Saturday, April 24, 2010

Would You Run Down Pass The Fence?

Imagination is such a powerful tool to have. Without it, there wouldn't be a reason to dream, and without dreams, there wouldn't be something to live for... There wouldn't be stories to tell, or even a reason to love. Cause without imagination, you just stick yourself into a personal prison, where you do the everyday, mundane, pointless, just-trying-to-get-by bullshit... And when that happens, life becomes stale, and worthless to live. But with imagination, you can sore beyond the universe, and create your own. You can allow whatever to happen in whatever world you're trying to portray... And it doesn't matter the age, as long as you're willing to let whats in your head, come out in a creative form, its beautiful and needs no apology. That's why I love the imagination of kids... they allow themselves to see the world in an awe-inspiring, and beautiful way. Have you ever seen a 3 year old at the circus? If not, just look at them, they just sit there wide eyed and taking in whats SO BIG to them... The world is astounding, and I believe that if we actually took the time to allow our eyes to get wide at the world, we would be astounded by what we see. The world around is beautiful. Its full of beautiful people, beautiful colors, and just amazing to behold... And through that beauty, we can make our own story... We can come up with our own way to tell our life story, through whatever medium of art, music, or literature. If we use our minds, to dream, no one knows what you can create... Who knows, it could touch a life or a few. So, continue to create, continue to allow yourself to be bigger than this world... see whats on the other side of the mountain... see whats around the corner without getting up and looking... just use your mind to know whats around the corner... could be a monster, could be a portal to a quiet getaway... Hell, it could be the end of the world, or the end of the Keywork. :) God bless, I'm going to sleep now.

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