Friday, May 28, 2010

Whos really dead? The guy in the box, or YOU!?

I find no humor in the disrespect for the dead. I dont care who that person is that died, I dont think it is right, or even repectful to joke about someone who just died, regardless of fame, or collaspe... If my father died, I wouldnt go out celebrating the fact that he died, and start making jokes, cause you know what? Who knows how many lives hes touched... who am I to display disrespect for those suffering, or even have passed on... When Michael Jackson died, everyone had a joke... it kinda scares me to die, cause who knows what type of shit people will say about me... I agree and believe that we all have our own ways of grieving, but making light of life, shows me 2 things: 1, you dont care about anyone, and 2, you, for damn sure, dont care about yourselves... SO, if I had anything to say about the dying, it would be to respect there life... Example: A couple weeks back, me and a few friends were, in the middle of a conversation about women and facial hair, and I made the joke saying, "you know who sports a mean goat-tee?" And I said the name, to where my friend told me that this person was in critical condition... So, when learning that life is near the end, I stopped laughing, immediately apologized, and in respect to this person, I do hope that she finds peace real soon... I know everyone isnt like me, and I know that I cant change the world, but I can suggest that people just be respectful for the dying... if it was your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, wife, husband, or loved one... you would be pissed to no end, when someone decided to make a joke about them, you would be out for blood... so what makes it right to make fun of said celebrity or fallen star? Its more sad that they died, than it is, that they are going crazy... I dont know why the dead is such an easy target for screutany and disrespect, but I dont repect those who disrespect the lives lost... If someone had a joke about my Grandma Ruby Harris, or my Cousin Chris Johnson, I shit you none, I will fuck you up.... Thats my family... those are 2 very impactful lives that has touched me, and helped me be the man that I am today... So, I take death, just as seriously as i take life... Cause life, is valuable, and death is the reminder of how valuable life is... So, anyone who jokes about it is just shitty at living, not happy about there lives, and should do themselves, and the world a favor and kill themselves... thats just my opinion... I dont find it fun at all to pick on the dead... remenising is cool, but just being cruel and full of shit, shows that you have a problem with your life... either kill off, or get help... but for the love of all that is sane... RESPECT THE FUCKING DEAD!!!!

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