Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wanna Know How I Know You're Gay?

I absolutely hate pop culture, and now, I'm starting to hate the un P.C., P.C. version of being offensive. For instance the word "wigger." Whoever came up with that phrase, FUCK YOU. Its STUPID, it doesn't solve the fact that you can finally say "nigger," and it just makes you sound, and look stupid saying a word, that ISN'T EVEN A WORD!!!! Another example, and the subject of this rant, this whole new "movement," in keeping your sexuality at bay, when you say something to describe someone of the same sex, called "No Homo." What in the living fuck is that suppose to mean?! So, if I was to say to another male on a whim, "Hey man, you have really pretty eyes," I'm now to let him, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, myself know that I'm not gay by saying "no homo?" Ho. LY. SHIT!!!! That's INFURIATING!!!! I want someone to find me that lame ass frat boy reject, so I can beat the shit out of him... I bet you anything, he tries to peacock himself, just like those Jersey Shore guidos who gets all dressy for the ladies, with his hair up, collar up, and shirt at its tightest, skin as orange as a safety cone, and smelling like the inside of a Macy's, And looking proudly at yourself in the mirror at how your rise in douchiness, went out to see your friends who's been waiting for you for the past 3 weeks to get out of the bathroom, and they started to make fun of you. Then then entire night, they are talking about you to everyone else in the bar or club, or whatever... And you try to escape, and you happen to get a glimpse of a guy who dressed JUST LIKE YOU, and in passing, said something stupid, like: "Hey, lookin good brah!," and while he's looking at you, ready to kick your ass, your brain starts thinking of a way to puss out of your whoppin, you say the one thing that falls out of your mouth... not even formed in your brain, and it happens to be "NO HOMO!" And now, its an national sensation... FUCK YOU, FUCK OFF, GO FORTH AND ROT!!! This is seriously disturbing. when did having to defend your sexuality, in the year 2010, became something of pop culture and importance? If you cant compliment a guy on something of his without feeling gay, then, I'm sorry to brake it to you, you're gay! :shrugs: Sorry to say, but if you have to constantly remind yourself, and whomever that you're not gay, then you should kill yourself. Seriously... do the world a favor and die, cause you are not a man. If I wanna comment to a guy and say: "you look good!" or "you got pretty eyes" or "lookin handsome/good today," I can, if I want. I'm not making sure that I'm still a man by saying 2 words together that makes no since, and actually sounds retarded. I am confident in my sexuality to where I don't have to check it. I find women to be the sexiest creation in God's archive of awesome... But if she wants to check me, when I say to another guy "lookin good," and she walks away... shes not a woman... shes a girl on her period... A real woman knows what a man means, what her man means... no need for the self check with a "no homo." America is becoming more stupid, and there isn't an apology to be made for it... its sickening. This has got to stop, and someone has to put the stupidity in check. Be a man! Make a comment! Don't feel as if you have to check your sexuality you homo! Fuck! I'm done.

P.S. Wanna know something even more fucked up about this phrase? HIP HOP CULTURE MADE IT!!! Black people has gone APE SHIT since the election... THESE ARE THE DOWNFALLS OF A BLACK LEADER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!! Stupidity comin from the streets!! What in the fuck!?

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