Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The World Will ALWAYS Get What It Wants...

I dare you to find one person in the entire world who likes the world "no." And I will find you someone who is a liar just for the benefit of feeling in power... Its a word that has lost its power... No one wants to hear it anymore, and no one expects to hear it... Once we are old enough to actually know the power of "no," we don't wanna hear it anymore... so, when someone asks you to go up and beyond the call of duty... you wanna say no, but sometimes, the lay on a thick layer of guilt to where you cant do anything but say "yes." Its fucked up... Cause, if you're the last hope of the world... you don't have any power to say "no." And now a days, its as if that right is being taken away from you for fear of loosing your job, loosing respect or even loosing reputation... but being the man that I am, I cant allow myself to have the world go wrong, so, I'm usually always stepping up, while everyone else is out and about doing whatever and turning off there phones or ignoring the calls, all the while, the good guy with the big heart gets placed back on the whipping post for more of a back-ripping good ole time! But the word "no" is becoming a dirtier word than "nigger", "stupid", or any other word that is common place in today's society. No one has the power to neglect anymore... its there way or the highway... Yes. I know I just used an old cliche... so what. Kill me... Anyways, I think that the power of "no" is loosing its grip... Without "no," Rosa Parks would be sitting in the back seat, Without "no," Neo would have been shot up with all them bullets in the Matrix, and wouldn't be alive to kill Agent Smith... Yeah, my small attempt of humor... But seriously, without the word "no" Tienanmen Square wouldn't have been a blood bath... The word "no" is powerful, but its being abused just like every heart that hangs on every sleeve... It sucks but its true. So, don't go off abusing hearts that hangs on sleeves... Goodnight, and Ill talk to y'all soon.

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