Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where faith lies...

Its more evident, moreso now a days, that man, likes to have there faith lie in man, and on the words man says, and not on things that arent seen... With the aligations placed on Bishop Eddie Long, it just goes to show that man, isnt trust-worthy at all... Its easy to believe man, but, is it easy to believe what they try to teach you? Is it worth falling in faith because of one man? Is his teachings worth your soul? Trusting man, without questioning intentions, logic, or even if what they are teaching is vital to life... Man hates to be told what to do, but loves the names that do tell them how to live life. Instead of man just leading us, to do right, and to warn us if we continue to go down the path we are currently traveling, we allow them to rule us... although we may have the freedom in politics, religion, assembly, and what not, we can't break the spell, of our dependence on man, as if they are our best friend... Now, the nature of man, is simple... we want everything, and we dont care who we beat down to get what we want... we always want to do whats wrong, for our own gain, our pleasures, our desires, whatever... Sometimes, we fall for the "love of man" so hard, that we abandon everything that we have been tought from birth... When you sit back and think about it, how many lies did your family tell you? How many secrets have they kept from you? Do you know of the losses before or after you? Do you know the sacrifices that they have done for you? Have they been honest when they told you? Are you sure? So, that kinda puts a bend in the whole love condition dont it? A great speeker, and philosopher said it best when it comes to love. Paraphrased, he said, that, no one knows what true love is, because, we are all conditioned to like, and dislike, certain things... if we were to really love, we would love everything, and everyone equally and without bias... again... its paraphrased, but its an enlightening word from J. Krishnamurti... If man, gets you thinking, and wanting to dig deeper into whatever it is, that they are saying, then its definitely from the heart. The heart, is the last trusted muscle of the human body... And even that, is starting to turn black, just like the hearts of everyone whos been hurt by man, in the many different forms of pain given by mans fears... just keep an eye out for yourself, and question everything.

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