Friday, October 1, 2010

::incert head-shake here::

Oh Friday nights... The temperature changes for the cool, the kids are running all around the new metal bleachers, and you cant really pay attention to the game, cause, you watch every MTV show happen in front of you, at the game... Tonight, I decided to go and witness a high school football game, for the first time in over 5 years... last time, I did, I was coaching, and left with the feeling of killing a kid or 2... Thank God, I never acted on those feelings, but, the stress, the accidents, and tickets, were enough to allow me to move on from that profession... I love learning what will and will not work for me. :) Easiest way to grow... But tonight, seeing 2 familiar faces, and a bunch of the same things that make me thank God EVERY FUCKING SECOND I am not in high school anymore... But it wasn't all bad. I got to sit down, and enjoy a pretty decent game from 2 pretty decent teams, although the score says otherwise, it was a thoroughly enjoyable game... The Patriots of Mt. Pisgah Christian School, took on the Golden Bears of Holy Innocents High school, and it was good to just see pure football again... the bad calls, the great catches, the hits, the weather, all of it... amazing. But, while talking to the father of one of the kids that I coached at Mt. Pisgah, I was explaining to him, why I hate some of these rules set for high school football... One rule, that I know is prevalent in Georgia is that after the score is separated by 35 points, they allow the clock to run... so, you literally play 12 minutes... And, I don't agree with that... what is the lesson that the kids should learn? Cause that's not sportsmanship... that's bullshit! So, if the score is 35-0 they will just run the clock... I don't like it at all... how are those kids to learn how to tough it out when the world is beating you down? How are you to teach the kids, how to win with grace, and allow your teammates to have a chance to gain experience? I just don't like it at all when rules are made to keep kids from learning how to deal... Maybe about 7 years ago, Georgia made a rule that said, if the state championship game ends in a tie, then it ends in a tie... Reason why they made that rule, is because, as the story goes, a young man, who was a kicker for one of the teams in the championship game, (I don't have the details, but you can probably look it up), missed a game winning or tying field goal, and ended up loosing the game... later that night, committed suicide... so, they made a rule that said, that, if it ends in a tie, its a tie... over one kid who couldn't huff it... really? now, I don't mean to sound insensitive, but seriously!? That is crap... since then, the rule has been revised, but its just not pure football... like, if the ball goes out of the end zone on a kickoff, there is no return possible... its dead, and the ball goes on the 20. so, they cant return it or down it? They just stop the game so they can set it up? but, when its on the one, they can return it? WHAT?! I just don't get it... who are they trying to protect? I mean, they have on pads, and a helmet, totally upwards to 25lbs, not to mention, they a coached to play as safe as possible, so, why not allow the boys to fly around? KIDS ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!! Tell me, when you watch kids, as they run free, they don't get hurt... they bump there heads, get up, and laugh and run again... they fall down stairs, laugh, and get up, just to do it again... they jump off of roofs, with umbrellas, trying to slow there fall, not knowing it wont, and back at it... run into walls, and making breakfast the next morning... so, for these rules are not protecting the kids, they are soaking the mothers worn out vaginas... They are made so they can sleep easier at night... and I think its bullshit... LET THE BOYS PLAY!!! that's all I'M saying...

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