honestly! But, just like my Gamecocks, we respected who was coming to our house... We knew who we had to stop, and for 3 hours on October 9th 2010, my Gamecocks took down the juggernaut, that was named, Crimson Tide... :) Here's a health, Carolina! Forever to Thee... Enjoy!

P.S. I lied when I said it was going to be short... oh well, what ya gonna do?

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