Thursday, April 29, 2010

Song Of The Week

This weeks song, wasn't that hard to choose... When your week is bad, when you hate everyone, and you see no reason to continue to just be available... Sometimes, as cowardly as it is, its just easier to just wanna say good-bye to the world... Its honestly sometimes easier for the world if they didn't depend on the good-hearted, easy-going, warm, loving, servant types... But even we get tired of it... This weeks song is from Felix Da Housecat, a house DJ that has been making waves in the industry for a long time now... He's made a name for himself, and the album which this song comes from (He Was King), has all the reasons to dance all night long. The name of the song is "Do Not Try This At Home." And it talks about the life of the lonely... Its never easy being lonely, cause it may feel as if someone is always laughing at you behind your back, after smiling in your face... So, if there is ever a great song that is a glimpse into the world of the socially suffering, this is it. Enjoy.

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