Thursday, May 20, 2010

songS of the week...

I seriously cant contain myself this week... I have bathed and buried myself in wonderful and amazing new music... And this week, I already made up my mind of what will be the single of the week, but who am I to keep wounds to myself right? So, this week, I am going to share 2 different songs from 2 different artists with you... I am going to start off with the original song of the week for this week... The Black Keys released a new album in the many they have called "Brothers." This album is SERIOUSLY full of soul, and southern blues that its not even funny... And I serisouly have a hard time turning this album off. I think I have dropped a single from this band before, but, Im not sure... All I know is that, as my friend calls it, Track 14, is one of the greatest songs out there... Track 14 is known as "Never Gonna Give You Up." It is purely a song of unconditional love from a man who knows what hes about to loose... it is seriously one of the most heart-felt songs I have ever heard... I hope you enjoy it. :)

The second and last song of the week, was also a song that I wanted to use, but it wasnt one that I could have found a way to use in the future... so, for the second song, it comes from the release of The Dead Weathers' sophmore project entitled "Sea Of Cowards." This album is a GREAT fallow-up to there 2009 debut "Horehound." If you know anything about this band, Jack White found this band ON STAGE in the last day of The Raconteurs last day of there American leg of there tour, So, the fallowing year, they came to Atlanta, and gave a "band birthday show." and it was amazing... I know a lot of people who is into that band, and in pure Jack White form, they came out in a suprise... The single I have picked with this album is the very first single from the album, called "Blue Blood Blues." Why this song? because of the way Jack White rides the drum to this song, and how this song rides on the beat of his drums... But really sets this song apart from its debut single "Die by the Drop," Is the fact that is carries BEAUTIFUL vocal harmonies throughout... "Die by the Drop" Is a HEAVY song and probably Jack White at his purest kid form... But the song i chose is one to bop your head to, and to ride fast down the highway too :) So, I give you "Blue Blood Blues," By The Dead Weather. Enjoy! :)

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