Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, I picked this week song, not because of its meaning, but with a rough week for a lot of my friends, and even a rougher day for them today, this is just my way of letting them know that, it doesnt take death for them to realize that happiness is actually achievable... I dont even care if they like, or wanna believe, but This song, has been a favorite of mines for a LONG LONG time... With it being Easter, and My Jesus, died for me, and came back to life, to show us that Death is nothing to be feared ever again, I figured that this song would be perfect. Now, I would love for all of yall to give this song a listen, but I know that you probably wont, but this song, is soul-clensing, smile inducing, and just a fresh breath of air for the soul, causeit talks about the trueness of forgiveness... We all fuck up, we all do stupid shit, and ask feel as if "Gods not gonna forgive me this time," but guess what... he will... He ALWAYS will... but reguardless of if you believe or not, keep asking questions... find people who are reputable, and actually able to answer those questions for you. So, without any further words, here is "God Of A Second Chance," sung by Juanita Bynum... Not sure what chior thats singing with her, but its awesome. :) Enjoy

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