Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Importance Of The Small Things That Matter Eventually

Have you ever just shut up and think about the people you needed to apologize to? Is there someone that you know you've wronged, and have to say "I'm sorry" to? Or is your pride so over grown to where you cant admit your wrong? Well, if thats so, then there needs to be a way to where youre brought back to earth... Pride is the number one killer of peoples' innocents and joy... Pride is, more or less, a time bomb, cause like it says in the bible "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall (Proverbs 16:18)." Basically it states, that if you have pride, and are all about you, then the world you know will be destroyed by you and you alone... Forgiveness of self, and of others goes a LOOOOONG way... even if you dont believe, just saying "I'm sorry, will you forgive me?" will make the world go right. Perfect example... I watched a story on this one athlete who had the world in his hand, and one night had an accident that claimed the life of 2 men, and serverely injured another... the 2 men whos life was taken away, were hit so hard by the car, that this athlete was driving, that there clothes literally were knocked off of them... Long-short, in dallas, Texas, there was an accident on the highway, to where 3 different young men tried to help the person trapped in the car, to when another car came by and hit the 3 men and sped off... he only kept going out of fear... sadly 2 of the 3 lost there lives, and now you know the story... So, after admitting his wrong, and turning himself in, he went to trial, and during the trial, the one survivor, with limited mobility, and probably still in a bit of pain, walked up in front of the court room, extended his hand to the young man, who hit him, and he said to him "I forgive you." To where the young man collapsed into his arms and cried... He was sentence to 15 years, but may get out as early as this summer cause of good behavior... I tell you that to say this... I bet you anything that he probably wouldnt have made it through his time in jail if no one forgave him for what he did... the 2 mothers of the young men who died wont forgive him... and there unhappiness will pass onto there kids and grand kids alike... Unforgiveness will kill those women... im pretty sure of it... So we have to find a way to just say, I am sorry... if we dont, then we are as good as dead... Stress is a motherfucker!!! Have a good one.

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