Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BIG FAN!: Through the eyes of a big fan Chapter 1.

Maybe I'm maturing beyond my years, maybe I just mellowed out, or maybe, I just don't give as much of a shit, as I use to, but, I think, that my maturity as a fan of sports, has shown itself in more ways than one... I use to allow a loss of my all-time favorite team, to ruin my weekend, or week... but, now, it doesn't even bother me... If they loss, Ill talk about why they did, how they did, or whatever, then, after that, its on to the next game, on to living life. Most fans here in the south, regardless of team they cheer for, allows there week or weekend be made by the actions on a field... All the fans can do is hope, and pray... its on the players if they wanna win or not... They are the ones out there, sweating, and working hard to try to defeat the opponent they are going to see, or coming to see them... They are the ones who determines the outcome of a sport... not God, not any superstitious ritual, regardless of how fun, or helpful, or sad they may be... Me and an older gentlemen, a week ago, had a nice conversation about fandom in all its glory... How, fans now a days, aren't really fans of the sport, but fans of trying to gain nerves and make a jackass of themselves, to appease themselves, there so-called, douche bag friends, and think that they are funny... What ever happened to going to the game, TO ENJOY THE FUCKING GAME?! What happened to just enjoying your team, as they win or loose accordingly... I don't mind people having fun, or drinking, but when they turn into mindless assholes, for the sake of being mindless, or an asshole, that's when, I don't believe or like the fans, or whatever team... Fans are to appreciate the teams they like, have few but semi-non hurtful words for the opponents, who are all fat with egos, cause THEY coached there teams to be that good... yeah... the fuck-tards sitting in the section right beside me, has all the right to cheer on there boys, cause they were there through it all... the recruiting, the home visits, the calls, the weight training, the film study, the meetings in the coaches offices, the checking of the grades... yeah. they were ALL there... that's bullshit... JUST CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM, AND I WILL CHEER FOR MINES, AND AT THE END, WE WILL LIVE LIFE... Until then, do me a favor, sit down, shut the fuck up, and don't touch me. ENJOY THE GAME SIR!

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