Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Costomers...

I realize that water is important for everyone, but it SERIOUSLY bothers me SO MUCH when you order water, and dont even touch it... If you are going to be the slime bag to ask me for water, and not drink it, I think you should just find a way to choke and drown in that glass of water... I dont know if you realize this or not, but it is SERIOUSLY a pain in the ASS for me, or any other server to go and grab you a water, and you dont drink it... If you order a drink, and a water, and you drink your drink and you dont touch your water, and then later in the week complain about the water shortage due to whatever drought, it is ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! You suck ass and I think that you should all go off and die. You really piss me off, and I hope that all your knowledge gets you killed... its amazing how pissy yall can get, and think that you are something, cause you know the answer to a trivia question... Knowing the answer to a trivia question is just like being the smartest newborn who can cry the softest... fuck you, and your trivial knowledge, and FUCK YO WATER TOO!!!! Choke on air and die you fucks...


Jolly Green

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