Thursday, June 3, 2010

Son Of The Week

This weeks song comes from a band Winston and I discovered on Sunday... Its a band non of us has heard of, but discovered a sound that we liked... The best way to discribe this band would be, if you take "Against Me," place in a little bit of "soulful and meaningful rock, with a nice dash of punk, and put a strong raspy voice behind it, and there you go. :)They have a pretty strong presents in sound, and they definately have a great sound something to ride, run, jog, or flip to--whatever you decide. The name of this band is "Gallows." They are from England and was formed in 2005. In there native land, they have made waves in the punk scene. There debut album (Orchestra of Wolves) is distributed here in the states, and its definately becoming a band to enjoy for me. hope you like from there debut. the title track, Orchestra of Wolves. Enjoy

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