Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bite your tongue, and quinch your thirst with your blood...

Lately, there has been a lot of people saying a lot of things, and a lot of different issues, that either does, or doesn't concern them and there daily lives... People who has a hate for someones religion, political views, or whatever, has something to say... they ALWAYS have something to say... but, the day will come when the quiet ones, will have something to say eventually... So, with all those extremely passionate people who likes to drag there hate, there doubt, and convictions down to there level, regardless of beliefs or disbelieves, keep talking... Its always funny to see how some people like to think outside the box, but loves to drag people outside of theres. I have my beliefs, and I have my convictions and passions, but I know my place, and I know my time will come to virtually tell everyone to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! But until then, I will just keep myself entertained by the masses of dumb asses and assholes, who knows everything... who knows whats real and what isn't, whats imaginary or whats fake... Those who love to drag the life out of the party... Well, eventually, those who has kept there quiet this entire time, will have something to say... So, once someone, ANYONE gets in your face about whatever they believe or don't believe, you give them the respect you lack to give them, by getting in there face about whatever, give them the time of day, that you stole from them with your nonsense... Fair is fair... and I know my time will come. I know that the quiet ones time will come... So keep your ears open.

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