Thursday, April 1, 2010

Of That Which Stands Out

A sad thing is happening in society today, and its one that kinda makes me cringe and get angry. its the fact that there is no originality in beauty anymore... Everyone wants to be just like, that band, that actor, that model, that athlete, or that whatever... It appears that our generation has been so saturated with the past, that originality no longer exists, and if it does, its countered it being considered "weird" or "crazy" or whatever... Originality now-a-days, is honestly, hard to find. Cause, in the days of having the popular opinion, be the opinion of the masses, regardless of if they research it or not, doesn't give anyone any type of originality... So, what happened to originality? When and where did being yourself, truly yourself, die off? There are sects of originality out there in the world, for sure... I'm not saying that originality has died off, I'm just saying, that in my world, its hard to come by sometimes. When jokes aren't funny anymore, when old is paper thin, and when new is just remade, wheres the originality? I just hate seeing the same things over and over again, I hate being told the same things over and over again, but it seems to be the most popular thing to do. More or less, its just the fact that there isn't any leaders anymore... Its nothing but followers, and no one who wanna take the lead. That is exactly whats wrong with this country... There ain't a leader out there... All there is, are talkers, and hype-movers... No one to actually step up and say something to the "powers at be." I mean, these are the leaders that we elected, these are the people in our circles that are killing themselves, but are we killing ourselves with them, and biting on the lies they are forcing down our throats... And, ya know, I refuse to bite... I refuse to be in "the 'IN' crowd." And ya know, I honestly rather be miserable, and unaccepted by everyone, sitting outside in the cold with my same glass of water, and my stale piece of bread, than to sit at the table full of everything that I wanted, with all the liars and shit sellers in all the world... cause with everyone just wanting to hear what they wanna hear, there goes all originality. No one wants to think for themselves, just give them the ear candy they want, and they melt in your hands like M&Ms... Seriously... the thing that made us such a great country is being lost... and the originality is dying out in all corners of life. And all the important things in life is loosing its touch cause of the lack of "outside of the box" thinkers. Why do I say that? Well, have you seen or heard the bullshit that they have been selling and telling lately? Have you seen whats in style? Have you heard anything positive or relative come from the news lately? Has anything been funny but not in a sad way? Have you been really happy without the help of narcs, or alcohol? Has your faith brought you happiness, or have you allowed your faith hold you down? Have you given up on faith all together? Have your search been fruitful? How long have you had that mask on? How long have you had your ear plugs in? Lets try to make the our personal worlds individually original... In that originality, we can all learn how to actually accept each other... and be able to better formulate ideas that may work for the greater good... Just something to think about. I'm going to bed now.... good night.

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