Thursday, October 14, 2010


The most fun I had this year, happened this past weekend. Why this one over any other weekend with friends, and family, and all that good stuff? Because, it was one, long in the making... Me and my friend Powell, have been, for the 2 years that I have worked at Twain's, talking about going to a football game together... and this past weekend, we did such a thing... it was a fun time for sure... we left midday Friday, and got to my grandmothers house that afternoon, in Sumter, South Carolina... After sitting, and talking, and a power nap, it was time to party with my boy, in my hometown... So, after a Friday night full of alcohol, seeing former friends, now current assholes, and laughing and talking, and understanding that I have the worlds most understanding, and loving Grandmother, I got some sleep. Getting up early to try to make it to College Gameday, was DEFINITELY out of the plans... I work up feeling like I got ran over by a push-powered lawnmower... NOT cool... but, I woke up, did everything that i could to satisfy my superstition, then it was off to Williams-Brice Stadium that Saturday... a quick stop by Bojangles, made all the different... although, the alcohol was still swirling around inside, I knew it was going to be a long day, but a great one... After the hours of taking in the sights and sounds of the game day atmosphere of Williams-Brice Stadium, and South Carolina, I just knew that October 9, 2010, was going to be a very special day... after taking Powell, all around Columbia, it was beyond an honor to tell him, "Welcome to Williams-Brice Stadium. Home of the South Carolina Gamecocks." after standing around trying to find a break from the sun, we worked our way--ALL the way up to our seats, where, it was staring to fill up with Alabama Fans... Some of them were cockier, than us Gamecocks about there team, and what not, but for the most part, it was a pleasure to share the say with them... It was a welcomed relief from that bitch back in 2005, who would have gotten me fired, if it wasn't my last week at the job, at the time... Fuck her, and everything she think she is... Anyways, The game was played, and it was magical! The atmosphere, the people, the sounds, everything about it was just what the doctor ordered, and what Emily gave us. :) I cant thank her enough for allowing me and my homeboy Powell to have the weekend to enjoy it all, but, I am truly in debt to her, and it was amazing... After the the game, it was back to Decatur... The ride back was fun, just like the ride up... full of music, and laughs, cause ultimately, its just a game, and I was there to enjoy a great game, with my best homeboy. :) Thanks Powell, for sharing it with me. You rule the world. But, the kicker of the weekend was my friend Davidyals wedding... It was interesting to say the least, cause, outside of what we individually believe, it was something to behold... I finally heard her sing, and it was mesmerizing... It was something I never witnessed, but, glad that I did... I love you Davidyal, although you don't believe, I hope and pray that God above holds you and Brandon together forever. :) It was the greatest weekend ever... Its going to be hard to top, but there are many more weekends for me to enjoy, and I cant wait. :) Moving on...

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