Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Big Women,

I know that you are a confident and beautiful woman, and you arent going to allow the world to tell you what to wear, but what you wear, may be telling you no... If you know that its too tight, too small, too short, or doesnt fit quite right, then its not to be worn in public... I know and understand that you are trying to give yourself some sort of motivation to feel sexy, but feeling sexy may require you wearing a bigger size shirt, skirt, or shoe... So, I beg you with all sincereity, and hope that you will see that I am writing this with your reputation on mind... Seriously, I dont think that its sexy to wear tights that shows me a model of the moon face... I know what it looks like, and I dont need it moving around in front of me while you walk... so, please, just wear something thats not that revealing, and that isnt, for the love of my sanity, and sleep that I lack, form-fitting... YOU AINT SKINNY!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! DRESS APPROPRIATELY!!! PLEASE!!! there you go. I love you. Stay sexy. :)

With all the love I can muster up...,

Jolly Green

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